Best Quartz Colours for Kitchen Worktops

Quartz has been entirely man made and has been created out of 93% natural Quartz Stone with 7% Polymer resin and colouring. Quartz is an incredibly strong and durable stone which makes it perfect for kitchen areas, particularly with worktops. Quartz worktops are also well known for being excellently heat, stain and scratch resistant, however you should continue using heat pads to minimize any potential risk of damage occurring.

Now you have chosen to have Quartz for your kitchen worktop material, you are beginning to look at your options of colours. We have put together a selection of our favourite worktop colours to help you within your search.


Serengeti is one of our grey shades within our Quartz worktop range and has been dyed to a medium grey which includes a black pattern throughout. Perfect for those who are looking for a very neutral colour to go with almost any other colour and shade out there.

Santa Brown

You cannot look at a Quartz worktop colour list without seeing some mention of a shade of brown. This particular colour is a medium brown with black speckles throughout. Once again, as with a large portion of our colours, this one is great for matching with a huge range of colours and shades.


For those who are wanting to be very on trend at the moment, grey is definitely the way to go. Verona has been dyed to be a light grey and it consists of white speckles that have been dotted around over the entire slab.

Platino Gris Noir

Platino Gris Noir is one of our beautiful black shades available, which is perfect for those who are wanting their kitchen design to shout ‘luxury’ and have a touch of elegance. Black is definitely one of those colours that will never go out of style. This particular worktop is a medium black with grey, black and white coloured chips that have been bundled together tightly, giving off the impression of almost large glitter.

Vanilla Sky

Now for the lightest one on this list of worktop colours, Vanilla Sky is perfect for those who are wanting a light and bright kitchen but without going for pure white. Vanilla Sky’s main colour is white but with a pattern made out of gold.


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