5 Advantages of White Quartz Countertops

Choosing a countertop is not an easy decision. Not only do you need to find the right product for your budget, but you need to find the right material, the right colour, the right pattern, the right finish, and you need to get it installed professionally.


Not at all; provided you do your research, this task can be an easy one.

If you’re thinking about going for a white quartz countertop, someone which is very on-trend right now, you’re making a good decision. You might be worried about going for white, due to the higher cleaning maintenance required, but surely you were going to clean it regularly anyway?

If you need a little coercing into the direction of making a purchase, check out these five advantages of white quartz countertops.

White quartz looks fantastic and goes with everything

White is a very flexible colour, because it basically fits in with many other colours. This means that if you decide to redecorate after you have had your countertop installed, it doesn’t matter, because you can easily find a colour or décor to go with it! This also gives you extra value for money, because you’re not replacing the countertop too soon, or before its shelf-life is up.

White quartz is easy to clean

Stick to warm, soapy water and a soft cloth, with another dry cloth for buffing, and that’s all you need to clean your new white quartz countertop. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, such as anything containing bleach or ammonia, and steer clear of scouring pads or anything which is abrasive. Cleaning with warm, soapy water is also cost effective too!

White quartz is non-porous and requires zero maintenance

Quartz is the only one of the most popular countertop natural stones that is non-porous and that means that it doesn’t absorb liquid and doesn’t harbour any germs. For one, you get a very hygienic choice, but this also means that you don’t need to do any maintenance after its initial installation. No sealing, and nothing other than regular cleaning as normal.

White quartz is very readily available

You won’t struggle to find a supplier offering a wide range of different white quartz countertops for you to choose from, and there are also many different shades of white to go with also. This means if you don’t want to go with bright white, you can choose something a little off-white instead, or perhaps go for a pattern to break up the potential harshness.

White quartz is highly scratch and heat resistant

Quartz overall is very highly scratch resistant and very highly heat resistant too. This is great news for those who want their countertop to last them a long time! Obviously nothing is 100% in either direction, but you would have to scratch it very hard to cause damage, and you’d have to place a very high temperature on there for a long time to cause any issues too. Using heat resistant pads and chopping boards will protect the small risk of a problem.

As you can see, white quartz is a fantastic choice for your new kitchen countertop, and one which will certainly up to the test of time. You will not need to replace your new countertop before time if you look after it well, and it should also survive several redecorations.


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