Carrara Marble Worktops - Cost & Benefits

Marble is an age-old surface which has been used time and time again in homes around the world. Bathrooms, kitchens, even hallways, marble is a versatile and stylish material to go for when it comes to decorating your home. When it comes to your kitchen, you need your worktop to be more than something nice to look at, you need it to be durable and long-lasting. Marble is an ideal choice.

Carrara marble worktops are very popular, and this brand of marble is a top choice for many people when it comes to renovating their kitchen space.

Let’s take a closer look at the costs and benefits of this particular product.

Benefits of Carrara marble worktops

  • Marble overall is a natural stone which is mined from the earth, usually in countries such as India, Italy, Spain, and China, which makes it extremely durable to whatever you want to throw at it, with a few cautions at the same time.
  • Marble looks luxurious and expensive, even though it can be found for a much cheaper price tag than you might think.
  • When installed correctly by a highly trained professional, marble worktops are very durable and will last for a long time.
  • Marble worktops are strong and won’t move easily.
  • Marble worktops are also heat resistant, so no worries when it comes to putting hot pans or dishes onto the surface.
  • A naturally cool material, marble is ideal for baking, because flour doesn’t stick to it, and your ingredients remain cool.

Cost of Carrara marble worktops

The cost of your Carrara marble worktop is really going to depend on where you get it from, whether there are any sales on at the time, and the requirements that you need. You will buy your material per square foot, so obviously, the more you need, the higher the cost.

You can generally expect to pay around £45 upwards for a marble worktop per square foot, with a higher cost depending on the following:

  • Which country it was mined from;
  • The thickness of the sheets of marble – a thicker measurement means a higher price;
  • The hue of the marble;
  • The number of veins within the material;
  • The design you go for – obviously if you go for something a little more involved, e.g. a brighter colour or a certain effect, e.g. glitter, then your price tag will increase quite a lot compared to the basic price;
  • Whether you need any curves/the shape of your worktop. This will mean cutting is more involved, and installation too.

Carrara are a great make of marble worktops, and their testimonials from previous customers really speak for themselves. You are better going for a brand name when it comes to fixing your kitchen with a new worktop, regardless of the material you choose, because this means you have more options when it comes to warranty, and you usually have a better customer service experience as a result. Of course, there are lesser known brands out there who will give you quality, but in terms of reliability and word of mouth, Carrara are a quality company who have a lot of happy customers to their name.

If you are going for marble for your next kitchen worktop, then you will surely have a luxurious finish to your new kitchen décor.


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