Granite Kitchen Worktops in Watford - Price & Installation!

Are you looking for Granite Kitchen Worktops in Watford, Hertfordshire? Y&S MARBLE LTD has the perfect granite worktops for your new kitchen!
The kitchen is the engine that runs any home and you need to keep it looking good both functionally and aesthetically.

The bulk of the kitchen activities take place on the kitchen worktop. From preparing vegetables and storing spices and utensils, your kitchen worktop sees more action than any other area of the kitchen. It should be sturdy and firm enough to handle the pressure.

For this reason, when it comes to taking the pressure, granite is among the best. Granite kitchen worktops combine both functionality and aesthetics into one. Its competitors are few. It has excellent virtual appeal, strength, and endurance and handles staining and scratches quite decently. From the fact that it is a natural stone, granite is strong and durable. When professionally installed, it can stay new for a lifetime.

In fact, most dealers will give you a long guarantee on the granite.

The rule of the thumb is to have your countertop sealed after installation. Despite being sturdy, granite is porous and stains easy. However, with sealing, the granite gives you the non-porous nature of quartz but with the natural earthly feel of granite. Depending on usage, the countertop should be resealed every 2-3 years.

Granite has been taunted to be the most ideal countertop for homeowners who are looking for a modern and solid kitchen on a budget. It is way better than most worktop materials such as wood and steel. For these advantages, a lot of Watford homeowners have chosen granite as their kitchen worktop of choice.

Granite Kitchen Worktops Watford- Installation & Prices

If you think that getting a granite kitchen countertop is expensive, you thought wrong. We understand that a decade ago granite was expensive, but today due to the increase of suppliers, granite is more accessible and affordable than ever.

  • The price can start from just £200 per square meter.

Now that you have joined the granite kitchen countertop band wagon, you will need to have a reliable granite supplier to actuate your countertop dreams. A reliable supplier should be able to offer superior quality and assurance. There are many granite suppliers around Watford like Y&S Marble but we have the best price for both, the cost of the granite slabs and installation.

  • If you find a better price, just please let us know and we will do it 10% cheaper.

If you really want your kitchen looking glamorous, you should contact us today for free advice and a price quotation.




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