Glass Splashbacks vs Stone Splashbacks

Splashbacks are a very important part of your kitchen, helping to keep it stains and splashes away from walls and surfaces. If you are trying to figure out which type of splashback to go for, you really have two options – glass or stone.

The first thing to think about is what type of materials you already have in your kitchen. If you already have a stone countertop then really the choice is simple – you go for a stone splashback, simply for continuity.

If your choice isn’t that easy however, here are the main pros and cons of both glass and stone splashbacks, to help inform your decision.


If you are considering a glass splashback for your kitchen, you need to bear the following in mind:


  1. If you have a modern kitchen then glass will compliment it perfectly;
  2. Glass splashbacks will reflect the light;
  3. Very easy to clean;
  4. Stain resistant;
  5. Heat resistant;


  1. Can be expensive;
  2. Can scratch easily if you’re not extra careful;
  3. Doesn’t go that well with a more traditional kitchen décor theme;


If you are considering a stone splashback for your kitchen, whether granite, marble, or quartz, for example, you need to bear the following in mind:


  1. Gives you continuity if you already have a stone countertop in place;
  2. Can look very classy, especially if you go for marble with natural veins running through it;
  3. Heat resistant;
  4. Granite is available in many different colours and patterns;
  5. Durable;


  1. Will need maintenance from time to time with periodic sealing needing to be carried out;
  2. Can stain if not sealed correctly or regularly;
  3. Can be expensive;

Whether you go for glass or stone splashbacks, it’s really a decision which will be informed by the type of décor you already have, and especially the type of countertop you already have. Think about the colours you want for your splashback – if you want something very simple and basically transparent then go for glass; if however you want something a little more decorative then stone is for you.

Stone splashbacks are available in a huge range of different colours, and granite can basically be found in neutrals and brighter colours too, with each slab being individual. Marble is also an extremely classy and chic choice to go for, with individual and unique veins in every single piece of stone.

Glass on the other hand has many advantages, and if you have a modern kitchen décor, or you are striving to have one, this is the ideal choice for you. Glass is also extremely easy to clean, with simply a cloth for easy marks, and some glass cleaner for the slightly tougher to remove marks, sure in the knowledge that the glass is not going to stain.

Both options are pricey, but they are quite similar, unless you go for marble, which is always going to cost slightly more overall. Which one you go for is a very personal decision, with not much between them.

Be sure to shop around and find the best deal for you, doing a little comparison before you go for your final decision. A splashback is a very important part of your kitchen, especially if you want to ensure your décor remains in top quality for much longer, without stains that need covering up to hide from visiting eyes!


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