4 Benefits of White Marble Kitchen Countertops

If you are thinking of going for marble for your new kitchen worktop, you are certainly going to have a very classy and timeless choice on your hands. Now, are you thinking of white?

Are you crazy to go with white marble? No!

Yes, it is going to take more cleaning than a darker colour, but is that a bad thing?

White marble looks amazing, and it looks clean and timeless too. Here are five benefits of choosing white marble for your new kitchen countertops.

White Marble Looks Very Classy

If you want to receive admiring glances from your neighbours and visitors to your house, white marble is certainly the material to go for. Think about it – stately homes, public building bathrooms, they all use white marble, even the ancient Romans used white marble! This is a timeless choice, and one which is not going to go out of fashion probably ever, so you’re never going to be looking at your countertops and wondering if you should change your fashion choice.

White Marble Also Looks Very Clean

The clean lines of white marble give you a choice which is going to always look clean and tidy, and isn’t going to leave you lamenting your choice and needing to clean more often! Yes, you are going to need to clean up pretty much straight away after you cook or chop anything up, but that’s normal practice, right? Anything white looks clean when it is maintained properly, and white marble is no different.

You Have a Hygienic Choice

This is perhaps an obvious point to make, but if you are cleaning something more often then it is not going to be harbouring germs or bacteria, and that means it is more hygienic. You are therefore safe in the knowledge that your kitchen is clean and free of any nasties, and that’s ideal if you have children in the house, who are more susceptible to illness through bacteria around the house.

If you are a baker, marble is a great choice because it is naturally cool, and therefore rolling and preparing your baked goodies is going to be more successful. The fact the countertop is white is really here nor there, but again, you can see where you need to clean much easier, and that all adds to the ease of your baking.

White Marble is Very Durable and Easy to Find

You might think that white marble is fragile and easy to break, but it is actually a very durable material provided it is looked after properly, as with any material. White marble is also very easy to find, so you can shop around for your countertops, and check out deals, without having to pay too much from the get-go.

White marble is a fantastic choice for your kitchen, giving you a truly beautiful and classic appearance to your workspace. Your neighbours will certainly be very envious of your choice, and provided you maintain and look after your worktops carefully, they will last you for a very long time to come.

Don’t be afraid of the colour white! This classy colour is perfect for kitchens, and is also flexible in terms of going with other colours in your kitchen décor. You won’t need to change your countertops regularly to fit in with new walls and cabinets, that’s for sure!


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