Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops for many years now. Whether you decide to go with granite for the kitchen island, or as the only material for your countertops, the facts remain the same and that is that granite is so popular with good reasons. Some of those reasons are durability, moderate maintenance, very high resistance to heat…As with every material, there are cons as well, and it is best for you to vague the pros and cons according to your manner of use.

1. Durability

Granite is one of the toughest materials found in nature; it can handle weight easily without any break or crack.

2. Very resistant to high temperature

Putting away a still hot pan on your granite kitchen island is possible without any worries of damaging it.

3. Easy to maintain

Cleaning of granite is very easy; you should just use water and soap. However, you should seal it every 6-12 months, depending on the colour. Avoid cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia, as they will wear off the sealant.

4. Beauty

Granite is 100% natural material, which is exploited from the earth. It preserves the characteristics that are unique for every rock, which is reflected in the granulation that is typical for granite.

5. Very hard

Granite won’t chip or crack easily. You can cut directly on your countertop, but beware that that might cause the dulling of your knives. It is highly scratch resistant.

6. Each slab is unique

No two slabs are ever the same; you will always have one of a kind product, even if you have the same style as your neighbour.

7. Can be recycled

Because granite is very long-lasting and its beauty won’t fade over time, it has value even after 10 years of use. If you decide to remove your countertops, you can resell or recycle them.


1. Some liquids can leave a stain

Granite is not completely non-porous material, which means that some liquids, like coffee or wine, can leave a stain. Therefore, be sure to wipe out the spillages as soon as you can.

2. Limited colour palette

Because granite is 100% natural material, it means that the colours are limited to the ones found in nature. You shouldn’t expect to find unusual and bold colours in granite’s range. However, granite still has a wide variety of colours, from classic whites to forest greens and blues.

3. Very heavy

Because it is so dense, it is heavy. Some cabinets may require additional structural support before the installation.

With the whole service provided by us, from the template to installation, you are just a week away from getting your new granite countertops for the kitchen island.

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White starlight quartz is one of the classic choices that are easy to combine with the rest of the interior. It brings elegance and beauty to your bathroom or kitchen and an extra quality to your home. But what about the overall performances of white starlight quartz tiles? Continue reading to find out the pros and cons of it.


1. Very low maintenance

This is one of the best qualities of quartz; it is very easy to clean and maintain. Just use mild detergent, with warm water and a mop for day to day cleaning. Additionally, quartz tiles do not need to be sealed, unlike many other tile materials.

2. Non-porous

The non-porous surface doesn’t allow absorbing of water, bacteria and germs. Your tiles will be highly hygienic. In addition to this, this characteristic prevents the spillages from staining.

3. Very hard material

Quartz is very strong material and your tiles will not break or crack easily. Only a very excessive force will cause your tiles to break or crack.

4. White starlight quartz is shiny and opulent

Quartz is a product that is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The resin brings shine to the tiles, which will not fade over time.

5. Very durable

With proper maintenance, your quartz tiles will last forever. Investing in white starlight quartz tiles is a good idea, as you will not need a replacement for a good amount of time and you will not have additional costs for the maintenance.


1. Can be slippery

Quartz has a very smooth surface, which means if you add water to it, the potential of a fall or accident increases. Be sure to always mop the spillages and water, to prevent such things from happening.

2. Sensitive to chemicals

Harsh cleaners such as highly acidic or alkaline cleaning agents can damage the surface of your tiles over time. You should avoid such cleaners at all costs, and use the soap and water instead. You can use glass cleaner for deeper cleaning from time to time.

3. Quartz is restricted to indoor use only

If you wanted to use quartz for paving of your terrace, for example, that is not advised. The resins in quartz tiles make it UV unstable, so it shouldn’t be used outdoors.

Quartz is an excellent choice for bathroom or kitchen tiles, and with this pros and cons, you can vague whether this material is the right choice for you. Coming in white starlight style, it will bring additional quality to your home, with an elegant and luxurious feel.

Contact us today and we will template, supply and fit white starlight quartz tiles in just 7 days!


