5 Advantages of Classic Quartz for Kitchen Worktops

Classic Quartz for Kitchen Worktops

Classic Quartz is such a popular material for being used to create kitchen worktops and is considered one of the best materials on the market to use by both customers and suppliers. Therefore, this article is going to set out some of the best reasons why you should also go for Classic Quartz for your kitchen worktops, like many other customers have.

Hopefully this article will help you throughout your decision making process and ultimately deciding whether Classic Quartz is for you and your home renovation plans. As you will find out, Classic Quartz is a brilliant material to choose and has many reasons to choose it for your home.

Consistent in Colour

Classic Quartz is very consistent in terms of colour and pattern, unlike a lot of other natural stones. As Classic Quartz has been manufactured and man made, it is designed to please the customers eye more than natural stone. You will never be disappointed when your kitchen worktops arrives for installation as there will not be a single fault within the colour or pattern.


As Classic Quartz is a non-porous material, it is incredibly stain resistant which makes it perfect for areas such as kitchens where there is likely to be a lot of spillages during food preparations. Classic Quartz worktops will never hold onto any spillages or liquids and therefore is very difficult to stain. This further makes it perfect for any family homes where there are young children staying.

Heat Resistant

One of the huge bonuses of having Classic Quartz Stone for your kitchen worktops is that it is incredibly heat resistant. Classic Quartz is able to tolerate up to extreme heats, as long as it does not exceed a certain temperature. However, you should still use heat pads when placing anything hot such as cooking pots directly onto the surface to minimize the risk of damaging or burning the worktops.

No Maintenance Worries

Unlike other natural stones, Classic Quartz Stone will never cost you anything long-term in terms of sealing costs. It is incredibly easy to maintain and all you need to do is carry out your regular cleaning routines. Classic Quartz is the perfect option for those who have a lower budget as it will save you a lot of money long-term and is one the most hassle free options.


Classic Quartz has been designed with its customer in mind as it has been manufactured to be incredibly hygienic. Classic Quartz Stone works at preventing any bacteria growth on the surface which results in an excellent and hygienic worktop for your kitchen. A huge bonus for kitchen worktops as you will be preparing food on the surfaces.

Hopefully this article has helped you on your way to deciding whether Classic Quartz Stone is a material that you think would suit your family, lifestyle and home. As you can see Classic Quartz has a lot of benefits of advantages to it and many reasons why you should choose it for your home renovation plans.




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