10 Popular Quartz Stone Colours for Kitchen Countertops

If you are thinking about what colour to go for when choosing your new kitchen countertop, well, you have a large choice to cover! Do you go for something neutral? Do you go for something retro? How about something a little more ‘out there?’

The bottom line is that you need to think about this very carefully, because what if you want to change your wall décor a little down the line and you don’t want to replace your kitchen countertop at the same time? If you go for something neutral then it is more likely to go with other colours, meaning you can decorate around it and you don’t need to spend more money without actually needing to.

So, if you need a little inspiration, what are the most popular colours for a quartz stone countertop these days?

  • White – Unsurprisingly, a white quartz kitchen countertop is very popular, because it basically goes with everything, looks clean, and has that timeless appearance. Despite that, some people do tend to steer clear of plain white because it ‘shows the dirt’. Well, you should be cleaning it anyway, but you can also go for a white stone which has veins or speckles to it, and that would take the main block colour away.
  • Cream – If plain white scares you, why not go for cream? A cream work surface with brown, grey, or black cabinets looks fantastic and modern, or you could go for a patterned cream worktop and pair it with plain cream cabinets, for something ultra light and modern. This also helps the room look bigger, by reflecting the light.
  • Black – Monochrome is one of the most popular colour schemes around, and it will probably never go out of fashion. On the other hand, you could go retro and have a sparkly black worktop, or a matte finish, and pair it with red cabinets to give your room a pop of colour.
  • Grey – One of the most commonly modern colours to go for, this has heaps of scope within it; go for something dark if you want a very modern kitchen, or go for something light if you simply want to add a little colour to a smaller room. Pair it all with silver handles to cabinets for something ultra-sleek.
  • Brown – The coffee shades are very popular at the moment, and you can choose between light to dark, from latte right through to espresso. Again, pair it with white or cream for a very sleek appearance, and choose either a matte finish, or something with lines and speckles if you want to add a different dimension.
  • Green – The farmhouse appearance is certainly popular at the moment, and a speckled finish to a light green countertop looks fantastic with cream or white. In a small room, this will make the room look much bigger, and again, silver handles will look ultra-fashionable.
  • Blue – Similar to the green tip, blue gives an oceanic kind of vibe to your kitchen, but also the added extra of being quite calming as a colour, which can certainly help when you are in the middle of preparing to entertain guests! Again, go for a variety of different shades or finishes, depending on the overall appearance you are going for.
  • Red – Flipping the retro tip on its head, go for a red kitchen countertop and pair it with black cabinets, for something a little different. Again, you can go for bright red, which will perhaps be a little difficult to decorate around, or you could go for a darker, maroon type of shade, which adds opulence to your space, especially larger rooms.
  • Beige – This is a great alternative to brown or cream, as it is basically a little bit of both. Most people who go for beige countertops tend to go for a speckled or veined appearance, to break up the expanse of colour, and pair it with cream or white.
  • Lime green – This is perhaps not for everyone, but it is popular nonetheless. A lime green kitchen countertop when paired with white or cream looks ultra sleek, ultra modern, and really bright. Obviously bear in mind that you are probably going to need to change your countertop if you do decide to redecorate in the future.


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