Black Quartz Worktops – 5 Pros & Cons

On a large scale, more people consider white to be the brave colour to have within homes because it shows up a lot of marks and requires a bit more upkeep to keep clean and tidy. However, people rarely consider that black is practically the same in terms of keeping clean but is still a very popular colour to have within homes.
Before you decide on whether you should have a black Quartz worktop within your kitchen, we have created a list of some of the pros and cons to help you in your search for the perfect worktop material and colour.

Black Quartz - Pros

It goes without saying the black Quartz is such a beautifully elegant stone that offers a timeless beauty. Not only will black never go out of style it also goes with absolutely any other colour you can find. Black is such a luxurious colour which is one of the reasons why it is such a popular colour for home renovations and design.
Not only is Quartz very heat resistant, it is also scratch resistant too. You are able to place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface without damaging your worktop or it becoming weakened.

Black Quartz - Cons

Although, saying all of that, black Quartz does come with its fair share of cons as well which you should be aware of before purchasing. As we said above, black is almost the same in terms of cleanliness as white. Black will show up a lot of fingerprints and marks which means it requires a fair amount of upkeep to keep it looking fresh and clean throughout the day. However, if you do not mind a few marks then this would not be a problem for you. Just keep in mind that any spillages that occur, which let’s face it is common within kitchens, will show up.

Despite Quartz being heat resistant it still requires the use of heat pads to ensure the lifespan of your worktop, this means that while you can place hot things directly onto the surface you cannot do this without having a little risk of damaging it.


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