You have researched into which stone you would like for your kitchen worktop and you have settled on the idea of Quartz Caesarstone, or at least are thoroughly considering your options. You have picked a great stone to delve into and below we will cover just 10 of the range of colours you have on offer.

Black Rocks has a black base colour, which is perfect for anyone looking for a darker shade that will go brilliantly with any other colour out there. The base colour has large dark black chunks over the top with lots of smaller chunks that range from black, dark black to grey and the occasional grey.

Dusty Stones is one of the lighter grey colours within the range, which has been layered with lots of different grey shades throughout. The base colour has medium chunks of pale grey with medium and dark grey also. On top of those mixture of shades is paired perfectly with white chunks to offer some contrast between dark and light.

Chiltern is one of our honey cream colours which has a light base colour with darker honey shades over the top in the shape of medium sized chunks.

Coffe Bean is one of our darker brown colours, which is perfect for anyone looking for a neutral colour but something a bit different and not typical. The brown colour almost appears to be solid, however there is a slight contrast of lighter brown speckles throughout to add a subtle texture.

Ginger is another one of our brown colours, but this time a bit different. It is such a light brown colour that it is almost leaning towards being grey. On top of the base colour, there is a contrast of tones which give its pattern.

Lapland is one of our lighter shades, as you can tell by the name it is the colour of snow and rightfully named. The base colour is white with stone like patterns of grey colours throughout.

Mosaici Carbone Brown is yet another one of our darker brown colours, with dots and spots throughout with white in between that all work together creating a mosaic appearance.

Vigo is one of our medium grey colours, which has been layered with tiny white speckles over the to give some texture into the surface.

Sahara is another one of our neutral colours, and this time it is ivory. The solid colour surface is perfect for someone who is wanting subtle beauty without all the trimmings.

Titanium is another one of our brown colours within the range and this time it is a medium colour brown and plain in colour. This is once again perfect for someone who is looking for a surface that offers stunning beauty without all of the fuss.


White Marble is an extremely sought-after stone for kitchen worktops, because not only will it make your home more valuable, but it also adds a timeless beauty.

However, is white Marble all what it is cracked up to be? We will highlight some of the pros and cons to installing a white Marble worktop in your kitchen to help with your decision.

Pros to White Marble

Marble is one of the only stones out there that cannot be replicated, the inconsistent pattern within each Marble slab adds value and an appearance that just cannot be recreated anywhere. Every single piece of Marble out there on the market is individual in its own right, so when you purchase Marble for your home you know that you are getting a one of a kind piece.

White Marble will work with your kitchen to bring in extra light to the space as well as reflecting light around the room to give off the illusion of a bigger kitchen. This is ideal for smaller kitchen areas that could do with a little makeover. There is no need to remove pieces of cabinet or items from your kitchen to create a smaller space, all you need to do is simply bring in the light.

White Marble will also be the perfect recipe for offering a fresh appearance to your kitchen, in addition to creating a bigger space. White has the power to look incredibly clean and fresh as the day you bought it, as long as it is looked after properly.

Lastly, the inconsistent appearance of Marble adds stunning character to any home which is why it is so sought-after. If you are looking for an individual piece that will add some art and character to your home, then Marble is the best option to consider.

Cons to White Marble

Marble is one of the most expensive stones out there, because it is completely natural and untouched by man as it arrives to your home. As it has been untouched, you will need to regularly seal your Marble kitchen worktop, which adds a further cost expensive to take into consideration. Not only is Marble expensive for the initial purchase and installation, but this cost does not fade away during the lifetime of your worktop. As long as you have Marble, you will have to pay out for sealing treatment to ensure your worktop keeps in tip top condition.

Lastly, white Marble is difficult to keep clean. White will show up every speckle, mark and fingerprint that is placed onto the surface, so it requires a lot of time and effort to keep it looking fresh. To achieve that stunning fresh look, it takes a lot of work which is not easy for a lot of families or individuals who work.


So, you are considering installing a white Granite kitchen countertop within your home? To help you on your way to making a decision, we will highlight some of the benefits to having white Granite installed within your kitchen area and what it can exactly offer your home.