The glass is one of the best and safest options for splashbacks- it is very easy to clean; it is almost impossible to stain and comes in a variety of colours. With the whole service provided by us, from template to supply, you can have your toughened glass splashbacks installed in just 7 days.

Benefits of toughened glass splashbacks

1. Resistant to staining: glass is very sleek and flat; because of it, spillages are removed easily, with just soap and water. You can be sure that hardly anything can leave a stain on the glass.

2. Available in any colour you like: this is a huge advantage of glass; it can be painted to have almost any colour; no matter what colour it is it will stay clear and bright.

3. Heat resistance: even if you’re cooking for a few hours near the glass splashbacks, they won’t melt or change colour. Glass is melting on temperatures over 1700 Celsius, which is far more than any cooking process can produce.

4. Versatility: even in the most challenging corner, glass can be shaped in any form.

5. Very easy to clean: because of its smooth and sleek surface, glass is very easy to clean. From day to day cleaning, spray the glass cleaner and wipe it off with damped cloth.

6. Luxurious appeal: glass can contribute hugely to the look of your kitchen. It will look like you have spent a lot of money on it when you actually didn’t. In fact, glass splashbacks are affordable, but they give amazing effects, which makes them perfect to fit any budget.

Template and Installation

From the template to installation, the whole process of getting new toughened glass splashbacks can be completely provided by us. We don’t use subcontractors and every installation is handled by our experienced team.
You can always get a free quote with us, just prepare the measures. In that way, you can plan your expenses carefully and smartly. Give us any quote, and we will beat it by 10%.

We have experience working with tight and unlimited budgets, with proven results. We can also give you a free advice about the colour choice or maintaining tips. We are truly devoted to make our customers 100% satisfied with our services.

Contact us today for best-toughened glass splashbacks in London and surrounding areas.


Composite kitchen worktop is a worktop made of more than one material. There are two types of composite worktops; one is an engineered stone, also known as quartz and a solid surface stone, namely Corian. They are both man-made products, designed to have improved features. Here’s the overview of the pros and cons of both.

Engineered stone (quartz)


1. Very low maintenance

Quartz requires the lowest level of maintenance, probably of all materials available on the market. It does not to be sealed and the cleaning is very easy. Just use soap, water and a soft cloth for day to day cleaning.

2. Non-porous

This feature makes quartz very resistant to stains. This is of value in the kitchen, where you will be preparing and consuming food frequently. This also makes quartz impermeable to bacteria, which can’t lodge on such surface.

3. Durability

Quartz is extremely hard and durable material. With proper maintenance, it will last you a significant amount of time. The higher the chances are that you will want a replacement, then you will need one.

4. Very wide colour palette

Quartz has one of the widest colour and pattern palettes available on the market. Anything you can imagine, you can find in quartz’s range- from bright oranges to classic whites. Quartz can even imitate the appeal of other stones, namely marble and granite.


1. Chemical Sensitivity

Harsh cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia can damage the surface of your worktop and wear off its shine. If your worktop accidentally comes in contact with such cleaners, neutralize its effect with water.

2. Not suitable for outdoor use

Quartz is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The resin makes quartz slabs UV unstable, which restricts quartz to indoor use only.

Solid Surface stone – Corian


1. Can be shaped in various ways

One of the main reasons why Corian is good is that it can be curved with invisible features. It also has seamless joints, which makes the overall effect of your kitchen even more perfect.

2. It also has a very wide colour range

Integrating Corian in an already set-up kitchen and home appliance is very easy because you can find in its range almost any colour you can think of.

3. Easy to clean

Corian also has a non-porous surface, which makes cleaning easier; this also means that Corian is highly resistant to staining and is highly hygienic.


1. Can be damaged by heat

Remember to always use mats and trivets in the kitchen and never place a hot pot directly on Corian worktop.

2. It is not resistant to scratches

Also be sure to always use a cutting board when preparing a meal, because Corian can be scratched. Avoid excess force that can cause a chip or crack of your worktop.

Composite kitchen worktops are a perfect choice for ones that love unusual colour choices and shapes. If you are just looking to replace your worktop and not the whole kitchen, composite stones are a perfect choice because you can easily find anything you imagine.

