When you decide to renovate your home, it can be so stressful trying to choose which material, colour, pattern, finish and where you would like the cut-outs amongst so many other decisions that come along with it. Everything that you have to tick off your list is just as difficult as the one before, which can make the entire process long-winded.

Hopefully this overview will help you with some tips for creating the perfect kitchen worktop for your home.

#1 Your Style

When you are selecting your worktop, you need to stay true to your own individual style and taste, especially when it comes to the colour. Try not to let current trends influence your decision as eventually you may not like it and want a change. We want to help you choose the right kitchen worktop that will last you for a lifetime.

Always stick to your own personality and you should be in love with your kitchen worktop for many years.

#2 Kitchen Size

You should always take into consideration the size of your kitchen, regardless of whether it is large or small. When you get to the stage of selecting the colour of your worktop, this can be used to create the illusion of a bigger space or smaller if this is what you are looking for.

For example, white and lighter colours are perfect for bringing in the light to the kitchen to open it up, creating the illusion of a much bigger room.

#3 Practical

Deciding on which material you want can be difficult for many reasons, including your budget and style. However, the main ones that you need to be thinking of is what kind of home you have. Are you always home? Or do you work? Is it a family home or is it likely to turn that way soon? Your worktop needs to be practical as well as stylish, so consider how you will be using your worktop.

If you have a lot of traffic in the kitchen, then you will need something much more hard wearing and durable, to last you a lifetime. However, if you live alone and are working a lot, then it will possibly not matter which material you choose.

#4 Hygiene

Absolutely everyone is looking for their kitchen to be as clean and hygienic as possible, so when the material can assist in that, it is a huge bonus. Some materials out there are much easier to keep clean than others, so this needs to be considered. A non-porous material, which has been man made, is often the best decision.

#5 Your Budget

One of the biggest deciding factors in choosing your new worktop material is your budget, because after all if you cannot afford it then there is very little anyone can do. However, there is no reason why you should have to settle for a worktop you are not happy with as there are many out there which are budget friendly and offer a huge range of colours.

#6 Long Term Costs

Similar to your budget, you need to think about whether you can afford to spend out for regular payments for treating our worktop every year. Natural stone will require this in order to keep your worktop in great condition, but it can be very expensive. This will need to be taken into account so ensure you either cross it off your list or look into it straight away.

#7 Request Samples

Before you make any purchase at all, you should always be asking to see some samples and not just go off what you can see on a computer screen, as it will always be different in real life. Depending on the material you choose, you will need to see samples as many materials are not uniform in appearance.

#8 Try Different Styles

It is also good to try out a range of styles. You may be sure of what you looking for but by seeing more styles in the flesh, it can give you the chance to either completely rule them out or you may be surprised and like them.

After all, every worktop out there will look different once you have it in front of you.

#9 Patterns

You may not know about it but there are so many patterns out there to choose from. You do not just have plain or solid colour, you can choose from a huge range from spots, speckles, glitter and veins… the list goes on! So even if you are dead set on a specific colour, you can benefit from looking at all types of patterns.

#10 Matching Your Design

If you will be keeping your existing design and accessories but simply changing your worktop, then there are many colours out there which will match perfectly. If you are someone who likes to switch up your accessories quite often, then going for a neutral colour is your best bet.



5 Advantages of Silestone Kitchen Worktops

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Choosing which material you want for your kitchen worktop can be very difficult, as there is so much to choose from that it can be confusing knowing which to go for. You will need to look into different materials and what they have to offer you and your home, to be sure you get the best for you and your budget. If you do not do your research well, it can be a costly mistake if you are not happy with it after it has been installed.

Here are some advantages to why Silestone Quartz makes a great kitchen worktop.

#1 Durable

Silestone has been made out of 93% natural stone and just 7% resin, which creates an excellent worktop for being hard wearing. Not only that, but the resins offer you plenty of choice for colour and pattern as well.

#2 High Quality

Silestone do not use just any Quartz they can find, they will only use materials that are the best quality possible. This means that your kitchen worktop is going to be the best quality possible that money can buy. Quartz may be brilliant quality, but Silestone cannot be beaten.