#1 Light Reflecting

One of the biggest benefits to having a white countertop installed is that it bounces light around the room fabulously. As the light bounces and reflects, it creates the illusion that your kitchen is much larger than what it really is, which is great for smaller kitchens in particular. If you are wanting to create the look of a larger space, then this is a very cost effective way of doing that without changing much about the layout.

Not only that, but white will also attract the light in terms of creating a much lighter space for you and your family to enjoy cooking and dining in.

#2 Flexible

Granite is one of the best stones on the market when it comes to being versatile. There is no reason why you cannot use Granite throughout your entire home for many different applications, so if consistency is what you are looking to achieve here then Granite is perfect for that.

#3 Affordable

Granite is also a very affordable stone, which means that most homeowners are able to purchase it without much worry at all. Granite is unlikely to break your bank and will offer you many benefits similar to more expensive stones out there.

#4 Strength

In terms of strength, Granite is known for being one of the strongest materials you can purchase. Granite is one of the hardest stones on Earth which is what gives it its scratch resistance.

#5 Hygienic

Lastly, Granite is one of the most hygienic materials out there on the market which is paramount for when its being used within the kitchen. It is a non-porous stone which means that no bacteria will ever harbour beneath the surface.


Here at Marble Granite Worktop, we are quality suppliers and fitters of Quartz worktops in London. Our Quartz worktops are fully bespoke to your specifications and requirements, to ensure that you achieve your dream home in no time.

Our affordable Quartz worktops are fully customisable and will be beneficial to your home as well as bank.

Starlight White Quartz

Our team of professional engineers are here to assist in creating your dream home. Our Quartz worktops offer the best blend of nature and technology to create your ideal worktop.

Quartz stone is the perfect material for kitchen and bathroom areas, as it has incredible heat resistance, scratch resistance and stain resistance. Whether you accidentally spill coffee or red wine, leave hot pots or hair straighteners, there is no immediate worry.

Why Choose Us?

Our team will over see the entire production from start to finish. From when you first come to us with your idea or to look at our samples, we will be there to offer advice until the end. The same team who template and cut your worktop will be the ones who arrive on the day to install your Quartz worktop. So, you can be sure that you are receiving a high quality standard of care and a truly bespoke service.

By our team overseeing the creation of your worktop, we are able to make sure that your vision really does get brought to life.

Free Quote

We promise all of our customers that we can beat absolutely any written quote that it brought in to us. Do you think you have found a better deal elsewhere? We promise to beat it by a huge 10%!


Quartz is one of the popular stones for homeowners and commercial property owners alike, because they come with such a big list of pros. However, as with everything, Quartz is not without its cons either, so we will be highlighting both pros and cons of Quartz stone to give you a balanced view on how they could potentially benefit your home.

#1 Waterproof

Quartz is known for being waterproof, which is perfect for worktops as any spillages that occur will not immediately pose a risk of damage. You will be able to wipe away any spillages, without worry. While Quartz is waterproof, we still advise that you wipe up any spillages as soon as possible to minimize any potential risk.

#2 Heat Resistant

Quartz is also known for its strength, which offers fantastic heat resistance qualities. If you are installing Quartz for a kitchen worktop, then having a material that is heat resistant is very important to consider. While it is not ideal to be placing hot pots and pans directly onto the surface, if you forget to use a heat pad then there is no reason to worry. Simply lift off the pot or pan as soon as you realise and there should be no mark left behind.

#3 Mimic Natural Stone

Quartz is one of the best stones out there for its consistency, however it can be a problem if you are looking for a stone with more character. While Quartz can be used to recreate the look of Marble, it will be a consistent pattern that Marble does not offer; which is either a good or bad point depending on what you prefer.

#4 Strength

As we have mentioned above, Quartz is known for being incredibly strong. In fact, Quartz is only second to diamond for its strength which is what gives it all of its brilliant properties such as heat and scratch resistance.

#5 Consistent

As we mentioned above, Quartz is very consistent in appearance. When you get sent or view samples of Quart, you can guarantee that the sample you are looking at will be the exact same look as the stone you will receive when it is installed. There are no nasty surprises with Quartz and the appearance can very much be predicted and depended upon.