For more information about the composite kitchen worktops, please contact us here.


Whether you are completely renovating your kitchen, or just looking for a new worktop, this part is very important, because it can totally change the whole appearance of your kitchen. Choosing the right material and colour for the new worktops is a tough process with so many of them available. Here’s a brief guide on how to choose the perfect stone worktops.

Inform about the materials

Quartz, marble and granite each have its own advantages and disadvantages. Granite is the best when it comes to holding up to high temperature and you can easily put away a hot pot on it, without the worry of damaging it. Quartz is a completely non-porous material, that is highly resistant to stains. Granite and marble, are, on the other hand, porous materials, but if you seal them, you shouldn’t have a problem with staining. Marble has the reputation as the most beautiful and unique stone. Granite and marble can be used also outdoors, while quartz can’t. All stones have a variety of options where can be used; from kitchen and bathroom worktops, to shower walls and backsplashes. Quartz has the widest colour range of the tree. If you are looking for an unusual option for your kitchen or bathroom, you should look in quartz’s range.

Vague the pros and cons

Think about the manner in which you are using your worktop. If you are not particularly careful with it and don’t like to use mats and trivets, you should consider granite. On the other hand, if you are especially cautious and you like aesthetic, consider marble. If you like the look of marble, but you don’t want to pay a bit more attention when you are using your worktops, then consider quartz. Quartz is a manufactured product, which can be altered to have the appearance of marble. All three materials are excellent choices for both kitchen and bathroom, it just depends which material suits your manner of use the best.

Plan your expenses ahead

Natural stones are a bit more expensive then quartz, which should be taken into consideration if you are having a limited budget. The prices are not the same for all the styles; some colours are very rare, which makes them more expensive. We can offer you a free quote, just prepare the measures of your kitchen or bathroom, and tell us which material and style you would like. We advise you to save 10% more of the quote we give you, as that is not the final price.

We work only with renowned brands, such as Silestone, Lunastone, Cimestone and more, who are the guarantee of the highest standards and quality. We have experience in template and fitting for both commercial and residential facilities, in London and the surrounding areas. In just 7 days, you will have your new stone worktops ready to use.

Need more information about stone worktops? Contact us and we will be happy to give you a free advice.


Grey toned kitchen worktops are very appreciative for combinations with almost anything. They fit well with both light and dark toned cabinets. Not only this style goes well with anything, but it has a mirrored, sparkly effect. The grey sparkle quartz is one of the top choices of home designers and owners for contemporary kitchen design.


-Low maintenance: quartz requires the lowest level of maintenance of all countertop materials; it is easy to clean with just soap and water and it doesn’t require sealing.

-Non-porous: quartz worktops have a completely non-porous surface; this means that its surface is impenetrable to water and spills, which makes quartz stain resistant.

Highly hygienic: this also attributes to the fact that quartz is non-porous; because of this bacteria can’t harbour on its surface. This makes quartz very suitable for food preparation.

-Scratch resistant: quartz is very dense and hard material, which makes it scratch resistant.

-A long-term investment: quartz is one of the most durable materials found in nature; it has a long life replacement and holds well against the time. It will look like new even after 10 years. Investing in quartz kitchen worktops is a good idea because you will not need a replacement for a very long time.

-Environmentally friendly: if you care about your environment, you will be happy to hear that quartz is environmentally friendly; quartz kitchen worktops can be recycled once you decide to replace them.

-Moderate resistance to heat: when it comes to resisting high temperatures, quartz holds up well. It can resist the temperatures up to 250 Celsius, but sudden changes can damage it, so be sure to always use mats and trivets.

Supply and Fit

At marble granites worktop we can offer the highest quality quartz from the brands like Radianz, Lunastone, Silestone and many more, that you can find on our website. These renowned suppliers are the insurance of the highest quality and standards.

The prices for quartz are generally more affordable than for natural stones and are directed by several factors. Investing in quartz kitchen worktops is a smart choice because they will last for ages. In addition to that, you will not have costs for maintenance.

