Quartz Tiles in London - Price & Installation

Do you want to add a certain sparkle to your kitchen, bathroom, or floor? If so, quartz tiles are a fantastic choice to go for, available in a huge number of different colours and patterns, with the addition of bling if you want it!

Quartz is a strong and hard-wearing material, which is regularly used for kitchen and bathroom work surfaces, so it makes perfect sense that the material would also be used for walls and floors too. The fact that quartz stone is naturally occurring in the earth’s surface, e.g. it is a totally natural stone, means that it is readily available, so you have lots of choice in terms of where to shop; this of course means you can also find deals if you shop around carefully.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay For a Quartz Tile?

You will pay per tile, and the price will depend on what colour you go for. If you go for a rarer shade, or perhaps one with more in the way of sparkle, then you will of course pay more, but the range is from £5-20 depending. Again, shop around for the best deals.

Quartz slabs for work surfaces are also quite cost effective, usually working out at around £30-70 per slab, depending again on the colour and pattern you go for. Installation should be included in the cost, and you should always read testimonials and check out reviews in order to get the best deal and quality for you and your kitchen or bathroom.

The Advantages of Quartz

We mentioned that quartz is a hard-wearing and strong stone, and that means that you can expect your quartz tiles and slabs to last the test of time, without needing to be repaired due to regular wear and tear. Of course, nothing is indestructible, but provided you look after your material well, e.g. you don’t bang it around and you don’t put it under extreme and undue stress, you can expect your tiles and slabs to last a long time.

Quartz is also a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t absorb liquid and it doesn’t harbour bacteria and germs. This means that quartz is much more hygienic than other similar natural stones, and that is a big plus point in kitchens and bathrooms especially.

In terms of maintenance, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed so after your quartz tiles is installed, you don’t need to think about regularly doing any work to it, other than simple and regular cleaning, as you would do anyway. Other materials in the same vein, such as marble, require much more in the way of maintenance, which makes quartz stand out as a positive choice.

On top of this, you’re looking at availability, and because quartz is natural and very widely available, that gives you more choice in terms of where you can buy it from. There are large brand names of quartz available, but you can shop around for deals at smaller outlets too. When choosing your colour, be sure to head to the actual showroom to check them out in person, because different lights, and of course, reality, really do make a difference.

So, quartz is certainly an advantageous way to go, the only decision now is what colour will you choose?


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