#6 Sensitive to Chemicals

Despite Quartz being very easy to clean and maintain daily, the stone is non-porous, and it can be very sensitive to some chemicals. As it is sensitive, you need to be careful about which cleaning products you purchase and use which may become confusing and hard to remember.

#7 Hard to Damage

Your home will no doubt be filled with heavy and sharp objects, so it will be beneficial for you to install a stone that is hard to chip or crack. Quartz offers you just this! Quartz is almost impossible to damage by minor household items.

#8 Cheaper Alternatives

Despite Quartz being very budget friendly, there are many cheaper alternatives out there on the market such as wood or laminate. So, there is no reason for you to base your purchase of Quartz simply on your budget alone.

#9 No Long Term Costs

With Quartz, not only is it a cheap stone to purchase initially but there are also no long term cost commitments in terms of treatments or sealing.

#10 Scratch Resistant

Lastly, Quartz is known for being scratch resistant which is perfect for all homes. If you accidentally slip with a sharp object, there is no reason to worry immediately as the risk of it leaving a mark is minimal.


So, you are wanting to recreate the look of Marble for your worktop but is it worth it? We will talk through some of the advantages of why purchasing Marble Effect worktops is the way to go and how it can bring elegance into your home, for a fraction of the price.

Here are 9 advantages of why Marble Effect worktops are the way to go!

#1 Your Budget is Vital

At the end of the day, your budget is where you draw the line. If you cannot afford Marble, then you need to look at ways you can recreate the look for cheaper. But you can also do this instead of purchasing Marble, even if you can afford it.

While Marble is unique and cannot ever be recreated perfectly, Marble effect worktops can achieve a very similar appearance that is incredibly high quality.

#2 Choose the Pattern

If you purchased the real deal, you would not be able to choose the pattern of your Marble worktop, instead you will literally get what you get. However, with Marble effect stone you are able to have much more freedom of the style of your home by choosing exactly what pattern you want.

Do you prefer larger veining? Or maybe smaller veining? Perhaps you would like the veining to be a colour you do not often see? Then this is completely your choice, go for it! Design the Marble of your dreams!

#3 Healthy

Marble is not naturally a non-porous stone, which means that it is not particularly healthy. However, Marble effect stone is the exact opposite. It is non-porous and therefore you can guarantee that absolutely no bacteria will harbour beneath the surface and any spillages will remain on top.

#4 Maintenance

The level of maintenance and cost required for Marble is very high. With Marble you will need to pay out for sealing every year to keep it working at its best, otherwise it will no longer be waterproof and will be open to getting damaged very easily.

With Marble effect worktops, you will never have to pay out for any form of treatment which saves you money and time. All you need to do with your Marble effect worktop is to keep it clean with a mild soap, water and cloth.

#5 Tough and Hard Wearing

Marble effect worktops are incredibly hard wearing and durable. Your worktop will last a lifetime, so you will never have to worry about replacing. Marble effect will last for many years as long as you take proper car of it and it can withstand high volumes of traffic, which makes it perfect for kitchen areas and family homes.

#6 Choose Your Finish

You can completely customize your Marble effect worktop to be exactly what you want it to be and this even means the finish. You can install your Marble effect worktop with the perfect finish for you to suit your style.

#7 Consistency

While consistency is not a huge plus for some people, others will find it very helpful. Not only would you be able to use Marble effect for your kitchen worktop, but if you decide to install it for a splashback and even flooring too, then you have the ability to choose the exact same slab to compliment it.

#8 Worry Free

With Marble effect worktops, you can be completely worry free with your purchase for its entire lifetime. However, with Marble, you will never stop worrying and thinking about maintenance because it does require a lot. You cannot use certain chemicals on Marble, however Marble effect is completely hassle free.

#9 Spend on Other Things

Instead of spending your entire budget on a Marble worktop, you could potentially add far more into your kitchen or home for the same price. You could perhaps purchase a Marble effect worktop and still have enough in your budget left for some accessories or other items that could help create your dream home.


When it comes to adding white into a home, especially if you have a young family, it can often be a scary thing to consider. However, it does not always have to be that way. White is one of the most popular colours out there and will always be so on trend.