The fitting in handled by our fully qualified and experienced team. We can fit not only kitchen worktops but also bathroom worktops, wall and floor tiles. The whole process is handled by our company and we don’t use subcontractors. We serve London and surrounding areas no matter whether you are looking for a residential or commercial kitchen renovation.

We aim to install your new worktops in the most efficient manner. In just 7 days from your call, you can have your new worktops completely installed and ready for use.

For more information about grey sparkle quartz and prices please contact us here.


Replacing a kitchen worktop can be interesting and intimidating at the same time. There are so many options and colours to choose from, one can get lost in it. We have decided to make your life a bit easier with top tip and tricks for replacement kitchen worktops.

  1. Sample the materials

Go to the store to see materials. Online swatches can be very close, but it is best to see and feel the material in person.

  1. Ask for a free sample

We do offer free samples that you can take with you. This will help you imagine how a certain colour or pattern will look with your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Choose the durable materials

Stones are the most durable materials for kitchen countertops. With proper maintenance, they will not need a replacement for a lifetime.

  1. Plan your costs in advance

We do offer a free quote upon call or filling an online form. All you need to do is to measure your kitchen cabinets and tell us which material you would like. We will give you a rough quote and advise you to save 10% more.

  1. Mix and match colour and materials

Mixing can be very interesting and can result in very unique kitchens. For example, choose marble with very distinct veining for the kitchen island and for the other cabinets, go with the simple white marble with dimmed veining.

  1. Inform about the materials

We can give you a free advice on any of the materials we sell. You can ask us the pros and cons of each material and we will be happy to help you decide which material is the best choice for you.

  1. Think about the atmosphere you want to achieve

Do you like harmonic appeal or dramatic? If you like harmony better, then choose the worktop colour that is similar to the colour of your cabinets. If you like a dramatic look, go with the contrast colour of your cabinets.

  1. Select a trustworthy company

We are experienced company that can offer you template, supply and fit of kitchen worktops in just 7 days. We work with the most renowned brands in order to provide you with the highest quality.

  1. Prepare the kitchen before installation

Make sure you clear the path between the entrance and your kitchen; stone countertops are heavy, so the clear path will ensure an easier job for our team.

  1. Choose a day for the installation when you will be free

You should be present the whole time of the installation. If you want, you can observe the process.

At marble granites worktop, we can offer you marble, granite, quartz and Corian kitchen countertops at competitive prices. We work with top-rated brands like Silestone, Classic Quartz Stone, Lunastone and many more, which are the guarantee of quality.

Just call us and we will make replacement of your kitchen worktops easier with template, supply and installation completed in just 7 days.


Composite marble is a combination of 80% natural marble and 20% additives like resin, hardener and pigments. It is one of the first options that come in mind for kitchen and bathroom worktops, wall and floor tiles… Marble is one of a kind product that will give luxury appeal to any space.

Continue reading the advantages and disadvantages of marble composite worktops and decide for yourself whether marble is the right choice for you.


  1. Cool temperature

Marble absorbs temperature very quickly- this is the reason why marble always feels cool to the touch. This characteristic makes marble suitable for use in kitchens.

  1. Composite marble is previous to moisture

Unlike natural marble, the additives in composite marble make it less porous. This results in better resistance to stains.

  1. Easy to clean and maintain

Marble composite worktops are relatively easy to maintain; the cleaning is handled with just soap, water and a soft rag. Avoid highly acidic or alkaline household cleaners that can damage marble worktops.

  1. Versatility

Marble comes in various colours and patterns. Marble is recognizable for its veining that runs through the stone irregularly. The veining can be distinct or subtle, and come in various colours like gold, grey, black…Some marble styles have almost a solid colour. In our colour range there are both classic and very unique choices- from classic black to burnt orange, there is something for everyone.

  1. Beauty

Marble is considered for centuries the most beautiful natural stone. Marble gives a luxurious feel to any kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Can be used for various purposes

Marble can be used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, backsplashes, shower walls…It is often used for floors in public institutions and is suitable for outdoor use.

  1. Durability

Marble is a very durable material and with proper maintenance, it will last you for a lifetime.


  1. Soft

Marble is softer material than granite or quartz and it is less resistant to scratches. If you use marble in a kitchen, always use a cutting board.

