Bathroom Granite Countertops – Pros and Cons

Choosing your new countertop material is a minefield of a decision if you have no idea what you are doing. How are you supposed to make the right choice if you are lacking in reliable information? It’s worthwhile checking out each choice yourself in detail, e.g. quartz, marble, and quartz, as the main ones, and seeing what you think about each at the end of your research.

If you are seriously considering granite for your new bathroom countertop, here are the pros and cons you need to think about.

Pros of Granite For Your New Bathroom Countertop

  • Readily available. Granite is very easy to find and available on the market at various different prices. If you shop around, you won’t struggle to find a bargain, however if you shop during sale periods, e.g. New Year, you could find you end up with an even bigger bargain than you expected.
  • Very strong. Granite is an ingenious stone, which means it comes from the earth’s surface, and is formed by the cooling of magma or lava. This means it is extremely strong, and it isn’t going to break or chip very easily. Of course, you still need to look after it well, but overall, you don’t have to worry too much with granite.
  • Easy to clean. Granite is very easy to clean, as you simply need to use a damp cloth, with warm, soapy water and you don’t need anything else. Avoid anything too harsh, e.g. any cleaning materials with bleach or ammonia in, and avoid scouring pads or anything which could scratch the surface – a soft cloth will do the trick.
  • Very attractive. The strong, hard nature of granite looks fantastic, and that means it has a very earthy appearance. If you are looking for a natural appearance to your new bathroom, you would do very well in choosing granite.

Cons of Granite For Your New Bathroom Countertop

  • May need a little maintenance. Whilst this isn’t going to be a major amount of maintenance, granite may need sealing from time to time, e.g. annually, to prolong its lifespan and keep it in condition.
  • Not entirely heat resistant. Nothing in this world is 100% heat resistant, and the same goes for granite. If you are placing hot hair styling tools down on your surface, you would do well to use heat resistant pads, just in case.
  • It could stain if you’re not careful. Avoid spillages if possible, but if you do accidentally spill something on your granite countertop, make sure you wipe it up immediately, to avoid any problems.
  • Colour choices are wide, but not as wide as quartz. If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, you may be better choosing quartz. Granite is available in many colours, but it is mostly neutral and natural colours overall.

As you can see, granite has an equal number of pros and cons, which makes it a good choice overall. You don’t have to worry about this being a fragile stone, because it is certainly very strong indeed, and that means it is long lasting overall. Remember to shop around for your deals, and check out different colours in showrooms, to check for light differences.

For a bathroom countertop which you want to stand the test of time, whilst also looking beautifully natural, granite is the ideal choice to go for.




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