Granite Kitchen Worktops Croydon – Price & Installation!

Y & S Marble Ltd providing you with the best quality Granite Kitchen Worktops in Croydon and surrounding areas. Granite stone is a natural extrusive rock formed from cooled magma. Being a natural rock, granite has unique character, colour and beauty.

Generally, granite rock has light minerals that create the overall impression of a light, patterned surface. Depending on various components of feldspar, granite will have red, brown, pink, grey, black, or white/blue shades. The colour and structure of granite is unique depending on the region and quarry.

Its alluring beauty aside, granite is perfect for kitchen worktops due to its good resistance to heat and cold. Granite handles hot pots, pans and ovenware quit well. All the same, it is recommended that you use a mat for very hot steel ware since it may cause dulling on the countertop.

Granite needs to be sealed after installation. Without sealing, granite has minimum porosity, meaning that it can absorb small amounts of liquid that can cause staining. To reduce staining, it is recommended that you remove any liquid spills on the surface as quickly as possible.

Granite has a dense structure making it hard and sturdy. It is not easily broken making it ideal for use as a kitchen worktop. Despite being sturdy, it is not entirely unbreakable. Being too rough on it will break it. You should refrain from dropping hard objects on it. When properly maintained, granite will last virtually forever.

If you get your granite kitchen worktop properly installed, it will serve you as long as the house is there. All you need to do is have it sealed and re-sealed as necessary. That is basically all the maintenance you need to do besides cleaning with a damp cloth and normal detergent.

Granite Kitchen Worktops Croydon - Installation & Prices

Granite kitchen worktops have for long being on the premium side. However, with the improvement of mining technology, the price of granite kitchen worktop has greatly reduced. As much as there are no fixed rates for a worktop, the cost will vary depending on several factors;

  • Size of the surface – the larger the surface, the more expensive it is. Large surfaces also mean that you have to use several slabs (which create seams).
  • The colour and pattern – like mentioned earlier, different regions of the world have different patterns of granite. When you factor in transport cost, the pattern gotten from a distant quarry will be expensive
  • The complexity of installation – if you kitchen worktop has many corners, then there will be many seams since granite is not flexible. The extra cutting and epoxy makes it more expensive
  • Thickness of the slab – the thicker the slab, the more granite it contains and thus the more costly it is.

On average, granite will cost around £800 and above per 3 metres including custom cut outs for hob and sink.

For the most competitive prices in Croydon, you will want to visit us on Granite kitchen worktops Croydon for a price quote. Y & S Marble Ltd is the only dealer in the UK who can guarantee first class service and unmatched attention to detail.

We provide you with not only value for your money but we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.




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