#3 Range of Colours

When it comes to choosing Silestone for your kitchen worktop, then you will have a huge range of colours and patterns available. So you will never be disappointed with what will be available to choose from, regardless of which colour you are going for.

#4 Excellent Warranties

When you purchase your Silestone kitchen worktop, the warranty overall that you get with it can be a very long and high quality package which is brilliant for the money you pay. But this will depend on which worktop you go for and, of course, your supplier.

#5 Stain, Heat and Scratch Resistant

As Silestone has been completely man made, it has been designed with you in mind. Therefore, Silestone is completely resistant to any stains, scratches and heat. As it is a non-porous material, it will never harbour any bacteria or hold onto spillages.



When it comes to splashbacks, they are very important pieces to install within your home. After all, the splashbacks are there to protect your walls from any staining or damage caused. Whether they are glass or stone splashbacks, they will always do the job, but which is better for you and your home?

This overview will cover the pros and cons of having glass and stone splashbacks, which hopefully will aid in your decision making.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks come with a huge list of advantages and plenty of reasons why you should be purchasing it for your home.

Glass has a light reflection feature which can bring a lot of light into the house. This light reflecting feature is able to make your kitchen feel so much larger than what it actually is, which would be perfect if you do not have any windows or much light coming into the room.

Glass splashbacks also have a brilliant choice of colours and patterns available, and it cannot be beaten. Whether you are looking to have the splashback plain, solid colour, personalised or a photo effect which gives you plenty of choice. You are able to either choose one to blend in to your existing design or be a focal point of the room to stand out.

When it comes to cleaning away food splatters or any spillages that occur, glass splashbacks are also so easy. All you need to keep the glass splashback clean is warm water, clean cloth and a mild soap.

However, despite glass splashbacks having a huge list of benefits, they are not without their downfalls either. Glass splashbacks can be so expensive to install and purchase initially, let alone being difficult to fit. When it comes to installing the splashback, your fitter will need to make several trips to your home to make sure that they have scoped and measured everything correctly.

Lastly, glass splashbacks are also very easy to scratch which is not at all ideal.

Stone Splashbacks

Stone splashbacks may offer a long list of benefits, much like glass, but they are completely different to each other.

If you already have a stone worktop, then a stone splashback will be a perfect match to complement it. You will also be able to order the exact same material, colour and pattern perfectly as well.

If you are looking for a splashback that is known for its strength, then stone is your best option. It is incredibly hard wearing that will last for many years without requiring a replacement.

When it comes to colours and patterns, you will have a lot of choices, so you can select the colour and pattern to go with your existing design.

Stone splashbacks are also very easy to keep clean with just a mild soap and warm water, but you need to ensure that you do not use anything that is abrasive.

With stone, if you decide to go for a Quartz or Granite material, then you will be getting a splashback with heat, stain and scratch resistance which is a huge bonus compared with glass splashbacks.

However, as always, stone splashbacks are not without its downfalls. Stone splashbacks are expensive, and it needs to be a long term commitment as it requires to be resealed every year to maintain its excellent features. Stone splashbacks are also not able to be installed by yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Lastly, the cost of the purchase, installation and long term cost all total up so you need to be sure that it is affordable.



When it comes to home renovation projects, sometimes it can be more cost effective to do it yourself, however some jobs are best left to the professionals. However, if you think they are small enough or that you have the knowledge to do it yourself, then it could work out much better for you.

Before you decide or attempt to install your Granite worktops, here are some thing that you need to know beforehand.

Alternatively, if you are seeking advice for getting Granite worktops installed by a professional, some of these tips are also beneficial to you.

Seek Professional Advice

If you want to install your Granite worktops yourself, then you need to firstly seek some professional advice from someone who knows what they are doing. Even better if they can be there at the time of installation to oversee it to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Don’t Be Tempted by Low Prices

When you are purchasing absolutely anything, then it is always great to hear that it is going to be cheap; especially when it is an expensive project like home renovations. Anyone or anything that is able to save you a lot of money is going to be valuable, but you need to think twice before purchasing anything that appears to be lower than it necessarily should be.

