Five Benefits of Black Granite Kitchen Worktops

Black is a colour that is very unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon; when you think about it, black has been in fashion forever! When it comes to kitchen décor, the classic monochrome theme has been around almost as long, and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. A professional, classic, shiny, and sleek theme, opting for a black kitchen worktop is going to give you endless options in terms of decoration.

If you aren’t sure whether your initial choice of black granite is the right one, let’s explore five benefits of this particular option, which should leave you in no doubt at the end that you have opted for the right avenue.

Black Granite Worktops are Hard-Wearing

Granite overall is a very hard and tough stone, because it is naturally occurring from the earth. For that reason, granite is going to last you a long time, and it is therefore a cost effective option to go for. Most natural stone worktops are very hard and don’t chip or break, but granite is one of the toughest, and you can therefore rest assured that you aren’t going to have to replace your worktop for a long time to come.

Black Granite Worktops Are Stain Resistant

Provided you go for professional installation at the time of fitting your new black granite kitchen worktop and your worktop is sealed appropriately, with occasional sealing over time, you can be sure that you aren’t going to fall foul of any stains. We know that kitchens take a lot of hammer during their lifetime, including the presence of staining substances, such as red wine, and vinegar for example. When you choose black granite, you don’t have the worry of having to hide a pesky stain.

Black Granite Worktops are Heat Resistant

Again, you need to make sure your worktop is sealed properly in order to reap this benefit, otherwise you might find that you need to replace your new worktop sooner rather than later, but if you do ensure you look after it properly, you will be able to work in your kitchen without worry of heat marks occurring from hot pans etc.

Black Basically Goes With Everything

We mentioned about black being a fashionable colour at the beginning of our talk, but it’s certainly worth reiterating that fact. When you choose black granite you are not only getting a very hard wearing choice, but you are also getting a choice which will fit in with multiple décor types. Whether you go for black and white, black and cream, black and red, or any other combination you like, you can pick a shade of black that suits your requirements, from jet black to a lighter shade.

Black Granite Worktops Look Professional and Chic

Again, this is about appearance, but black granite has that truly professional, shiny, and chic look, which will impress any visitors to your kitchen. If you are serious about your kitchen being somewhere you pride yourself on, and somewhere you enjoy spending time, then a black granite worktop will certainly add to its appeal.

Hopefully you are now convinced that black granite is the best choice for your kitchen, and if not, why not?!

Shop around for the best deal for you, and make sure you check warranty and installation costs before agreeing to anything.




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