5 Popular Marble Stone Colours for Bathroom Worktops

Marble stone bathroom worktops are seriously popular, and when you consider the history and advantages that come alongside this decision, you won’t struggle to see why!

Marble has been used in bathrooms for centuries; even the Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians could see the beauty of this natural stone, and it was used in public bathrooms and areas of communal bathing countless times in history.

If you are thinking of going with marble yourself in your new bathroom, then you need to bear the following in mind:

  • Marble is porous; this means that you will need to seal your new worktop at least annually, to prevent any damage from occurring over time. Porosity is nothing to worry about, it basically means that your stone will absorb water.
  • Porosity is not a bad thing because it also means that your worktop will always feel dry – water absorbency is not a negative in this case!
  • You don’t have to go down the white marble route, because there are countless colours and patterns available.
  • Every single slab of marble is individual, because they all have unique veins which run through them.
  • Shopping around for your marble worktop is imperative, because prices can vary quite widely.

Once you make the decision, the next step is to decide which colour you’re going to go for. Obviously, a bathroom is not going to feature wild and bright colours, unless you really want it to, so here are five of the most popular and beautiful marble colours you might like to go with for your new bathroom worktop.

  • White – White marble stone is the iconic choice, the one that most people think of first, and it is certainly a timeless and sophisticated option. On the other hand, some people tend to shy away from white, because it shows the dirt very easily! There are many shades of white, so if you want to go for something perhaps ‘off white’ then there are many options.

  • Cream – We just mentioned about being a little worried about plain white, and in that case you could opt for cream. There are shades of cream to go with, such as darker, almost beige shades, and brighter ones too.

  • Black – Black marble can look very expensive and opulent, and with individual vein lines running through it, it looks fantastic in bathrooms. If you don’t want a black shade which is too dark, check out the individual shades on offer.

  • Grey – Many people think that grey worktops look a little clinical or dark, but lighter shades of marble can look very earthy and rich. The veins also add to the character of the choice you’re going for.

  • Blue/Green – Finally, we have the aquatic shades that look fantastic in any bathroom. The veins in marble also look amazing with a duck egg blue shade, or with a green hue, and when paired with cream cabinets, you have a very attractive choice on your hands.

Of course, there are many other marble colours to choose from, but these five in particular really suit a bathroom worktop in a marble stone material. Do remember to check out colours in real-life, e.g. at a showroom or in a sample, rather than simply relying on an online photograph, to get a real idea of what the marble will look like in your bathroom space.


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