Granite Countertops in the UK - Price & Installation Facts

Shopping around for your perfect granite countertop is something which you should dedicate time and effort to. If you rush the process you are simply going to be left with an end result which is not pleasing to you, resulting in a faster replacement. This is basically a costly and time consuming mistake. For that reason, give the task the respect it deserves and take your time!

Granite is a great material to go opt for when you choose your new kitchen countertop. To give you a brief rundown of the perks of granite, these include:

  • Granite is the strongest of the natural stone choices
  • You will find a huge range of beautiful, natural, and earthy colours and patterns on offer
  • Granite is very readily available, so you can shop around for deals easily
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Highly heat resistant
  • Low maintenance, will only need sealing around annually
  • Easy to clean
  • Granite basically looks great!

From that brief list, you can see that granite is a great choice. So, where do you begin?

Well, first things first, you need to measure up your kitchen and find out how large or small you need your countertop to be. This is because the size is obviously going to influence the price. You will need your new granite countertop to be installed professionally to ensure the most long-lasting result, and whilst this is usually included in the price when you purchase your countertop, you should check this carefully, as this varies from place to place. If you do have to pay extra for installation, it is certainly a cost worth paying.

Granite is measured out per square metre, and obviously the more you need, the higher the cost. The cost will also vary depending on the colour, pattern, and finish you go for. The rarer types will cost you a little more, so again, shop around if you have your heart set on something different. For that reason, it’s difficult to give a set price you should expect to pay for your countertop, because of the number of different variables involved. Again, we’ve said it countless times – shop around!

Purchasing your countertop during traditional sale times is also a good idea for lowering costs, so think about New Year or Black Friday deals in particular. Shopping locally rather than in large outlets is a good way to save cash also.

Remember that granite is a porous stone, and for that reason you need to factor in the maintenance cost. Whilst this isn’t going to take up much time or money, only with an annual sealing recommended, you will need to occasionally use a sealing spray, just to keep your countertop in the best condition possible. Again, shop around for these and check out testimonials – it’s definitely worth getting the best here, because it will mean that your countertop stands up to the test of time, and anything else that you throw at it!

The bottom line here is that granite is a fantastic choice to go for, and a very strong and beautifully natural one at that. Remember to find the best deal for you but don’t cut corners, this is a process which will take time and is worth investing a little cash in, if you have the capacity to do so.




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