6 Beautiful Granite Colours for Island Kitchen Tops

If you have settled on granite for your Island kitchen tops then you have made a very good choice. Hard-wearing, cost-effective, and available in many different colours, this is a luxurious looking, natural stone, and one which will certainly stand up to wear and tear, meaning it will be around for a good few years.

If you want to make sure that you make the right decision in terms of colour for your Island kitchen top, you need to think about the current décor of your kitchen, or what you are planning on changing it to. It’s no good choosing an obscure shade of granite if you want to have complicated walls and cabinets, and equally, it’s no good going for something simple if you want a more jazzy design overall. For this reason, go for something neutral but classy, something which goes with everything; luckily, there are plenty of beautiful shades to choose from in this wonderful natural stone.

Here are six beautiful shades of granite you might like to try for your newly Island kitchen top.

  • Bianco Romano – For a truly classic shade, this beautiful white is for you. Not 100% bright white, slightly more creamy than that, this particular colour looks simply delicious with painted walls of a pastel colour, and goes well with metal door handles too. The great thing about this shade is that it also goes with many other things, which makes it flexible, and therefore very cost effective for the time you are going to keep it.
  • Seafoam Green – A light green shade looks fantastic and shiny under uplighting, or even natural light from the window. This particular shade is very popular for that reason, but it is also flexible again, fitting with many other shades, such as those you would use for your cabinets or floor.
  • Costa Esmeralda – This is a similar kind of deal to Seafoam Green, in that it is quite marine-themed, but this a shade which is neither blue nor green; very hard to describe but somewhere between the two. This is another flexible one to go for, and could be used as part of a country cottage theme, when paired with white or cream cabinets.
  • Black – We will lump the colour spectrum of black together because there are a frightening number of different subtle shades available! Granite is a very natural stone and perhaps black or grey is its most authentic form. You can go for jet black, or somewhere towards the more muted end of the scale, but for a monochrome feel, black is ultra-fashionable and probably always will be.
  • Typhoon Bordeaux – The rich and luxurious feel of a dark red is wonderful when you put it together with cream or black, or even shades of brown, and will certainly give you a warm feel to your Island kitchen top. Again, the rich feel to granite as a stone works well with this kind of colour choice, and will be a beautiful centre-point to your room.
  • Cappuccino – A coffee shade is a wonderful granite work surface to be paired with cream or white cabinets, and has a luxurious, creamy feel to it. You could go for a lighter coffee colour, perhaps a latte, but for middle brown ground, cappuccino gives you the perfect blend, in more ways than one!




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