Granite Kitchen Worktops Essex – Price & Installation!

Granite is a natural stone that was formed nearly 3 billion years ago. It is formed after molten magma cools in the earth’s crust. Granite is loved by home owners mainly because it has a unique colour and natural allure. At Y & S Marble Ltd, we give you the best varieties in Granite Kitchen Worktops in Essex. The granite stocked is sourced extensively from quarries found all over the world.

You will want to choose granite since it is sturdy and rock hard. It has been described as the second hardest natural material (after diamond of course). It can take a hit or two without damage. Given their hardness, granite worktops will handle heat very well. Despite granite countertops being a bit porous, it will resist staining and bacteria if you have it sealed. Properly sealed granite kitchen worktops are easy to clean using ordinary soap and warm water.

Another reason you will want to buy granite is the value. If you are a home owner looking to sell your home in future, then you are better off installing granite worktops. Not only do they make your home more valuable and attractive but it will actually increase your home’s market value by the same amount or even higher. Granite has so many superior qualities but perhaps the one quality that is the deal breaker is the stunning beauty.

Being a natural stone, granite countertops have gorgeous appearance that is only available with the natural texture that is unique to granite. It is characterized by gently-hued beauty and a natural appeal that is unsurpassed by most all other materials.

Granite Kitchen Worktops in Essex Area: Installation & Prices

Installing granite countertop is not the perfect DIY project but if you really want to do it yourself, here are a few tips;

  • Take your measurements carefully. Be sure to create an allowance for the countertop overhang and a bull-nose or other style on the finished edge. You can call a fabricator to take the measurements on their own;
  • Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery;
  • Prepare the kitchen and more so the cabinets to receive the Granite Countertops. Ensure that the plywood does not overhang the outside dimension of the cabinet;
  • Join the Granite Seams and level the seams for the slabs;
  • Glue Granite Countertops Down and glue the seams too.

As a natural stone, you don’t expect it to come cheap. All the same, the cost depends on the size of your kitchen and to some extent the specific texture you choose. In addition to the texture and size, the cost will also be determined by the thickness of the slab. Thick slabs are sturdy and heavier but come at a higher cost.

On average, the countertop will cost between £35-70 per square foot. If you want to reduce the cost of installing a granite countertop, you will want to purchase your granite from a whole seller like Y & S Marble Ltd. This is so because we will charge you less than most home improvement stores for installation and cost of materials.

Y & S Marble Ltd is proud to source the best granite from world over and to provide professional granite installation that guarantees durability and stunning looks.

Our professionally trained staff ensure that your kitchen makeover runs smoothly; from choosing a colour to installing the last inch of the granite chosen. The after sales service that comes with your order is none like you have ever seen.

Contact us today and you can be assured of a hassle free kitchen countertop make over.




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