If a company is able to sell you a Granite worktop to you below the price of other companies, then you need to be questioning why they are that cheap to begin with. For example, they may not have the correct insurance or be able to provide you with cut-outs which you will need.

Carefully Choose Your Supplier

When you look at a list of the best suppliers around your area, a good thing to look out for is a company who does not hire out to any subcontractors for any part of the job. This is a huge bonus for all homeowners as the company are then able to oversee the entire project and ensure that everything is how you would like it to be.

Having no subcontractors also can help to speed up the process overall too, to make sure that you get your new Granite worktop quickly and efficiently.

View More Than a Sample

When you are purchasing Granite for a worktop, you need to sometimes see more than just a sample. Granite is a natural stone which varies in colour, pattern and markings throughout which means that the sample you see will be very different to the bigger slab that you are going to be purchasing. It will offer an idea as to what it will look like but not the whole picture.

Small Worktop? Ask for Cut Offs

If you are looking to purchase a small Granite worktop, then you should ask around some local companies to see if they have any leftover Granite remnant from other projects they have worked on. This will then save you lots of money as well as helping them by taking it off of their hands.


If you choose that you would prefer a company to install your Granite worktop for you, then you should consider whether you want them to do the sealing at the time of installation or not. Whichever you choose, you need to account this into the overall costs.

Consider Getting a Professional!

Of course, when installing anything yourself you need to know what you are doing or know someone who does. But whichever you decide, you cannot do this job by yourself and regardless you will need at least one other person by your side to assist.

If you do not have another person to help you, you will risk damaging the worktop itself as well as surrounding objects or furniture. Certain precautions need to be taken, therefore you need to ensure these are carried out.



For the kitchen area a splashback is a very important piece to install, after all your splashback whether glass or stone will protect your walls when you are cooking meals. But which do you go for, glass or stone?

Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of having glass and stone splashbacks, to help you with your decision.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks have a long list of benefits and are a very popular choice for those reasons. Glass has a brilliant light reflecting feature that can help make your kitchen feel much larger than what it is. Glass would be the perfect choice if you don’t have any windows in your kitchen or have very few. Having your kitchen being light will help to make it feel much more welcoming.

When it comes to having a good choice of colours and patterns, glass splashbacks simply cannot be beaten. You will have a huge range of options including plain, personalised, solid colour or photo effect and you can choose which one you would like to blend in with your overall kitchen design or either act as a focal point of the room so that it stands out.

Glass splashbacks are also the easiest when it comes to cleaning away food splatters and grease which is inevitable every day. All you will need to clean your glass splashback is a clean cloth, warm water and some mild soap such as washing up liquid.

However, glass splashbacks are not without their cons either. They can be very expensive to purchase and install as well as being a long process to fit. When it comes to fitting the splashback, your supplier and fitter will usually need several trips to ensure that they have scoped and measured your kitchen correctly before coming back to fit.

Additionally, glass splashbacks can scratch easily which is not ideal, but it may not be a problem for you, depending on how you will use it.

Stone Splashbacks

While stone splashbacks offer some similar benefits to glass, ultimately, they are very different and come with their own set of pros and cons.

If you decide to have a stone splashback it would be a perfect match if you already have a stone kitchen worktop as you will be able to match it perfectly by ordering the same material and pattern/colour to complement each other.

Stone splashbacks are also well known for being incredibly strong and hard wearing which means that your splashback will likely last for many years to come and without needing to be replaced.

Stone splashbacks come in a big range of colours and patterns, so you should be able to select the colour and pattern that goes perfectly with your kitchen design.

Much like glass, stone splashbacks are very easy to keep clean with just a mild soap, cloth and warm water but you need to make sure that you do not use anything abrasive.

If you decide to go for Quartz or Granite then you will get a splashback that has ultra heat, scratch and stain resistance which is great to have in food preparation areas. This isn’t something you get with glass splashbacks.

However, as always stone splashbacks are not without their cons. Stone splashbacks can be expensive, but this extends to a long-term commitment as you will need to have it sealed every year, unless you choose Quartz. It is also not possible to fit it yourself unless you are a professional because if it is not sealed or installed correctly then your stone splashback will not last very long at all.