  1. Staining

Marble is more prone to staining then other stones, but if you seal it regularly and make sure to wipe the stains before they dry, you shouldn’t have problems with stains.

  1. The repairs are difficult

Small scratches or dents are relatively easy to repair and you can do it by yourself, but if you accidentally break marble worktops, the repair is expensive, because marble slabs are big. This can result in a possible replacement of the whole slab.

Marble is one of the most beautiful materials found in nature, but it can give you hard times. If you can pay special attention to avoid spills and scratching it, marble is a good choice for you. Marble worktops will last, if maintained properly, for an immense amount of time.

We offer bespoke marble composite worktops at competitive prices. Contact us today to inform about our prices and range.


Granite is an everlasting, timeless option for your kitchen or bathroom. It is one of the most popular materials for home design and one of the best, for sure. Its benefits have proven to be of great value in both residential and commercial objects.

At marble granites worktop, we template, supply and fit granite worktops in West Drayton and surrounding areas.

Benefits of granite:

-Resistant to heat: granite can handle very high temperature without cracking or melting. You can put away a hot pot directly on granite worktops and it will absorb the temperature quickly. This is of value in kitchen and bathrooms, where you will need to put away a hot hair dryer.

-Resistant to scratches: granite is very tough and dense material; it will not scratch or crack easily.

-Resistant to stains: this especially applies to darkly toned granite slabs. Usually, darker granites are denser and therefore less porous. This results in it being resistant to stains.

-Ease of maintenance: for daily cleaning, use soap, warm water and a soft cloth. Light-toned granite should be sealed every once in a while. The seal will make it impermeable to water and stains.

-A long-term investment: investing in granite means you will not need to replace your worktops for 10 years at least, if not longer.

Price and Installation

Granite is 100% natural stone, which makes it a bit more expensive than other countertop materials, but it is worthy of investment because it lasts longer.

There are a few factors that dictate the price of granite slabs. First is the colour, which, if it is rare, it will be more expensive. The brand you choose can make an impact, but also the size that you need. Finally, special shapes and treatments of edges also add to the price.

The prices for granite worktops are starting from over £300 per square meter.

We can provide services of the fitting kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall and floor tiles, vanity tops in West Drayton and surrounding area. We will handle the whole process, from template to installation, where turnaround times are held more efficient. We aim to get your countertops installed and ready for use in just 7 days from the moment you call us.

You can give us your quote and we will lower it by 10%. We have a wide range of materials and colour available to meet every buyer’s need. We will be happy to give you a free expert advice about the maintenance of granite or help you choose the right colour for your kitchen. In other words, we will be completely devoted to meet the highest standards and quality from the moment you call us until we compleat the installation.

Contact us today and get your bespoke granite worktops in just 7 days!


Are you thinking about kitchen remodelling? We are bringing you tips and information you should know before the installation.

  1. Hire a professional team

For best results, it is best to leave the job to the professionals with experience. At marble granites worktop we template, supply and fit kitchen worktops at competitive prices.

  1. Consider all the materials

Not all materials have the same characteristics, therefore it is best to inform ahead on the pros and cons of each material. We can give you a free advice if you have any doubts about marble, granite, quartz and Corian worktops.

  1. Plan the costs in advance

Take the measures of your kitchen and call us; we will give you a free quote. Make sure you save 10% more because the exact price will be given to you when we do the template.

  1. Pay a visit to the showroom

It is best to see the materials in person; online pictures are not 100% accurate, and with marble and granite each slab is unique. In person, a style that was not that interesting to you can become your first choice now.

  1. Ask for a free sample

If you are unsure which colour to go, you can ask us for a free sample, which can help you decide whether that colour goes well with your cabinets.

  1. Consider special treatments of edges

Although this is not necessary, you can consider special treatments of edges, especially when it comes to quartz and marble. This can prevent chipping of the edges.

  1. Fitting takes only a day

Our professional team will take care of the fitting; the installation will last a few hours, depending on the material and size of your kitchen.

  1. Clear the path to your kitchen

Stone worktops are heavy; you should make a clear path to your kitchen in order for our team to transport the worktops safely to it.

