Glass Splashbacks in London - Price & Installation

In order to keep your kitchen looking clean, new, and shiny for as long as humanly possible, you need to look at installing a variety of different items.

You can look at cabinets, work surfaces, laminate flooring, new lighting, but one item you may overlook, and it is the one which is going to save you a lot cleaning, and also save your kitchen walls from splashes and mess – a glass splashback!

If you have no idea what we are talking about, a glass splashback is fitted above your cooker or hob, made of glass obviously, and catches the splashes which tend to flick upwards from anything you are cooking on your hob. If you don’t have a splashback, you may find that your tiles become dirty very easily, and if you don’t have tiles, you could be looking at ruined wallpaper or paint work.

For this reason, a glass splashback is a necessity.

Of course, you can choose to have your splashback made of different materials, such as granite, quartz, marble, or glass, but the latter is always the best choice in terms of cleaning quickly and easily, and also in terms of cost.

Let’s look at why you should go for a glass splashback for your new kitchen decoration needs.

Advantages of a Glass Splashback

  • Easy to clean – Glass can be cleaned with a mild glass cleaning detergent, or simply a damp cloth, no fuss whatsoever!
  • They look modern – Glass is a timeless material, and one which looks modern and sleek. When paired with the right lighting, glass shimmer and shines, giving you a wonderful appearance to your kitchen space, whilst also having a functional use too.
  • Glass goes with anything – You can choose whatever colour you want, but if you go for plain glass, it is literally going to go with any other colour scheme you choose.
  • Splashbacks are cut to size - The size you go for depends on how big you need it to be, so you aren’t going to have limited choice. Obviously mainstream splashbacks come in a certain range of sizes, but you can also order cut to size splashbacks too.
  • Widely available – You won’t struggle to find a huge range of glass splashbacks to choose from, which means you can shop around and find a price which suits your budget, as well as a colour range or style too.
  • Toughened glass gives you peace of mind – You’re very unlikely to break your glass splashback, unless it falls down because it wasn’t installed properly. Provided you tick this box, you are looking at a very durable piece of equipment, which will last the test of time.
  • You can choose your colour or design – You will find a huge range of colours and styles on the market, with clear or black being two of the most popular. If you want glitter flecks in your splashback, for a little extra style, you can do that too, but you will pay a little more.

The Cost of a Glass Splashback and Installation in The London Area

Where you buy your splashback from is going to make a difference to the price, as well as the size you need, and the colour option you go for. Generally speaking however, you can expect to pay around £60 for a 60cm glass splashback in a standard black colour, with a 100cm larger option costing around £70.


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