Glass Splashbacks Slough – Price & Installation

When you have painstakingly redecorated your kitchen, the last thing you want is to be ruining it by allowing food splashes to ruin your newly painted walls. It is for this reason that installing a splashback in your kitchen is one of the most sensible, and also stylish, decisions you can make.

What is a Glass Splashback?

A splashback fits over the top of your hob or your cooker, and it protects the walls from splashes. Of course, this doesn’t simply have to fit over your hob, as you can actually extend it right across your kitchen wall if you choose to, giving you a very sophisticated and stylish appearance to your space.

When you see the word ‘glass’ you might simply thing of a transparent splashback, without much character, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Glass splashbacks come in many different forms, including coloured, crackled or speckled glass, and also digitally enhanced with a photo, if you choose to!

Many people choose stone splashbacks, usually if they have a stone countertop, and extend this right over the hob, but if you want to go for a very modern and stylish approach, then it has to be glass. Of course, glass is also much easier to clean than stone, and as a result, is much cheaper too.

How Much Does a Glass Splashback Cost?

The cost varies greatly in the Slough area, and this is because it is a bespoke kind of deal.

Are you going to go for a coloured glass? If so, expect to pay a little more than for a standard clear, transparent glass. If you go for a digital photo to be printed onto the glass, this is going to be the most expensive route; however if you choose to go for a crackled or speckled glass effect, you also have plenty of choice in front of you, and therefore many different price ranges.

The price also depends on the size you go for, because you can choose to simply go for a square which sits over your hob, or you can extend it across your kitchen wall. Do you have sockets and other output areas which need to be cut into the glass? If so, installation may cost you a little more.

It is possible to install a glass splashback yourself, but the general rule of thumb is to have this professionally installed, especially if you are thinking of extending it across your wall, because this will give you a much more solid finish, and it also cuts down on hassle for you too. Installation is generally included in the price, but do check this out, as this isn’t always a solid rule.

The Advantages of a Glass Splashback

Aside from the fact that a glass splashback really does look the part, there are a few other advantages too. Of course, having a splashback of any type saves your walls from staining substances, such as cooking sauces, but a glass splashback in particular is very easy to clean – you simply wipe it down with warm, soapy water! Obviously, avoid any abrasive cleaning pads, to cut out the possibility of scratching, but other than that, glass if super-easy to look after. Glass splashbacks are also much cheaper than natural stone, such as granite, marble, or quartz.


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