  1. You can observe the installation

If you are interested to see how stone kitchen worktops are installed, you can observe the process from the spot where you are not distracting the team.

  1. Once the worktops are fitted, maintain them properly

For best results and long-lasting worktops, maintain them regularly. Clean the worktops with water and soap, and make sure to occasionally seal granite and marble worktops.

At marble granites worktop we template, supply and fit marble, granite, quartz and Corian kitchen worktops. We guarantee the best value for money you can find in London and surrounding areas. Tell us your best quote and we will beat it by 10%. We work directly with our clients and do not use subcontractors. Getting new worktops has never been easier with the full package provided by us in just 7 days

Need more information about the fitting of kitchen worktops? Contact us and we will give you a free, expert advice about everything you want to know.


When it comes to selecting kitchen countertops, white marble is the top choice of many home designers and homeowners. This natural material has a great variety, with various options to choose from. You can select different colours of veining and the overall appearance of veining- whether it is distinct or soft.

It is said that nothing is as white in nature as marble.

Our company can handle the whole process, from fabrication to delivery and installation in just one week’s time. Highest quality white marble kitchen countertops at competitive prices are guaranteed for any residential or commercial object in the London area.

Marble benefits

White marble kitchen countertops give an immense beauty, no other stone can give. Not only white marble is very beautiful, but also performs well. It is very durable and can conduct high temperature. The maintenance of marble is moderate; it needs to be sealed approximately every 6 months, but it easy to clean with just soap and water. Sealing marble regularly will prevent the surface from staining. Avoid harsh, highly acidic cleaners, which can ware of the sealer. With proper maintenance, the marble will last you an immense amount of time.

Supply and installation

Fastest turnaround and quality are guaranteed with our experienced and devoted team.

The ordering of a new kitchen countertop takes just a few moments. Once you settle on your desired marble style, give us a call or contact us online. Prepare the dimensions of your countertop scheme in order for us to give you a formal quote.

Site surveying can be arranged the next day.

From this point, fabrication is handled in the house. We use a computerized system which ensures the precision and efficiency.

After site surveying, you are just a week from getting your desired white marble kitchen. When the installation day comes, make sure to be present for the whole process.

The process will take less than a day and is carried by our experienced professionals. The installation process may include trial fitting. This means our team will assemble the countertop but without any gluing.

You can observe the whole process of installation if you are curious to see how kitchen countertops are installed.

We don’t work with subcontractors. Hiring us for the fabrication and installation means that the whole process will be done solely by our team. We don’t compromise quality for quantity and we pay attention to every detail of the process.

We make sure to provide to our clients the most efficient fabrication and installation of white marble kitchen countertops you can find in the London area. We want our customers to be satisfied not only with our efficiency but also with the quality of our services and team. We can offer you free expert advice upon every call. Also, we offer free quotation upon call or online form.

For more information about the availability and prices, please contact us here.



Black marble kitchen worktops are a bold choice and give the kitchen a dramatic flair. Marble is a natural stone, very popular for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as for flooring. Marble gives a polished and luxurious charm to any space.

Before ordering a new black marble kitchen worktops, weigh the pros and cons of marble worktops, which we are giving in this article.



Tastes differ, but one is certain, marble is considered as the most beautiful of natural stones. Marble is elegant and gives special value to every space.

Cool Temperature

Marble absorbs temperature really quickly and this is one of the reasons why marble is always cool to the touch. This attributes to the fact that marble is a porous material. This characteristic also makes marble suitable for working pastry.


Every slab of marble differs from other, because of the veining. Even if you choose the same style as your neighbour, details on marble make the product unique and one of a kind.


Maintenance of marble does not require particular time, but more than you would need with granite or quartz. With marble, you will have to pay special attention to be careful and avoid spills and damages as much as possible. Marble requires sealing every 3-6 months. Sealing is an easy process that takes just a few minutes. Cleaning is handled with water, soap and a soft rag. Avoid acidic cleaners that can damage the surface of marble.


