Arenastone Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

Arenastone engineered quartz kitchen worktops are amongst some of the most popular on the market, and when you see one in real life, you won’t be surprised to learn that fact. Put simply, Arenastone are a market leader, and their products are very high quality indeed.

As with anything in life however, there are pros and cons, and if you’re a little stuck between choosing between Arenastone and another supplier, you need to do your research.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of an Arenastone quartz kitchen worktop.

Pros of Arenastone Quartz Kitchen Worktops

  • Strong and durable;
  • Very natural;
  • Large number of colours and patterns on offer;
  • Competitively priced;

Cons of Arenastone Quartz Kitchen Worktops

  • Possibly not as widely on offer as Silestone or Caesarstone;
  • Warranty differs depending on product;

First things first, the pros. Okay, so we know that Arenastone is a big named brand and that they offer quality products, but their worktops are also extremely durable and strong. When you receive your Arenastone quartz kitchen worktop you will have a stone slab that is around 93% original quartz, and only 7% has been added in, to give you the colour you have opted for. Speaking of colours, there are a large number available, as well as patterns and finishes too, so you need to do your research quite carefully before really picking a choice.

Arenastone is quite competitively priced, and you can easily shop around and find a deal if you take the time to do so. Having said that, Arenastone might not be as widely available as two of the biggest named brands on the market, namely Silestone and Caesarstone.

Another con is that warranties do different depending on the product you have chosen and where you purchased it from, so this is something you will need to check very carefully before you make your final decision.

Main Advantages of Quartz

Quartz, as we know, is a hugely popular option to go for, but that’s not just because it looks good, it’s also because it has a lot of practical advantages to it as well.

Quartz is very strong and very long-lasting, but it is also maintenance-free, which means that after the initial installation, there is no need to worry about treatments or sealing. Quartz is also non-porous, which means it isn’t going to absorb liquids, which could in the future lead to cracking or other problems, and it isn’t going to harbour any nasty germs or bacteria either, making it a particularly hygienic choice for your kitchen.

Remember to shop around, no matter what option you go for, and always check out colours in person, rather than simply relying on photos you see online.

Quartz is an ideal choice for kitchen worktops, but remember that nothing in life is 100% heat or scratch resistant, not even stones that are mined from the earth! With that in mind, invest in a few attractive worktop savers, simply to elongate the life of your attractive new worktop, and keep it looking as fantastic as the day you bought it. Always remember to clean your quartz worktop in the right way too, avoiding any abrasive cleaning pads or harsh chemical cleaning solutions also.

So, is it an Arenastone quartz kitchen worktop for you?


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