10 Superb Classic Quartz Colours For Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to deciding on the colour of classic quartz you’re going to pick for your new kitchen worktop, you have a lot of options in front of you. It’s not only about what base colour you’re going for, because you have patterns with it, and you have finishes too – it can all add up to a headache!

Of course, this isn’t a stressful decision if you know what you’re looking for, and it’s a good idea to break your decision down into bitesized pieces wherever possible.

What base colour do you want? From there you can decide upon the pattern – do you want speckles, or do you want lines, do you want different colours within it, or do you want to stick to a solid block colour?

Once that decision is made, you will know your ideal design when you see it.

Classic quartz has many advantages as a material for your new kitchen worktop, not least the fact it is ultra-durable and it requires zero maintenance after it has been installed. So, what colour will you opt for?

Here are ten of the most beautiful classic quartz colours you might like to factor into your new kitchen worktop.

  • Plantino Branco – This is a white shade on the base, but it has an almost raised pattern with speckles of grey, cream, and black.
  • Marbre Latte – As the name suggests, this is a wonderful latte shade, which is creamy and warm. The top section however is decorated with white and grey speckled patterns.
  • Marbre Gris – For an earthy choice, this is the one for you. The base is a light brown, but the overtones are of tans and greys in a dotted pattern.
  • Ibiza – The White Isle is represented in this white quartz colour, a solid block, with very sparsely darker grey and beige veining across it.
  • Platino Gris Noir – This is a black base colour, but there are seemingly raised grey, black, and white speckles across it. The white almost shimmers in the light.
  • Brillo Rouge – This is certainly something different, with a brilliant red base colour, and almost raised darker red, black and the odd white speckle across it.
  • Sepia – No, not the Instagram filter, but a cream base colour with darker beige speckled pattern.
  • Botticinio – This is a combination of cream and white, but mostly cream, which goes wonderfully well with most other colours. This is quite a blocked shade, but there are sparse white veins across it.
  • Classic Gris – Yes, a grey shade but a middle of the road one, so not too dark and not too light. There is also a dotted pattern of white and almost dark blue running across it.
  • Mat Blanc – Finally, we have a rich cream shade, which features a darker cream speckle pattern across it.

These are ten of the most popular, and most beautiful, classic quartz shades which you might like to consider for your new kitchen worktop. Remember to check out the individual shades for yourself in a showroom, because they are often misleading when you see them on the internet, versus how they look in natural and artificial lights. On top of this, shop around for the best deals, and you will find the ideal classic quartz worktop for your needs and budget too.


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