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As you most probably are aware, Granite is one of the top most popular materials for home remodels and this includes kitchens – especially kitchen worktops. The reason why the stone is in-demand is because of the many advantages it has on offer. Effectively, Granite has the power to sell itself due to the huge range of benefits and appearance. When you purchase a Granite worktop, your kitchen then becomes a talking point with your friends and family and the worktop itself becomes a focal point of the room which only does one thing – enhances your kitchens design.

Why Granite Worktops?

One of Granites main selling points for kitchen renovations is that it has such a unique and different look. With every single piece of Granite, you come across they will all be unique from each other. Your Granite kitchen worktops will also never fade colour over the years, so they will look as good as the day you bought them as long as you care for them.
You have probably come across this article because you are already looking to get a Granite worktop for your kitchen, so you may already know exactly why you should be purchasing this stone. But, there may be some benefits to Granite that you were not already aware of. Kitchen renovations across the world have been using Granite and one of the reasons is because it is such a brilliant stone for preparing hot food on. When it comes to placing hot pots and pans directly onto the surface, you will never have to worry about burning or damaging your worktop because it is incredibly heat resistant. However, we do strongly recommend that you continue using precautions just to minimize any potential risk as we want you to enjoy your Granite worktop for many years to come. It is also important for you to note that while Granite can withstand great heat, it will only withstand up to a certain temperature.
Additionally, Granite is such a strong stone and it can almost never scratch, in fact it is more likely to blunt your kitchen knives way before they mark your surface – which is perfect for food preparation areas where sharp objects are present. Granite is also incredibly stain proof which means you never have to worry when you accidentally spill a liquid.
However, you must keep in mind that your new Granite worktop will require regular maintenance in terms of resealing once every two years, otherwise your worktop will lose its stain resistant properties and you are putting it at great risk of being damaged.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose to come to us, Y & S Marble, to supply and fit your Granite kitchen worktops in Essex, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible price in your area. We can commit to all of our customers that we are able to beat any quote you give us by 10%! We also ensure that we deliver you with the best possible service from our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, who have been supplying the best in quality of Granite worktops for both commercial and residential properties for many years. Y & S Marble also aim to deliver on your worktop and install it within 1 week from you placing an order with us.
As we never subcontract out any of our work we are in total control of the whole procedure from the very beginning – right from the template through to installing your worktop. This means that we can make sure that our high standards on timeliness are met, at all times, when possible.
If you are interested in getting a free quote from us then we are always happy to assist you. To discuss any of your requirements or your ideas further, please contact us on 01895 540039 and we can talk through your plans and ideas. Our friendly team are always on hand to help you.

When you become our customer, you will receive the following:
 FREE samples
 A Low Deposit Requirement
 Best results completed by our team ONLY

Fabrication Process

As we mentioned above, we are in total control of the entire process and this includes the fabrication process as well. The entire fabrication process of all of our worktops in Essex are completed in-house, as this makes sure that we are the only ones who are handling your order so that they meet our high standards. This further means that can control our turnaround times.
We will only use the top range of cutting edge computerised systems during the fabrication process, which will maintain the continuous surface for the cut. The Granite worktop edges are then finished off by being polished by our semi-robotic systems.


You can be rest assured that you are in our safe hands when it comes to installing your worktops. Our experience engineers will complete the installation process of your Granite kitchen worktops in Essex at only the highest of standards. Our engineers will also make sure that any appliances around the area are not affected or damaged, at any point, during the fitting.

Your installation process may include:
 Trial Fitting
 Worktop Assembly Without Glue
 Demo by Project Manager for Installation Guideline

How to Get in Touch

You can get in touch with us during our opening hours on 01895 435 033  where a member of our team would happily assist you further. Please give us a call when you are able and we can discuss your requirements and ideas, as well as any questions or concerns you may have about the process.
We can promise to never be beaten on price and will beat any quote you give us by a whopping 10%!


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