10 Things You Should Know About Granite Stone

If you are looking into your options when it comes to choosing a new kitchen countertop, or perhaps a new bathroom countertop, then you need to think long and hard about the material you are going to go for, and then about the colour you are going to go for too.

When checking our stone options, you basically need to choose between granite, quartz, and marble, but granite is certainly an option you should think about very seriously indeed.

If you have no clue about granite stone, and no idea where to start, here are ten things you should know about granite stone.

  1. Granite is a natural stone. Granite is an igneous rock, which means it comes from the earth and is formed by the natural cooling process of lava or magma, from the hottest part of the earth’s crust and surface. This makes it hard and strong, almost as strong as that strongest of jewels – diamond.
  1. Granite is mined in blocks, and then cut into slabs. Because granite is so strong, it needs to be mined from the earth in large blocks and is then cut into slabs with very technical tools. These slabs are then cut to size when someone purchases a countertop.
  1. Granite’s appearance is individual. The appearance and actual colour of the stone depends on where it was mined from, because it is actually made up of a few different minerals, which all have individual appearance too. This means that when you purchase a granite countertop, you won’t have exactly the same one as anyone else!
  1. Granite is available in many different colours and styles. Granite is mainly available in basic colours and neutral colours, but these are very adaptable. Having said that, it is also available in rarer colours too, which obviously cost a little more.
  1. Most people choose black for their granite countertop. You don’t have to follow suit, but most people do tend to go for a black choice of granite when they purchase a kitchen or bathroom countertop. This is because the majesty of black granite looks fantastic in the home.
  1. Granite is extremely strong. We mentioned earlier that granite comes from the earth and is mined in blocks, which means it is extremely strong and hard-wearing. This also means that you aren’t going to need to replace your granite work surface for a long time to come.
  1. Granite is very easy to clean and maintain. You basically need to follow a few simple rules, e.g. don’t use harsh cleaning products, avoid scouring pads or abrasive pads, and keep it as clean as possible, mopping up any stains. Simple!
  1. Granite is heat resistant to a degree, but not entirely. Yes, you can put hot pans on granite stone, but it’s not advisable to do it often or to keep them there for too long. If you want to protect your investment, purchase some heat resistant mats to go with your kitchen décor.
  1. Granite is very readily available. Because granite is a natural stone, and is a very popular choice, that means it is very readily available on the market. This is a great news because it means you are getting cost effectiveness if you shop around a little.
  1. Granite doesn’t need regular maintenance other than yearly sealing. You aren’t going to have to do monthly maintenance on granite stone,you may simply need to seal it at the end of the year, which is a very simple process.




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