This article will give you a balanced view on both the pros and cons of white sparkle worktops, to help with the decision making.

Pros of White Sparkle

White sparkle worktops give the initial look and feeling of being fresh and clean, and it will never stop giving off this style. White is such a hygienic colour and it may sound odd to say that about a colour, but it is true. White has the power of immediately looking brand new with just a simple clean!

Not only will it add freshness to your home, but it will also create the illusion to make your kitchen look much bigger than it actually is. This works by the light reflecting off of the surface and bouncing around the room.

Lastly, white sparkle will also offer you a stunning elegance that will be perfect for a lifetime. White offers so much flexibility when it comes to switching up the style of the kitchen, as absolutely every colour under the sun will go great with white.

Cons of White Sparkle

As we discussed above, white sparkle does look incredibly clean however this is only if you put in the work to make it look this way, which is not always possible. You need to put great effort into maintaining a fresh look when it comes to white. With just a drop spillages or crumbs, your white worktop is suddenly not as clean anymore.

White sparkle can also work at making your kitchen look far too big, which is the opposite to what you want. If you have white within your large kitchen then it will still continue creating the illusion that the room is bigger, making your room look far too big. One way to combat this would be to use different shades, patterns and textures to break up all the white within the kitchen.

Hopefully this overview has helped you on your way to deciding whether white sparkle worktops are for you, your lifestyle and style. White can often take a bit extra work when compared to other colours on the market but if you have the time, then it can look completely stunning.



Marble is one of the most popular stones to use around the home and commercial properties. It can be used for a range of applications from bathroom countertops, kitchen worktops, flooring and more. However, how do you know whether Marble is right for your home? Marble comes with its list of advantages, but it is not without its faults either.

This overview will hopefully give you a balanced view so aid in your decision making.

Pros of Marble Wet Rooms

The main factor that people choose Marble for is that it is unique. Absolutely no one else on Earth will have the exact same Marble slabs as you do, so your home immediately becomes one of a kind. This is because it is a natural stone, so no man is able to create the look of it again.

Marble is also such a beauty to look at and it simply cannot be beaten with any other stone out there. It offers such a timeless elegance to any room, that will last a lifetime and beyond!

While Marble may come with a big price tag, you are paying for quality. Marble will also increase the value of your home as soon as it has been installed, which is perfect if you are looking for an investment too. If you will ever sell your home, then it can be a huge selling point because buyers find it so desirable.

Marble will also add a natural translucence which means that the light will beam into your bathroom and penetrate the Marble slightly to give off a stunning glow all around the room.

Lastly, as you will want warmth in your bathroom, Marble offers a huge plus you are able to install heating beneath the flooring as it is such a good heat conductor.

Cons of Marble Floor Wet Rooms

While Marble comes with a very long list of benefits, often its downfalls can be what makes the potential buyer go elsewhere.

The main deciding factor can often be the cost. Not only will you have a higher price tag for the intimal purchase and installation, but you will need to have it regularly sealed. This is vital for a wet room as without the sealing being done each year, your Marble wet room will no longer be waterproof which is an absolute disaster! If you fail to re-seal your Marble on time, then you are at risk of damaging your wet room.

Marble is also very absorbent, which is not a great thing for wet rooms when it comes to moisture let alone stains! Not only that but Marble can also crack under a certain weight, so you will have to be careful not to drop heavy items which is a nightmare after paying out such a big price tag.

Lastly, as your wet room will always be covered in water, this opens up your Marble for rusting. Marble contains minerals that is susceptible to rust, especially when there is moisture in the air.


Porcelain is growing in popularity, especially when it comes to kitchen worktops. Porcelain comes with a huge list of advantages which is why everyone seems to be installing it into their home and commercial property.

Here is our list of 8 advantages and reasons why you should too use it for your kitchen worktop.

Advantages to Porcelain

#1 Range of Colours and Patterns

Porcelain is available is such a big range of colours and patterns, that the only negative of this could be that you will spend probably too much time browsing through! The choice is so varied and you will never be stuck for options.