Black marble can have white or gold veining or can be without it. The use of black marble is countless. We will give you just a few ideas aside from regular kitchen and bathroom worktops. It can be used as a backsplash, shower wall, fireplace wall or even as a dining table.



Marble isn’t staining resistant because of its porous nature. Pay special attention when consuming red wine or red fruits, because these products are hardest to remove. The staining can be prevented with regular sealing, which will make the surface of marble less porous. Another advantage of black marble is that even if the stain is there, it is far less noticeable then on white marble.


Marble is softer than other countertop materials, therefore it scratches easier. Be sure to always use a cutting board and mates. Avoid high, uncontrolled impact, especially on edges.

Marble is always in fashion and has resisted the toll of time. Marble is as popular as 100 years ago. It is a classic choice with whom you just can’t go wrong. Choosing black marble kitchen worktops over classic white is a bold choice, but smart. Black marble is denser, hence more resistant to scratching and staining. Even if you accidentally stain the worktop, it will hardly take notice.

Contact us and we will be ready to template, supply and install kitchen worktop for you in just 7 days.



Quartz, as a man-made product, has a wide range of colours one can only imagine. What makes quartz so popular with home designers and homeowners is that it can fit in almost any given style. Quartz can look like marble or granite, while keeping the advantages of the product. It can be used in kitchen, bathroom and as flooring. Really, the combinations with quartz are countless and one can get lost in so many colours, patterns and finishes. Therefore, we decided to present to you the ten most popular quartz countertop colours.

Midnight Black

Midnight black is a popular colour because it provides an interesting contrast with light toned cabinets. Various midnight black colours can be found in our range, from classic quartz to Stone Italiana range.

Soft Grey

Soft grey is an infallible choice- it blends well with everything, whether it’s a light toned kitchen or a dark toned. Look for soft grey colours in Silestone range.

White Marbled

The appearance of marble with characteristics of quartz make a perfect combination for every household. White marbled quartz gives a luxurious charm to the kitchen. Think about the veining, do you like distinct or subtle. Check the Marble Quartz Range.


Red is a bit unexpected choice for countertops, but the effect makes the kitchen personalized and attractive. Can be used on kitchen island as an accent in combination with light-toned countertop for other kitchen elements. Look for red in Cimestone or Lunastone range.


Camel toned countertops are a great option for minimalist and traditionalist. Camel is very easy to combine with any tone of cabinets. Find the perfect camel colour in the Compac range.


Pure white adds elegance and gentility to kitchen or bathroom space. White looks good with both dark and light cabinets. Look for pure white in Compac range.

Dark Grey

Dark grey gives the kitchen a modern, yet serious vibe.  You can achieve monochromatic or contrast looks, either way, the effect is ingenious. Find your perfect dark grey in Diresco range.


Another traditional choice, cream shades give softness and elegance to kitchen spaces. Cream shades with soft veining give a luxurious feel to the kitchen. Look for cream shades with veining in Okite range and for without veining in Quarella range.

Lime green

Green is a great choice for people who like to experiment. Soft green is well combined with white or beige cabinets. Discover greens of the Samsung Radianz range.

Deep mix

Distinct veining in various colours can give an artistic quality to the kitchen. Use it as a focus on the kitchen island. Quartz countertops with distinct veining can be found in Caesarstone range.

Choosing a colour and style for new countertops is not easy when you have so many options to choose from. Hopefully, we have made your choice a bit easier with the selection of best quartz countertop colours.

Have you already decided which colour and style you like the most? If so, contact us and we will template, supply and install your quartz countertop within seven days.


Stones, namely marble, granite and quartz, have been used for decades for kitchen countertops, but nowadays, more homeowners like the idea of these materials in the bathroom too.

Stones deliver an authentic look to the bathroom while providing excellent performances. They give a luxurious feel to the bathroom while providing durability.

From templating to installing stone bathroom worktops, we can provide the full package in London and surrounding areas.

While each material is different, they all have some attributes in common. Quartz is, unlike granite and marble, an engineered stone, which means it can be arranged to have various colours, patterns and finishes. Granite and marble are 100 per cent natural stone, therefore colour palette is limited to once found in nature. All three stones deliver great beauty and aesthetic to bathrooms.