This cost of the initial purchase, installation and long term maintenance will need to be accounted for when you make your decision.

Lastly, stone splashbacks only tend to be used within traditional homes so if you have a very modern kitchen then this may not be for you.


When a homeowner has decided to renovate their kitchen, it can be a difficult choice to make when it comes down to deciding which colour you would like for the kitchen worktop. Ultimately, the decision comes down to more than just a simple style choice as you will be living with it for many years and the colour of the kitchen worktop can also affect practicality, as you will read below.

This overview will give you some of the best tips on how you can choose the right colour for your kitchen worktops. Hopefully this guide will make the decision process a lot easier for you too.

Choosing a Colour

Firstly, you should be thinking of whether you are wanting to go for a whole change, including colour theme throughout the kitchen which includes accessories, or whether the worktop colour is getting chosen first and then the rest.

It is much harder to find a kitchen worktop colour to match existing accessories than it is to choose your worktop colour first, as that will be the focal point of your kitchen. You will want the kitchen worktop colour to match your accessories, so you need to think about your overall colour theme first which will make the whole process much easier.

Of course, when it comes down to choosing the colour and pattern for the worktop you need to find one that matches your own style and personality. Do not ever pick a colour based on someone else’s opinion or based on what is trending at the time, as you want to be happy about it for years to come.

Something else to consider is the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen then by choosing a colour wisely you can give the illusion that your kitchen is much bigger than it is. By choosing a light colour such as white it will bounce light around the room creating this illusion for you, however if you have a much bigger kitchen then this can still occur and result in your room appearing far too big.

Cleanliness is a main factor when redecorating any part of your home, especially the kitchen as it is a high traffic area where food is prepared. While a non-porous material will help keep it clean, choosing a colour wisely will help keep it looking clean. If you do not want your kitchen worktop to show up every single crumb in existence, then you should steer away from the really light and dark colours. Instead, go for a medium tone colour such as cream, gold, brown and greys.

Lastly, you should be considering different types of stones. Quart is well-known for having the best selection of colours and patterns because it is man made, however that does not mean that the colour for you is not to be found elsewhere. Other stones that you may prefer could still have your perfect colour.


Granite and Quartz stone are both very popular stones for home renovations, whether its for residential or commercial properties. They both have their own list of pros and cons which are very similar, but ultimately do differ slightly which makes it even harder.

This overview will talk through the advantages and downfalls for both of the stones do help you decide whether Granite is better than Quartz stone, or whether it is the other way around.

Granite Stone for Kitchen Worktops

Granite is one of the most popular stones out there at the moment and for very good reason, however is it really better than Quartz?

Granite is very strong which makes it a good contender against many other stones out there. Granite has such a great strength that it is scratch resistant, so you will never be worrying about damaging your kitchen worktop if you accidentally scratch against it with sharp objects such as knives. However, you should not stop using the usual precautions of chopping boards as we want you to enjoy your spotless Granite kitchen worktop for many years to come.

As budgeting is the ultimate deciding factor during the process, because Granite is such an affordable stone it makes it very appealing to a lot of homeowners. There are also no long-term costs for re-sealing like other natural stones such as Marble. If you are wanting a beautiful natural stone, then Granite is the one for you.

Lastly, Granite is perfect for family homes because it is an incredibly hygienic material as it is non-porous, which means that it is easier to clean as any spillages will remain on top of the surface ready to be wiped away. You never have to worry about bacteria harbouring beneath the surface.

However, Granite is not without its pitfalls either! Granite may be strong but it is incredibly heavy which means that the installation process can be difficult if you are doing it yourself. You will need at least another person helping but ideally a team of professionals to ensure that the kitchen worktop does not get damaged.

Quartz Stone for Kitchen Worktops

Quartz is still a contender if your budget is quite restricted, as it is one of the most affordable stones on the market. Quartz is also well known for being low maintenance which is a huge plus for a lot of homeowners.

Unlike natural stones, Quartz is not going to cost you long-term for any sealant treatments, so the initial cost is all that you are paying for!

When it comes to cleaning up spillages or mess on your Quartz kitchen worktop, then you do not need to use any special detergents. As it is non-porous, no bacteria will soak into the surface so all you need is a damp cloth and some mild soap to keep it clean.