#2 Marble Like
Thanks to its varied pigmentation within the raw materials, this is what can work to give it the appearance of Marble. While it is no competition with the real deal, Porcelain is a certain contender for those who cannot afford Marble but love the appearance.

#3 UV Resistant
Often you will find that your kitchen worktop is placed in such a direction where it will regularly get hit by the sun beams. However, with Porcelain you never have to worry about fading as Porcelain is completely UV resistant. This means that your slabs will never fade or get damaged in the direct sunlight, so you can go ahead and place it wherever you like.

#4 Large Sizes
Unlike many other stones out there, Porcelain is available in large slab sizes as well as smaller. This then gives you the freedom and flexibility to purchase one single slab for your kitchen worktop, so it has a seamless look. The need for cut outs and fusing slabs together is completely removed.

#5 Stain Resistant
Porcelain is also completely stain resistant too, so you never have to worry about food items such as red wine and coffee that are well known for causing problems around the home.

#6 Not Chemical Sensitive
Unlike a lot of stones on the market, Porcelain is not sensitive to any chemicals out there. So regardless of the harsh chemicals you may find around the home, your Porcelain worktop can withstand it so you never have to worry about spillage.

#7 Scratch Resistant
Being a vital component within the kitchen, Porcelain is scratch resistant. As you will no doubt be using many sharp objects around the kitchen, you will never have to worry if you forget to use a chopping board or other protective items.

#8 Well Handled
Lastly, you will benefit hugely from Porcelain being perfect when being handled. Porcelain is great when it comes to cutting, fitting and installing as the process is incredibly quick and easy.



Worktops and splashbacks are often the best way to compliment the design of your room, bringing all of the elements together. You can either use the exact same colour for both or use a similar but yet different colour; depending on your design.

With our huge range of Quartz colours available, you are not short on ideas to browse through. Whether you want the same pattern but different colour or altogether different, we have a Quartz colour that is perfect for you.
Here are our top 10 Quartz colours for worktops and splashbacks.

Serengeti is one of our medium grey Quartz colours. Its darker grey veining works well and gives it a Marble appearance to appeal to those who want a hint of luxury within their home.

Sepia is perfect for those who are wanting to go light, but not white. With a cream base colour, it is a great choice for anyone wanting to bright light into their home. With large stones throughout the surface, it works brilliantly at adding texture.

Platino Gris Noir is one of our very popular colours with a black base. Over the top there is a mixture of whites, greys and darker black chunks that have the appearance of glitter.

Honey Onyx is one of our caramel and honey colours that is once again perfect for anyone wanting a lighter colour, but still wanting some sort of colour within their home. The honey base colour is complimented well with darker markings of the same colour over the top, which adds stunning contrast.

Brillo Cocoa is one of our darker brown colours with even darker browns and light brown speckles throughout. There are even a few white speckles which add multiple layers of texture.

Empire is another one of our black colours but this time it is not as dark. Empire is not incredibly dark, instead it leans more towards the brown end of the scale. With a honey coloured pattern over the top, Empire brings the appearance of bubbles across the surface.

Marbre Noir is one of our popular colours as it consists of such a stunning colour and pattern. The black base works beautifully with silver markings which work together to give the appearance of Marble; perfect for anyone looking for something that gives a look of luxury.

Classic Noir Just as the name suggests, Classic Noir is one of our classic solid black colours which works in almost every home.

Brillo Rouge is the perfect colour for anyone wanting something a little bit different that you do not always see. It has a red base with black speckles and the occasional white dots throughout to give it a few layers.

Brillo Ivory is another one of our pale colours. Its ivory base is the perfect canvas for the stones of beiges, whites and browns to create such a wonderful contrast of shades.



Quartz is one of the most commonly used materials for kitchen countertops, but is this a true reflection on whether it is any good? Should Quartz be used within the kitchen for your countertop or should you pass it by completely?

We will cover a few pros and cons to Quartz when being used for kitchen countertops to help you during your decision process. Here are 12 of our top pros and cons to look out for when purchasing.

#1 Low Maintenance

The great thing about Quartz is that it is incredibly low maintenance, especially when it comes to cleaning it every day. All you will need is a mild soap, cloth and some warm water. There is no need to have any special cleaning products to keep your Quartz kitchen countertop looking fresh.

