Top 5 Benefits of Classic Quartz vs Marble Stone

Since 1920, when Formica kitchen tops were invented, there is a continuous search of finding the best material to fabricate countertops, one of the most good-looking and helpful piece of furniture in your house. Till this day, quartz countertops are believed to be the best choice, mainly due to the new form of engineered quartz, produced by mixing 95% natural quartz and 5% polymer resins, even though the number of marble tops has increased considerably in the last years.

The Natural Composition of Quartz and Marble

In the Classic Quartz vs Marble stone contest there are a series of aspects to clarify. The porous nature of the marble stone creates a great disadvantage of using it in the kitchen, because liquid spills like juice, wine and even oil penetrate deeply in the material, making hard, or even impossible, to remove them. On the other side, quartz countertops are recognized for their hard and shiny surface that doesn’t allow liquid to enter and mix with their texture.

Another benefit for the classic quartz is the resistance of the material. While marble tops are very fragile and sharp knives may scratch or even cut the corners of the kitchen top, the quartz ones are very resistive due to the close and very strong bound of the atoms inside the material.

Style is a Simple Way of Saying Complicated Things!

One of the main reasons why people choose Classic Quartz vs Marble stone is because in the process of manufacturing the countertops. For the quartz ones the color can be modified, but for the marble ones no. Hence, there are plenty of colors from which to choose and a wide variety of extremely beautiful natural looking stone shades.

Beware of bacteria! It is clear that keeping a clean kitchen and having germs-free utilities is a must in every house. Even if quartz countertops can be quite expensive comparing with marble kitchen tops, the quartz ones are definitely easier to clean and to maintain clean, due to their non-porous texture which doesn’t allow bacteria to harbor inside. While the marble material needs to be sterilized at least once every week, the quartz countertops require less maintenance thanks to their unique property.

Durability of Classic Quartz vs Marble Stone

Last but not least, one of the benefits of Classic Quartz vs Marble stone is the amount of heat that can be absorbed. While marble kitchen tops are more likely to be used with trivets and hot pads, to protect their surface when using hot pots and pans, the classic quartz cooking surfaces can be used without any material on them because of their very strong texture and very resistive surface.

On one side, the classic quartz countertops can be very expensive When comparing quartz to marble countertops, it all resumes to the budget and maintenance time you want to invest in them. and at very high prices, mostly because there are man-made and can be personalized however you want, but you gain a considerable amount of time when cleaning and sterilizing them, yet on the other hand, marble kitchen tops are more cheap, but the process of cleaning them is painful and for some stains even impossible due to the organic properties of the natural stone.


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