Because Quartz is a man made stone, Quartz comes in a variety of colours and patterns, which is something Granite does not offer. Not only can you choose from different colours but each colour that you can pick from will have lots of different styles and patterns. Whether you like glitter, spots, speckles or plain, Quartz will have the perfect look for you.

However, Quartz is also not without its cons. Quartz may have a massive list of benefits, but it is very sensitive to chemicals, which will make it harder to keep track of what can and cannot make contact.



Quartz floor tiles come with a huge list of benefits for being used around the house during home renovations. However, Quartz floor tiles mainly get used within the bathroom and kitchen areas for various different things. But how do you know whether Quartz floor tiles are for you and your home? This overview will cover some of the things that you need to know before you purchase Quartz floor tiles.

#1 Waterproof

One of the biggest benefits of Quartz tiles being used as flooring is that it is completely waterproof, meaning it would go perfect in absolutely any room; especially the bathroom. Being waterproof simply means that it will not soak up any liquid that has been split and it will make it a lot easier for you to keep clean. Spillages can tend to happy daily, especially if you have a family home, so you need a flooring that will be waterproof.

#2 Budget-Friendly

If you have had a look at a range of Quartz floor tiles, then you may already know that Quartz is such an affordable stone and therefore it is one of the most affordable stones out there on the market for home renovations. So, regardless of your budget, Quartz floor tiles can be on your shortlist without any worry.

#3 Durable

Quartz is incredibly durable and is only second to diamond for its strength, which means that it is hard to crack or break, which is perfect as flooring can usually take a battering with heavy objects being dropped and lifted as well as young children throwing around toys and so on. Regardless of the room you have placed your Quartz floor tiles, it should be suitable.

#4 Heat Resistant

Because Quartz is so strong this is also what gives it its heat resistant properties as well. If you ever find yourself accidentally leaving hot items on the flooring, then you do not need to immediately panic – unless of course it has been left for a considerable amount of time. As we want you to enjoy your Quartz floor tiles for a lifetime, we still advise you to take the normal precautions as necessary.

#5 Sensitive

However, despite Quartz having a lot of advantages and reasons why you should definitely consider purchasing it for your floor tiles, it does not come without its pitfalls. One of the things you should definitely know before purchasing Quartz floor tiles is that it is sensitive to chemicals and therefore you need to be careful about which products you use when you are cleaning your flooring.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully now that you have read this overview of 5 things you should know about Quartz floor tiles, you are ready and prepared for choosing the material for your floor tiles. While it is not without its cons, you can see that Quartz is such a great stone of choice for your flooring and can be placed within any room. What’s more, Quartz tiles can be used for almost anything from walls to bathroom countertops, so you can always complement your flooring by using it elsewhere to!


So, you have decided on the stone you want for your kitchen worktop, but you are considering whether or not to have it completely bespoke or not. Having a company make a kitchen worktop that has been designed just for you has amazing benefits but of course nothing is without its downfalls. This overview will cover the pros and cons of choosing to have a bespoke Quartz kitchen worktop.

Pros & Cons of Bespoke Kitchen Worktops


The main attractive point for creating a bespoke Quartz kitchen worktop with a company is that you will get to choose everything right down to the finer details. You will be able to choose the exact style, colour, pattern and everything for it to suit your home style and theme. Whether you want decorative edging, cut-outs for the sink, tap and hob or any other details, these can be arranged.

When you are ordering your bespoke kitchen worktop, it is best to let the company come in and do everything for you, including taking the measurements. When the professionals can access your home to take the measurements for you this ensures that they will be correct. Having a company take the reins for the entire project from start to finish will give you a high quality, professional result.

Totally bespoke Quartz kitchen worktops can come with a higher price tag however the results will always be worth it. When you trust a company to create your Quartz kitchen worktop for you, you will be getting a team of highly experienced engineers who know the ins and outs of the trade and will therefore be fitting the perfect worktop just for you.