#2 No Sealing

There will be no long term costs during the lifetime of your Quartz kitchen countertop because it simply does not need it. Being a man made stone, it is made with you in mind to be as easy to keep as possible.

#3 Non-Porous

The main reason why Quartz does not need to be sealed at all is because it has been engineered to be a non-porous stone. This means that absolutely no bacteria will harbour beneath the surface and if you accidentally spill something then there is no mad rush to clean it up.

#4 Scratch Resistant

Quartz is second to diamond for its strength and therefore is scratch resistant, in fact it will take a diamond or another Quartz product to scratch your new kitchen countertop.

#5 Not Invincible

However, you have to consider and keep in mind that Quartz is certainly not invincible, and it can be damaged. If you hit it hard enough, it will crack or chip, especially around the edges.

#6 Heat Resistant

Another one of the best things about Quartz being placed in your kitchen for a countertop is that it is heat resistant. If you ever accidentally place down any hot pots and pans onto the surface, then there is no huge panic. Simply just remove the hot item and there should be no mark etched onto the surface.

#7 Budget Friendly

Quartz is one of the most affordable stones you can purchase for your kitchen countertop, so if you have a tight budget then this is definitely one of the best contenders on the market.

#8 Durable

Quartz is perfect for a busy family home because it is so durable. Quartz is able to withstand the high volumes of traffic within the kitchen area.

#9 Range of Colours

Quartz is readily available with many suppliers and it comes with one of the biggest ranges of colours and patterns available. Regardless of your design and style, you should be able to find the most perfect countertop slab for you.

#10 It Is Not Natural

Let’s face it, while it is 94% natural Quartz, Quartz does not replace the elegant beauty of natural stones such as Marble. Depending on your taste and overall style, Quartz may or may not be the best option for you.

#11 Modern

Quartz is a fairly modern stone and therefore some homeowners may not prefer it over Marble or Granite. As it has been entirely man made, often the seams down the middle of your countertops can be made quite visible as well which may ruin the look for you.

#12 Stain Resistant

Lastly, Quartz is known for being very stain resistant and this is because it is a non-porous stone. As no spillages can soak into the surface, it is very difficult to stain with any liquid including red wine and coffee, making it perfect for the kitchen.



Natural stone countertops offer timeless natural beauty that is extremely difficult to match when compared to the man made products available. When it comes to the natural stones, each and every stone is completely different. If you are looking for something with a bit more character, then natural stones are the best option for you to consider.

Each natural stone will have different levels of maintenance and come in different range of colours and styles. Remember, just because a stone can be made into a countertop it does not mean that it should be or that is where it will be best used.

Before you go ahead and purchase a natural stone countertop for your home, you need to decide whether you would like a high or low maintenance stone, how it will be used and what is likely to be placed on it. Some stones will damage if it comes into contact with acid, for example. You will also need to have a look at what look you are after as different natural stones offer completely different styles.

Hopefully this guide will help you decide whether a natural stone countertop is for you.

Granite – Pros & Cons

Granite is one of the most commonly used stones for countertops and it is because it has become much more affordable in recent years. Years ago, Granite used to only be found in high end kitchens but as the processing technology has improved, the price has come down.

Granite is available in a huge range of colours but some of them are rare, which means it can be expensive depending on what you are looking for.

Granite is such a hard stone that it will not scratch unless it is scratched with something harder than a diamond, however it will chip or crack if it has been hit hard enough; so, do not think it will never break.

As Granite is porous, it means that it requires to be sealed regularly to prevent staining and this comes with a long term commitment with costing that you need to consider before purchasing.

Some dark Granites will likely to show fingerprints and watermarks but it is great for maintenance and durability.

Marble – Pros & Cons

Marble is one of the most stunning natural stones out there and it comes with veining that cannot be found in any other stone, regardless of how similar they look. However, it comes at a cost. Marble can be very expensive so it certainly is not budget friendly!

Marble is very easily damaged from acids such as vinegar, citric and certain household cleaners. This happens when there is a reaction between the acid and the calcite in the Marble.

Marble is such a soft stone that it will scratch easier when compare to Granite and some other natural stones.

