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For many years, Granite has been one of the most popular materials on the market for home renovations, including bathroom and kitchen areas. Granite has such a big range of benefits, giving you many reasons to purchase a Granite worktop over any other material. Granite effectively sells itself because it is such an elegant material that will be a focal point of your kitchen, giving your friends and family something to talk about when they visit.

Why Granite Worktops?

So, the question is, why should you choose Granite for your kitchen worktops over any other material out there? Well, as we mentioned above, Granite has a lot of benefits to offer you and your home and this is why it is being used for kitchen renovations across the globe. With a Granite worktop in your kitchen you will be able to place hot objects such as pots and pans directly onto the worktop surface without worrying about damaging your work surface permanently. Although, it is still recommended by us that you continue to use heat pads and caution when placing hot things onto your worktop to minimize any potential risk. You should also note that Granite can only withstand heat up to a certain temperature, to find out more on this you can speak with one of our advisors who can discuss this more in depth with you.
The look that Granite has to offer you is one of the main selling points of it for kitchen worktops. Granite has such a different and unique look and with every single Granite worktop that is created you are guaranteed to receive a different appearance each and every time, because Granite is made up of multiple minerals which give the stone it characteristic look. Your Granite worktops colours will also never fade throughout the years, giving it a lengthy lifespan and it will also add value to your home if you ever plan on reselling.

Granite is such a strong stone which is another main reason why it is so popular for high traffic areas such as kitchens. Granite is so strong that it is virtually impossible to scratch and your kitchen knives are actually more likely to end up blunt way before they scratch your work surface, this makes it the perfect surface for the kitchen where sharp objects will come into contact often. Granite is also stain proof as it is a non-porous stone once it has been sealed, which means it will never hold onto any liquids that have been spilt which is extremely common within food preparation areas.
You must keep in mind that your Granite worktop will need regular maintenance by being re-sealed once every two years, otherwise it will no longer be stain proof and non-porous, which means that you are putting it at risk of being permanently damaged.

Why Us?

When you choose Y & S Marble to supply and fit your kitchen worktops in North London, you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible service from our team of experienced engineers. We have been supplying the best in quality Granite worktops for both residential and commercial properties for many years and we will always aim to install your kitchen worktop in North London within 1 week from ordering.

At Y & S Marble, we will never subcontract out any of our work which means that we remain in total control of the whole process from the site survey (template) through to the installation process.
If you are interested in getting a quick and free quote from us then we are always happy to help. We also promise all of our customers to beat any quote they provide us by 10%. To discuss this give us a call at 01895 540329 and we can talk about your requirements and our friendly team are always happy to give you any further advice and talk through any questions that you may have.

When you become our customer, you will receive the following:

 FREE samples
 A Low Deposit Requirement
 Best results completed by our team ONLY

Fabrication Process

The entire fabrication process of our worktops in North London are all completed in-house as this ensures that we are the only ones who are handling the entire process from start to finish and that they meet our standards. This also means that we are in complete control of our turnaround times and that they are kept to our high standards, which makes us more efficient and reliable. We only use the best cutting edge computerised systems around during the fabrication process which maintain the continuous surface for the cut. The worktop edges are then finished off by being polishing by a semi-robotic system.


Our full team of experienced engineers have years of experience and knowledge in installing Granite kitchen worktops in North London at only the highest standards. Y & S Marble engineers will always make sure that throughout the installation process that all of your kitchen appliances that are surrounded the worktop are not affected or damaged by the fitting.

Your installation process may include:

 Trial Fitting
 Demo by Project Manager for Installation Guideline
 Worktop Assembly Without Glue

How to Get in Touch

If you are now ready to discuss your requirements with us and your kitchen worktop idea further, then one of our team members would be happy to assist you. Please give us a call on 01895 435 033 and our team can answer any of your queries.
We can promise to never be beaten on price and will beat any quote you give us by a whopping 10%!


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