Lastly, a company are the only ones who you can completely trust to do a professional job. They will have all the right equipment and will be able to ensure that everything goes perfectly smooth for you. With the right equipment and experience, your supplier and fitter will ensure that everything is how you dreamt it to be.


The clear downfall of creating a completely bespoke Quartz kitchen worktop is the price tag, of course it will be more expensive than getting a standard Quartz worktop. Depending on the budget you have, a bespoke worktop may not be the best choice.


Best Tips to Choose Your Kitchen Splashbacks

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Kitchen splashbacks are not only practical to have within the kitchen but it can also be used to be a key feature in your kitchen too. When you are choosing your kitchen glass splashback, you should keep in mind the overall design and style of your kitchen and consider everything in terms of appearance.

This overview will help you with some tips on how to choose the best splashback for your kitchen.

1) Consider Your Budget

In every decision you make, you need to keep your mind on the budget as this is a key requirement. But first you need to set out a clear budget to keep to. You want the splashback to be nice in appearance but you also need to be thinking practical in what you can afford.

When it comes to picking out materials, having a budget will straight away create a list of places and materials that you can and cannot afford, making the process a lot easier.

2) Picking the Material

Choosing a material can be quite difficult, especially if you do not know what look you actually want. You need to think about whether you want a clean white look that offers a fresh appearance or a traditional look. This will help you with what materials are in your options. Just because the splashback needs to be practical does not mean it cannot look good too.

3) Style and Practicality

While the practicality and style are both important, it is also important that you do not look too much into the style. The practical side of it should come top over the style, as it needs t do the job properly. Never get something just because it looks good, it needs to be consistent.

4) Picking the Colour

When you are choosing the colour you want, you should consider whether you want it to easily blend in and perfectly match your worktops or whether you want a focal point. Do you want the splashback to match the worktop, cupboard and flooring or do you want a contrast? Of course, you want to choose a colour that complements everything around the kitchen but it is still a big decision.

5) Small Kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen, then there are a few options to give the kitchen a look that it is bigger than it is. Mirror effect and white are able to give the illusion that your kitchen is much bigger by reflecting the light around the room. It is a very simple solution that creates a stunning appearance in your kitchen.


Quartz Bathroom Tiles – Pros & Cons

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Choosing the stone for your bathroom tiles is a definite hard choice to make as you need to ensure that it has all the important qualities such as being waterproof. While wanting it to be practical it is also beneficial for it to look good too.

While Quartz has a long list of advantages for being used for bathroom tiles, it is not without its downfalls either. This overview will cover both sides so you can make an informed choice about whether or not Quartz is the stone for you and your bathroom.

Pros of Quartz for Bathroom Tiles

As we said above, one of the key factors for the bathroom is that all materials used are waterproof so it does not soak up any water that is spilt. As this will happen daily and cannot be avoided, you need a stone that will meet up to this expectation. Quartz is entirely waterproof and as it is a non-porous stone, it means that any water that meets the surface will simply stay there and wait to be wiped off. So there will be no need to rush and clean anything, in fact you could leave small amounts to air dry!

Quartz is only second to diamond for its strength which gives it its scratch resistant properties. With it being scratch resistant it can be left with no mark after a slip of any sharp objects that you may have within the bathroom.

As the bathroom is home to many heavy objects such as perfume bottles and other beauty items, it is highly beneficial that Quartz is extremely difficult to chip or crack if you ever happen to drop something on it.

Additionally, the strength of Quartz is what gives it is heat resistant qualities too. So if you ever place hot items such as hair straighteners, then you do not have to worry about causing heat damage. However we do still advise that you use heat pads to minimise any potential risk as we want our customers to enjoy our stones for a lifetime.

As hygiene is so important within the bathroom area, being the room you wash in, it helps that Quartz is a non-porous material as no bacteria can ever harbour beneath the surface.

In terms of appearance, Quartz is very consistent as it has been man made and therefore you never need to worry about each piece matching up. There are also no long term costs involved to maintain its important qualities such as waterproofing.

Cons of Quartz Bathroom Tiles

While Quartz is consistent in appearance, which is a bonus for a lot of people, it can also be a downside for others that seek character. Quartz is able to mimic the look of natural stones however this can only be done to a certain level, do not think that getting Quartz that can mimic natural stone will be able to fool most people as there will be signs.

