Quartz Kitchen Worktops In Surrey - Installation & Prices!

Do you want to buy top quality quartz kitchen worktops in Surrey? We handle all installation processes of quartz worktops, splash backs, an up stands for kitchen and bathrooms. We also handle all fixtures such as sinks, window sills, taps and much more.

Quartz kitchen worktops are made from grounded quartz which is then mixed with colour pigments and adhesives. The process is generally the same across the industry. However, the concentration of the quartz changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. Quartz slabs are available with a thickness of 30mm although some manufacturers do offer other thickness options.

Quartz worktops have increasingly gained popularity in the last couple of years. This is attributed to the improvement of technology which has allowed manufacturers to produce cheap and high quality quartz slabs. It is estimated that there has been an increase of 30% in the production volume of quartz over the last decade.

Some of the factors that make quartz kitchen worktops sell include:

  • There are over 100 quartz design options to choose from. Being an engineered stone, quartz can mimic almost any natural stone. On top of this, it gives manufacturers an opportunity to create custom designs and colours.
  • The cost of quartz has reduced gradually over the last few years. This is because of the improved technology in mining and manufacturing, increase number of suppliers and the availability.
  • Quartz worktops are practical in both design and properties. It is an extra hard stone meaning that it can take all the challenges brought about by a busy modern kitchen.
  • Long life. When properly installed, quartz will outlive your house.

Installation & Prices of Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Surrey

There are many different reasons that will influence the quartz kitchen worktop price and installation. Some of the general factors that contribute to the price factor of quartz kitchen worktop include:

  • Different colours and patterns cost differently.
  • Installation complexity. Different kitchen worktop designs present different nightmares for installers and thus the different installation costs.
  • Being an engineered stoned, quartz has minor differences by virtual of being produced by different brands. Popular brands generally charge more for their quartz slabs than lessor known brands.

The brands we choose to work with are known for their quality materials and superb finishes. In order to make all the difference, we strive to make our services exceptional in terms of quality and pricing. Our turnaround time is within one week making us one of the most reliable marble sealers in Surrey.

Quartz kitchen worktop price will set you back an £45 per square foot. If you choose to have third party installers, they can, at their own discretion, add the cost of installation to these prices. The charges will include transportation, edge polishing and installation. We have an online calculator that helps you estimate the cost of installing your countertop. All you need to have is the measurements.

For the best and most competitive prices, for quartz kitchen worktops in Surrey, feel free to contact us at Y&S Marble.




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