Limestone – Pros & Cons

Limestone is one of the lesser known natural stones, but it is still widely used and growing in popularity. Limestone is available in a huge range of colours and the lighter colours offer a unique look when compared to other natural stones.

However, Limestone is easily damaged when it comes into contact with acids and this is not preventable by sealing. Because of this, it may not be a great choice to place it within the kitchen and it may be better off within the bathroom instead.

Limestone will also scratch easier than Granite and is not readily available, so you may struggle to get a hold of it from suppliers.


When it comes to redecorating and home renovations, one colour that is very common is white. However, many people are often scared to go as bright and light as white, so they steer away from it. But is there any need to be scared of having a white coloured countertop? This article will show you some of the best things about having not only a white countertop but also a Quartz one too.

#1 Fresh Looking

White has a wonderful ability of always looking fresh and clean, which is most probably why a lot of people choose to go for it. As long as you maintain the upkeep required, your beautiful white kitchen countertop will always look stunning.

#2 Non-Porous

As Quartz has been man made entirely, it is a non-porous stone, so you will reap in the benefits of having this as your kitchen countertop. With it being non-porous, it will never need to be maintained regularly with any kind of treatment or re-sealing.

#3 Hygienic Looking

As we mentioned above, white has the power of looking fresh and clean but it also looks very hygienic too. With every daily clean, your white Quartz countertop will look practically brand new.

#4 Stain Resistant

As Quartz is completely non-porous, it is also highly stain resistant with spillages, which is perfect when you go for white or a light coloured countertop. If you accidentally spill things such as red wine or coffee, it will not be a huge deal at all. All you need to do is simply clean it away as soon as you realise, and it should come up as new again.

#5 Engineered Stone

As we mentioned above, Quartz has been entirely man made. Quartz has therefore been made to have 94% Natural Quartz which means it is almost a natural stone but with all the benefits of being man made, as it has been created with you in mind.

#6 Budget Friendly

Quartz is one of the most affordable stones out there at the moment and you will struggle to find a stone that will be much cheaper. So not only will you be getting so many benefits from it being non-porous and man made, but you will also save a lot too.

#7 Small Kitchen? No Problem

If you have a smaller kitchen then white is your best friend as it creates the illusion of the kitchen area being much larger than it actually is, opening up your space. This works by white being reflective and bouncing the light around the room.

#8 Heat Resistant

One of the great things about having Quartz placed in your kitchen is that it is incredibly heat resistant. If you accidentally place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface then there is no need to worry, simply remove it and there should be no mark left behind.

#9 Hygienic

We have mentioned above that white is hygienic in appearance but paired with Quartz you will also be getting an incredibly hygienic stone too. Quartz is entirely non-porous which means that no bacteria will harbour beneath the surface, leaving you a beautifully clean kitchen countertop.

#10 Bespoke

As Quartz has been engineered by a team of people, it can be easily made to measure just for you. All you have to do is decide on what you want and need and your team and go ahead and cut it to the size and shape that you require.

#11 Timeless

While white may be a modern colour to use, it will never go out of style which makes it timeless. With white Quartz you will be getting a timeless stunning piece that you can live with for many years to come.

#12 Neutral

Lastly, as white is a neutral colour it will go with absolutely any colour theme that you choose. So if you are the kind of person who likes to switch up the colour themes often, then this will never be a problem. When you redecorate in the future you will never find it difficult to match a new colour theme to it.


When it comes to your home renovation projects, Granite is one of the most used stones for kitchen countertops. Granite offers a unique look when compared to a lot of other stones and that is because regardless of how many pieces you buy, they will all be completely individual which creates wonderful character in any kitchen.

Granite is also a great non-porous material and we produce only the best top quality bespoke Granite countertops for your kitchen.

To help you during your kitchen design, here are 10 of our favourite Granite colours for kitchen countertops.

Absolute Black

To start is our solid black countertop colour which is simply beautiful. It offers a timeless modern countertop that will go wonderfully in absolutely any kitchen area.

Colonial Cream

Colonial Cream is one of our golden and cream colours which has golden speckles that create its pattern. If you are looking for a lighter colour but are not wanting to go as bright as white, then cream is certainly one of your greater options.

