Pros & Cons of Blue Granite Worktops

So, you are weighing up your options of which material and stone to go for when it comes to picking out your brand new kitchen worktop. Granite is definitely an excellent choice and should not be one you will ever regret, additionally it can also add on value to your home if you ever consider reselling.
Not only are you considering having a Granite kitchen worktop but you are also sure you want to go blue. To help you with your decision process, we have put together a list of pros and cons for having a blue Granite worktop.

Pros of Blue Granite

Granite offers such a unique look with every single piece of Granite you find, all Granite slabs will be different from each other. Also with Granite, the colour will never fade over time which means that it will look as good as the day you bought it even 10 years on, as long as you are caring for your worktop.
By choosing a blue worktop you have such a huge range of shades to choose from. Blue definitely is not a matter of ‘just choosing blue’ as you have pale, light, medium and dark shades and what kind of pattern you would like it to have. Did you want white speckles or a mixture of different shades of blue? This choice is yours.
Granite is also perfect for high traffic areas and food preparation as it is incredibly heat resistant. When it comes to placing hot pots and pans onto the worktop surface, you will never have to worry about forgetting to use heat pads or some sort of protection as your Granite worktop can withstand up to a high heat.
Granite is also stain resistant which means that when you spill any liquid onto your surface, it will never hold onto the liquid and stain the surface and it is incredibly antibacterial which means that there will be no bacteria growth between the pores.

Cons of Blue Granite

Blue does not at all match a huge range of colours, depending on the shade you go for. You would have to go for a very light, pale blue if you are wanting it to be easier to redecorate and change the colour theme of your kitchen in the future. Blue is definitely more of a commitment colour.
Despite Granite being very heat resistant, it is definitely not completely resistant as you should still use a heat pad when placing hot things onto the surface. As you still need to use protection, your worktop may as well not be heat resistant, except that if you accidentally place something hot down then you do not have a rush of worry about just damaging your surface. Plus, even though it is stain resistant this is only the case if it has been properly sealed. Once your Granite worktop needs to be resealed and loses it stain resistant quality, it is open to permeant stains.
Lastly, Granite also comes with a large price tag, long-term. Granite is definitely a long-term commit in terms of maintenance as you will need to re-seal your worktop every few years otherwise it will not be heat, scratch or stain resistant as it should.


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