5 Most Popular Colours for Quartz Tiles

Whether you are looking for floor tiles or wall tiles, quartz is certainly the ideal material to go for. Hard-wearing, durable, cost-effective, and beautiful in appearance, quartz ticks many boxes, and this is why it is so popular on the market these days.

There are many other advantages to quartz tiles, including:

  • Cheaper than other materials;
  • Very hard-wearing;
  • Available in a large range of colours and patterns;
  • Non-porous, so it doesn’t harbour bacteria and germs;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Doesn’t need sealing, so very low maintenance;
  • Widely available;
  • Won’t chip or burn;
  • Glossy and shiny finish naturally.

Of course, the biggest decision you need to make after you settle on quartz tiles is the colour you’re going to go for. Below you will find five of the current favourites on the market for quartz tiles.

  • Black sparkle – This is the iconic black, shiny tile with silver specks running through it, almost like sprinkled glitter. This is a glossy choice which will look fantastic when lit up at night with overhead lights – hugely popular and very classy.
  • White sparkle – Of course, you can go for white, and this will give a modern and minimalistic look to your room. The same applies as the black sparkle tile, aside from the fact that the background colour is slightly off white, which goes with many other colours in your room’s décor.
  • White mosaic – If you don’t want a large tile and you would prefer smaller tiles this is a good slice of middle ground. This is one large tile, but within it you will see a mosaic appearance of smaller squares, which gives the illusion of a huge mosaic when put together with several of the same larger tile. Very classy and another very popular option to go for.
  • Blue starlike – If you are a fan of the night sky then this one is for you! A dark midnight blue which shimmers with various hues when the light hits it, peppered with silver flecks, almost like stars in the sky. Kitchen, bathrooms, and even floors look fantastic when decorated in this particular shade.
  • Plum mosaic – Red can be a very popular retro colour to go for, but many find it a little too bright. If that sounds like your opinion, then plum is a good alternative. This is a dark shade of red, almost burgundy but with the same pattern as the white mosaic explanation we gave earlier, which adds class and a timeless appearance to your room.

These are five of the current most popular choices of colour in quartz tiles. Whether you are looking to decorate your kitchen or bathroom with these tiles, you will certainly have a long-lasting and cost-effective decision on your hands. Quartz floor tiles are very hard-wearing, and also come in countless shades besides, which could give you a really modern look to your home, especially when the light hits the tile and makes it shimmer and shine!

Be sure to shop around for your tiles and find the best deal for you. If you are looking at different colour shades, it’s ways best to see them in person, rather than just checking our blog or contact us, so always ask for samples and check how the colour will look in your room, with your lighting conditions, both natural and artificial.


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