8 Beautiful Quartz Colours for Floor Tiles

If you are looking to re-tile your floor, perhaps your hallway or your bathroom, then you need to think first about the surface, and then about the colour you are going to choose. Your floor colour really will change the style and mood of the room you are concentrating on quite a lot, and for that reason, you need to get it right from the first moment.

If you have chosen quartz tiles, you have many advantages coming your way, including:

  • Heat resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Doesn’t need maintenance after the initial installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive
  • Large range of colours and styles available
  • Widely available
  • Strong
  • Doesn’t chip or break easily
  • Long lasting

As you can see, quartz is therefore a very cost effective and long lasting choice for your new floor tiles. When you think about it, floor tiles take more stress and strain than perhaps any other part of your house – you literally stand and walk on them, so they need to be strong and they need to stand the test of time, which is something quartz will give you.

Now you’ve decided you are going to use quartz, what colour are you going to go for?

Obviously this is a personal choice, and you need to go for something which is going to ‘go’ with the rest of your room, if not the rest of the actual downstairs or upstairs floor. You can’t have a bright blue floor, which then runs into a green one, so you need to think about continuity, as well as the wall colour you have currently, or the one you are going to have.

Here are a few ideas of fantastic colours for quartz floor tiles.

  1. White – Obviously you are going to need to clean white floor tiles pretty regularly, but overall this is a great choice because it looks fantastic and goes with everything.
  2. Cream – If you are a little scared of white, cream is a good one to go for, and again, it works well with other colours too.
  3. Black – Many people choose black because it is so easy to maintain, and if you have a busy household, this could be both a practical and attractive colour choice to go for.
  4. Grey – Many people choose grey if they want a middle ground between white/cream and black. This gives your room a bigger appearance, especially if you are going for a lighter shade, however if you want to go darker, this is going to be a little easier to maintain.
  5. Brown – If you have cream walls, having a brown floor will look fantastic, and could even mimic the appearance of wood, without the maintenance and extra cleaning.
  6. Beige – Again, this is a good source of middle ground between brown and cream, and can be as dark or light as you like. On top of this, you can add in speckles or lines to your finish, to make it easier to maintain in terms of cleaning frequency.
  7. Light green – If you are talking about a bathroom, having light green tiles, or even blue, could look fantastic in with your theme. Go for speckles, such as duck egg blue, and add in cream walls for a very stylish and opulent appearance.
  8. Black with glitter speckles – This is one of the most popular quartz options, because it shimmers, sparkles, and basically looks fantastic.

Which one will you choose?


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