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy is another one of our stunning black countertop colours. The main colour is black with white and silver pieces of glass that give the appearance of glittery stars in the black sky. Perfect for a homeowner who is looking for something less busy but not plain.

Shivakashi Brown

This is yet another one of our great neutral colours. With a golden and cream base colour, it’s pattern comes from big chunks of brown and darker gold colours. As the only theme here is gold and cream, this colour would look wonderful in either a cream or neutral setting, or even paired with brighter colours.

Red Multi Colour

This Granite colour is a light red colour on the base mixed with a black pattern to create the appearance of almost sand. This colour is perfect for those who are looking for a bit of colour but in a subtle and modern way.

Indian Mahogany

Indian Mahogany has a base of multi colours that have dark grey mixed with red and whites. These colours create a mixture of speckles that produce the great pattern all over the surface.

Imperial White

Imperial White is one of our brighter white colours. The base colour is white with grey speckles and spots to create a dotty appearance all over the surface. This colour is great for anyone who is looking for a white countertop but not wanting to go plain.

Golden Juprana

As in the name, Golden Juprana has the base colour of gold which has been mixed with browns and grey swirls which create the appearance of lines drawn in the sand.

Mokalser Green

Mokalser Green has the base colour of green which has black speckles and marks throughout. This colour is stunning and perfect for any homeowner who is looking for something with darker colours, but not wanting to go as dark as black. This is the perfect middle option.

Maple Red

Lastly, this Maple Red colour has been given a base colour of dark red and a black pattern over the top and mixed in. The red and black work wonderfully together and almost give the appearance of flowers on the surface.


When you try to choose which is the best worktop for your kitchen or bathroom, there is a huge range of materials to chose from which can be extremely difficult. When you start comparing the properties such as waterproofing, stain resistance and much more, it can either become clear or difficult depending on what you are looking for.

To help with your decision making, here are 10 of our pros and cons.

#1 Large or Small Kitchen

Whether you have a large or small sized kitchen, Silestone is perfect for all sizes. Absolutely any space that is available there is something you can use Silestone with to create your dream room.

#2 Modern

Depending on your taste this is either a good or bad thing. Silestone is only really modern in style and this is the best use of Silestone, which is not great if you are not into the contemporary style at all.

#3 Easy to Clean

Silestone is incredibly easy to clean and maintain, day-to-day. All you need to keep your Silestone worktop clean is a non-abrasive cleaning product, soft cloth and some water. This will be enough to keep your worktop gleaming.

#4 Blotches

Due to some chemical changes in Quartz, some people say that they notice cloudy blotches over their worktops after some time. This chemical change is often caused by heat or an abrasive cleaning product that has accidentally been used. If your worktop is exposed to high levels of acid, then it has been reported to damage the worktop surface, so you need to remember to clean your Silestone worktop straightaway.

#5 Variety of Colours

One thing you will notice quickly about Silestone is that it is available in a huge variety of colours. Whether you are looking for white, grey, pastels or even dark colours then you are sure to find something available to suit your taste and style.

#6 No Heat Resistance

Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop is it being heat resistant as you would be dealing with a lot of food prep and hot items. However, Silestone is not heat resistant at all so you cannot place any hot items onto the surface. If you do, then it may cause a ring to form around the pot and permanently change the colour.

#7 Tough

Silestone is perfect for coping with high impacts, you are able to handle any heavy objects within the kitchen without the fear of dropping it and damaging the surface. With peace at mind, you will not need to panic over dropping many items.

#8 High Cost

When you compare Silestone to other high end stone worktops the cost of Silestone is quite high, so you need to be prepared to pay perhaps more than you considered.

#9 Not Easy to Repair

If you are unlucky enough to find yourself with a damaged Silestone worktop then it is not easily repaired. In order to repair your worktop you will need to replace the entire slab rather than repair that one particular area.

#10 Non-Porous

As Silestone is a non-porous material, you will reap the benefits from having a worktop that will never harbour any bacteria, being waterproof and stain resistant. You will never have to worry about spillages from red wine and coffee because as long as you clean it away quickly, it will not leave a mark behind.


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