They require low maintenance, especially quartz, which surface is non-porous and does not require sealing. Granite and marble, on the other hand, would be best to be sealed once or twice a year. All stones are easy to clean with just soap, water and a soft cloth.

Heat resistance is also in common with granite, marble and quartz. You can put away a still hot hair dryer on the bathroom worktop without worry of possible damage. Bacteria can’t lodge in either of them, which will leave your space highly hygienic and clean.

Our suppliers include some of the most acclaimed brands from all over the world, including Silestone, Lunastone, Classic Quartz Stone, Cimstone, Arenastone and Dekton. We encourage you to visit our showroom and discover our range of colours and patterns. We thrive to provide a wide set of options in order to meet every buyer’s need.

If you decide to visit our showroom, we will give you expert advice and help you decide on the material, colour and pattern.

We are capable to handle the whole process from your visit or call in just 7 days. We will arrange your site surveying the next day from the visit or call. When fabricating, we work with the computerized system, which guarantees the highest precision.

Our team of fitters is qualified and experienced. We encourage you to visit our site and see our bathroom and kitchen portfolio, in order to completely assure in our professionalism and capability

Prices for stone bathroom worktops are dictated by several factors. Some of them include the colour and pattern rarity, the size you will need, the brand you opt for. Generally, marble, granite and quartz are very durable and investing in stone bathroom worktop is a smart choice.

The prices for natural stones are starting from over £300 per square meter and for quartz from £250 per square meter.

Stones have been on the rise when it comes to bathroom design. They deliver special value and modern aesthetic to bathrooms but also perform well over time. The wide range of options can meet every buyer’s need.

Need more information about colour range and availability? Contact us and we will template, fabricate and install your new stone bathroom worktops in just 7 days, in any London area.


Transforming a kitchen is very interesting, but can be intimidating at the same time. Choosing the right material, colour and pattern, when you have so many options available, it’s not an easy task.

Luckily, we are here to make your kitchen remodeling a bit easier, by providing you full package service, from templating to installation in London and surrounding areas.

Our assortment includes marble, quartz and granite. Marble and granite are natural stones, while quartz is a man-made product. They each have their specific characteristics, but some can apply to all of the stones.

Durability: all three stones are very durable and hard, which means they will last an immense amount of time.

Easy to maintain: Quartz is easiest to maintain, but granite and marble are not so hard to maintain either. Marble and some sorts of granite will require occasional sealing.

Heat resistant: Overall, all three stones perform well in contact with high temperature, especially granite. We do suggest using trivets and mats, though.

Provide additional quality to the kitchen: All three stones are beautiful in their own way. Marble is specific for its veining and granite for its granulation. Quartz, as a manufactured product, can have the appearance of both. Quartz has the widest colour and pattern options, with some unusual colour choices included as well.

Hygienic: When sealed, all three stones form a non-porous surface in which bacteria can’t grow. This makes quartz, marble and granite ideal for food preparation.

Supply and Installation

We work with renowned suppliers who guarantee the highest standards and quality. Whether you are looking for a new stone kitchen worktops, shower wall, or bathroom vanity top, we can template, supply and install within 7 days.

From the moment you call us, we will be completely devoted to meet your needs and provide you with the best service we can. We can provide the full package, from templating to installation.

Templating will be done in most cases the day after your call. Once we get the measures, we fabricate the stone kitchen wokrtops in our workshop. The installation will be handled by our professional and qualified team. The whole process will be done within 7 days, in which you will have your new kitchen worktops ready to use.

Prices for natural stone kitchen worktops are starting from over £300 per square meter and for quartz from £250 per square meter.

Stones are the best choices for kitchen worktops as they will last significantly longer than other worktop materials. Aside from that, they are beautiful and deliver great performances in the kitchen: they resist heat well, are easy to maintain and hygienic. If you don’t know which stone to choose for kitchen worktops, we can give you a free advice.

At marblegranitesworktop, we offer stone kitchen worktops in London and surrounding areas at a competitive price. We will beat any quote by 10%.

To find out more about the prices and range, please contact us here.


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