Granite Kitchen Countertops - Cost& Installation

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular materials to use for kitchen countertops as it has so many advantages. It is one of the most beautiful looking stones money can buy and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular and on trend.
If you choose Y & S Marble to supply and create your kitchen countertops you will be receiving the best service possible. Our engineers will take care of your countertops from the very beginning right through to them being installed within your home or commercial property. We always aim to install our customers Granite kitchen countertops within a week from ordering. We are able to achieve this because we complete everything in-house.

Why Is Granite the Best?

As mentioned above, Granite is one of the most popular materials to use within home renovations because of its advantages. You are able to place hot items directly onto the surface without it damaging your countertops, as well as it being incredibly difficult to scratch. Your knives will never scratch the surface and actually, the surface will dull your knives in most cases.

Once the Granite has been sealed it becomes incredibly stain resistant as it is non-porous and therefore will not hold onto any spillages or liquids that occur in kitchens. Because it is non-porous Granite is also very sanitary and hygienic – perfect for kitchen areas and food preparation.

The reason why Granite is so unique and each Granite countertop is different is because Granite consists of various minerals which create its unique character in every piece. The colour of your countertop will also never fade and will add value to your home.The only slightly downfall to Granite is that is needs to be sealed every two years otherwise it can become damaged.

Why Choose Y & S Marble?

As our customer, you will receive:
FREE Samples
Pay Low Deposit
Range of Colours to Choose From

Our expert engineers will only provide you with the best service possible and as they will be there from the first site survey (template) right through to the installation stage, you can be sure that our engineers will take care of your countertop and create exactly what you have in mind. As our products are all created in-house we are able to be far more efficient and achieve create turnaround. As mentioned previously, we always aim to finish and install our customers worktops within one week.
Whether you need the Granite countertops for your home or commercial property, we can cater to your needs.


If you would like to receive a quick and free quote, simply get in touch with our customer care team on 01895 435 033 . If you provide us with a quote from another supplier we promise to beat this quote by 10%.
To speak with a friendly team member about your requirements, do not hesitate in calling.


Our team of engineers who will be fitting your Granite kitchen countertops have plenty of experience and therefore equipped to provide you with only the best product and service around. Your Granite countertops are sure to meet your high standards.
The installation process may include a demo carried out by the project manager to outline the guideline, a trial fitting of the countertops as well as assembly without any gluing.


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