While Quartz is extremely easy to clean as it is non-porous, it is very sensitive to chemicals therefore you have to be careful about which products you use to clean it with. Lastly, even though it is hard to chip or crack it can still be done, so never take it for granted.


White Marble Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Marble is simply one of the most stunningly timeless stones that you could purchase for your home and it certainly will make your kitchen a focal point of your entire home. There may be cheaper options for the home but Marble has a lengthy list of advantages too.

This quick overview will help you to decide whether or not Marble is the right stone for you and your home.

White Marble Pros

Not only is Marble such a popular stone to use for home renovations, but white is also an on trend colour too. White will never go out of style and will always be one of the ‘go-to’ colours for home decorating, homeware and renovations.

While Marble may be expensive, it certainly is worth it. Each slab will give an entirely unique look which only adds character to your home. Stones that are able to mimic the look of Marble will never be able to meet the quality and it will just never be Marble. These stones can recreate the look but never fully, it will always be different and noticeable to those who know anything about Marble.

Once your white Marble worktop receives its sealant treatment it will become stain, scratch and heat resistant. You will never have to worry about placing hot pots or pans directly onto the surface or scratching your new worktop with knives or other sharp objects that are within the kitchen. However, we will recommend that you continue to use all precautions so that all risk is kept to a minimum completely.

Marble will then also be a non-porous material which means that it is hygienic and that bacteria will never be harboured.

White Marble Cons

While white Marble is incredibly on trend, the colour will not be a favourite for those who do not mind seeing most small marks that are made and therefore may ruin the look of cleanliness much easier.

Other stones can create the cost of Marble for a fraction of the cost, so if having the real deal does not matter to you nor the exact look that it can offer, then why not simply go for the cheaper option? This cheaper option will also be able to mimic the look but be customisable to your preferences in terms of the colour and pattern.

Each slab of Marble is unique and if this individual look is not for you, if you need multiple slabs put together, then a stone that can offer a uniformed look may be better for you. Marble will also need long term commitment to cost and treatment as without it the non-porous quality will simply go away. The importance of maintaining Marble cannot be taken for granted otherwise you can end up with a damaged worktop that needs replacing – an expensive lesson.

Lastly, while Marble is incredibly durable it is not invincible and it certainly can crack and chip which would be an awful thing to happen after paying out a hefty amount.


Many of our customers spend weeks thinking over which colour and stone to use for their kitchen worktops. Black Quartz is one of the best options to choose from as it has a long list of advantages and brilliant selling points.

This overview of black Quartz will give you a quick highlight of what you need to know about the stone and why you should be choosing it for your home.

#1 Cleanliness

As black is incredibly dark, your worktop will therefore not show every single little mark that is made such as fingerprints. This allows your kitchen to look cleaner every day without having to worry about every fingerprint, tiny crumb or other minimal marks that you do not care to clean up straight away.

#2 On Trend

If you are one to keep up with the current style theme, then black Quartz is definitely one of your big options. Black is one of those colours that will never go out of style. You have heard of woman having that trusty ‘little black dress’? Well why not choose to have that colour within your home that everyone will always be jealous of?

#3 Scratch Resistant

Quartz is an incredible stone for being scratch resistant which makes it brilliant for being used within the kitchen area, as sharp objects will no doubt be used daily. However, while it is scratch resistant, we do suggest that you continue to use all of your normal precautions to minimise the potential risk.

#4 Heat Resistant

Similarly to being scratch resistant, this makes it perfect for kitchen areas as well. As you will be dealing with hot pots and pans on a daily basis, it is always a benefit to have a worktop that is heat resistant. You will no longer have to worry about any heat damage when placing hot pots and pans directly onto the surface, however, we do recommend that you continue to use heat pads to minimise the risk.

#5 Budget Friendly

Granite is perfect for those who wish to install their worktop and never have to pay out any further costs and Granite offers you just that. Granite will never need to be sealed or treated at all during its lifetime and therefore there really is zero costs on a long term basis.


