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About Granite

Granite is an igneous rock which is formed as a result of the slow crystallisation of molten magma deep in the earth's crust. The existence of many diverse minerals, including quartz and felspars and their size and precise chemistry give the granite its distinctive, varied and beautiful colours.

Granite Uses

Granite is used for numerous purposes due to its immense colours and structures and its high strength and durability under difficult climate conditions. The hard, dense, heavy nature of the rock makes it ideal for construction work on projects such as; units for bathrooms, blocks for houses, cladding for buildings, worktops for kitchens and so on.

Granite can be polished in various ways ultimately changing the appearance of the product from dull, to highly polished. This polished material is usually used as worktops or floor tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

Granite is used in the construction of many of the world’s finest sculptures and buildings; the ancient pyramids in Egypt for instance. In the modern times however, granite is used in both interior and exterior of many important buildings worldwide.

Granite Processing

Granite worktops undergo immense transformation starting with hundreds of meters of solid stone and ending with the remarkable highly polished worktops placed in luxurious kitchens.

About Granite

Mining Granite

Granite mining is a large industrial process commencing with exposing a granite deposit. Reserves are then exploited by open cast mining. The difficult process of extracting the granite from the mine then begins. The granite is usually drilled and then hammered in order to separate individual blocks which are lifted to the surface with cranes awaiting transport to a near by processing plant.

Transporting Granite

Large blocks of granite weighing up to 10 tonnes are transported from mines to near by cutting facilities were they are reduced in size for easier handling. The granite is then loaded into containers and shipped around the world. Once the granite has reached its destination it is loaded onto means of transport and delivered to companies such as ourselves for further cut and polish.

Polishing Granite

Polishing granite is carried out in multi stages, beginning with a very rough course diamond polishing pad. Once the first stage is complete the process is then repeated using a less course diamond polishing pad, and repeated again using fine grade pads. Once individual cut outs are made the process is carried out again by hand achieving the desired finish

Choosing Granite Worktops

Choosing the material of your kitchen worktops can be somewhat confusing with the numerous options available. Granite worktops provide the ultimate finish to any kitchen, turning the ordinary into something rather spectacular. The advantages of granite are obvious, as well as visually stunning and extremely low maintenance it is also durable withstanding the everyday life of a modern kitchen. Not only is it easy to clean but will look just as good years from now.

Due to the environment in which granite is formed it is available in various colours and patterns. Despite the huge selection customers usually choose darker colours, in general darker colours are more dense and strong where as lighter colours tend to be weaker in nature and can be more prone to breakage in the long run. When choosing the colour and pattern of granite for your kitchen worktops consider the design and layout of your kitchen. Granite worktops will without a doubt give your kitchen the stunning transformation it needs.

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