Pros & Cons of Black Quartz Worktops

Black is a colour which is not likely to go out of fashion any time soon. This is great news, because black is also a hugely flexible colour, and goes with many other colours besides!

If you’re looking at opting for a black worktop for your kitchen, you might be concerned that it is going to be too dark for your room, and that it may bring the walls in a little optically. Of course, if you have a particularly small room, it might be an idea to either avoid black, or potentially go with a very bright cabinet shade, to bring the walls outwards a little. On the other hand, if you have a large room, a black worktop will look great.

Quartz, whether black, white, pink, or green, is a fantastic choice for a worktop material, because it is so strong, widely available, requires zero maintenance, and it also is highly scratch, stain, and heat resistant.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of opting for a black quartz worktop for your new kitchen redecoration.

Pros of a Black Quartz Worktop

  • The appearance
  • Flexibility
  • May not require quite so much intense cleaning
  • Unlikely to go out of fashion
  • All the perks of going with quartz

Cons of a Black Quartz Worktop

  • Small kitchens may seem even smaller with a dark décor
  • There are many different shades of black, so consideration is required in terms of how dark you want to go
  • Black is really only for a modern décor, and wouldn’t work so well with a traditional décor style

There are more pros than cons, and that means that black quartz worktops are certainly a very popular option. It’s about shopping around and finding out what really suits your needs, because as we mentioned in our cons section, there are many different shades of black, from light to dark, and everything in-between, and that means consideration is needed in order to make the right decision.

The great thing about black is that it goes with most other colours, so you have a flexible worktop on your hands, if you choose to redecorate in the future; this means you won’t need to replace your worktop sooner than you would have liked, and you save cash by having a long-lasting durable worktop in your midst.

Of course, black decors are quite modern in style, so if you are wanting a more traditional look to your room, perhaps a lighter colour would be better.

Regardless of whether you go for black or not, quartz is a fantastic material from the get-go, and one which can easily be shopped around for, which could lower costs in a big, big way. Any cash saved on a redecoration is welcome, especially for a project as large as this.

For a few décor ideas, you could team your new black worktop with cream or white, to give you that monochrome look, or you could go ultra-retro, with a modern twist, by teaming it with red. How about grey? This would give you a contemporary look, or you could go with beige, for an earthy look.

Black is hugely flexible, which is perhaps why it has remained so popular over the years, and will probably remain that way for a good few decades to come.


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