Granite Kitchen Worktops London – Price & Installation!

Granite Kitchen Worktops in London - Solid stone kitchen worktops have increasingly become the worktop material of choice to most home owners. Solid stones are aesthetically perfect, durable, practical and value-adding. Granite kitchen worktops have become the benchmark of contemporary kitchens.

Granite is the second hardest material after diamond. In fact, it can only be cut using diamond. The stone is mined as big slabs which are then cut and polished ready for the end consumers. The mining process contribute to the uniqueness of the slab. There are no two quarries that produce exactly the same stone. The variety of stone changes from quarry to quarry all over the world.

Granite Kitchen Worktops, London - Installation & Prices

Factors that Affect the Price

The price of your kitchen worktop will vary depending on various factors. Having several corners or uneven walls will affect the pricing. If you have exposed upstands, as compared to butting worktop up to a wall, you can expect to pay more. The granite slabs themselves will vary depending on the quality and availability.  On average, granite will cost around £800 and above per 3 metres including custom cut outs for hob and sink.

How Long Does it Take to Install a New Kitchen Worktop?

Prior preparation is critical for a perfect installation. From experience, a standard kitchen worktop with an approximate length of 3.5 metres takes between half a day and full day.

Installing a granite kitchen worktop as DIY project.

When you decide to take it as DIY project, the most challenging part will be cutting the corners neatly. A good finish is what determines a high end installation with a poor DIY job. You should be sure to allocate more time to neatly cut the corners in order to a get a more professional finish.

Why You Should Have a Granite Kitchen Worktop?

  • Rugged and durable - granite is the second hardest natural material after diamond. It is rugged and can take a hit or two without chipping or cracking. Given their hardness, granite worktops will handle heat very well.
  • Low maintenance – when properly sealed, granite it will resist staining and bacteria like you have never imagined. Properly sealed granite countertops are easy to clean using ordinary soap and warm water.
  • Adds value to your home - Not only does granite make your home attractive, but it will actually increase your home’s market value by the same amount or even higher.
  • Cheap in the long run - Granite will last two times longer than other popular countertops like quartz and soapstone.
  • Stunning beauty - Being a natural stone, granite countertops have gorgeous appearance that is only available with the natural texture that is unique to granite. It is characterized by gently-hued beauty and a natural appeal that is unsurpassed by most all other materials

For the best deals and highest quality of granite kitchen worktops, browse our granite catalogue (Granite kitchen worktops in London - Installation & Prices). This is your home of value when it comes to buying and installing granite kitchen worktops.




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