Granite is not only a beautiful stone but it is also one of the most popular stones to use within home renovations and this includes kitchen worktops. If you choose us to supply and fit your kitchen worktop in West London, then you can be sure that you will be receiving the best service possible in the area.

Our experienced engineers will take care of your Granite kitchen worktops from the very beginning (template) through to the installation stage. Regardless of whether it will be a commercial or residential property, your needs will be taken care of at the same level of standard.

As standard, we always aim to fit our customers worktops within one week from ordering. We are able to achieve this exceptional fast rate of completion as everything we create is completed in-house by our own staff.

Why Granite?

As we mentioned previously, Granite is one of the most popular stones and simply this is because of its number of advantages. You are able to place hot items such as pots and pans directly onto the worktop surface without worrying about damaging the worktop. However, we do still recommend that you use precautions to ensure that the risk is kept at a minimum, as we want our customers to enjoy their worktops for a lifetime.

Once Granite has been completely sealed, it becomes stain resistant as it will then be a non-porous material. This means that it will never hold onto any spillages, instead liquids will be on top of the surface ready to be easily wiped away, which creates a highly sanitary worktop for your food preparation.

Granite is also a very unique stone as every slab will be different from the next. Granite consists of various minerals which all create a different and unique character in every piece. Additionally, the colour of your Granite worktop will never fade and it will also only add value to your home.

Why Choose Us?

When you come to us to supply and fit your Granite worktops in West London, you will receive:

  • FREE Samples
  • Huge range of colours
  • Low deposit to pay

Our team of expert engineers will also provide you the best service possible in your area and will oversee the entire production from template to installation. We will take care of your kitchen worktop to create exactly what you have in mind to give you the kitchen of your dreams. All of our worktops are created in-house, which allows us to be far more efficient and achieve a great turnaround. As we said before, we aim to finish all of our customers worktops within one week.


Your personal team of engineers will be highly experienced and capable to providing you with the best product and service. We will meet your high standards and make sure this is done throughout the entire process.

Your installation process may include:

  • Demo by project manager
  • Trial fitting
  • Assembly without gluing


Our absolutely stunning Lunastone slabs come in a range of colours and styles to suit many personalities. Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you and your home in our selection.
Here at Y & S Marble, we are suppliers of the highest quality Lunastone kitchen worktops for both residential and commercial properties. When you come to us to supply and fit your Lunastone worktops for your kitchen, then we will aim to have your worktop installed within just ONE week from placing your order. We will also install your kitchen worktop at no extra cost to you. By coming to us, we will make your dream kitchen become a reality far more achievable.

To help you on your way with choosing your perfect colour and style, we have compiled a list of 5 of our most beautiful Lunastone colours that would look perfect within any kitchen.

Bianco Luminoso

This particular shade is one of our grey colours. The main base colour is a light grey with darker shades of grey throughout. The darker greys resemble the appearance of glass or glitter pieces to add a bit of shimmer to your home.
As with most of our colours and patterns of worktops, Bianco Luminoso will match perfectly with almost any other colour out there. So you will never have to worry about redecorating in the future to match your worktop. Your existing accessories and colour theme will be sure to match perfectly.


Caramello is one of our brown shades of Lunastone worktops. Its base colour is a medium shade brown with darker browns and silver pieces of glass throughout to create such a stunning pattern.


Galassia is one of our many black shades and offers a hint of elegance and luxury. Its block colour black has been layered with speckles of dark grey and brown throughout. This is the perfect worktop for those who want a beautiful pattern without any shimmer or shine that comes with the pieces of glass in a lot of our other worktops.
Once again, this will pair up perfectly with many other colours out there and will match beautifully with your existing kitchen design.

Grigio Natura


Grigio Natura is another one within our grey range of Lunastone worktops. It has a medium grey base colour that has been topped with large pieces of glass that gives off the appearance of shattered glass and glitter, so a hint of elegance. If you are looking for a bit of shine to your kitchen, then you have found the perfect colour.

Nero Metallo

Our Nero Metallo worktop is another one of our black shades, which is one of the most popular colours for kitchen worktops as it is so versatile. The flexibility of black is what gives it so much appeal with our customers. The black base has been topped with large pieces of white and light grey glass which gives it texture.

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