Granite Kitchen Worktops North London - Price, Supply & Installation

It’s often thought that most things are more expensive in the capital, whether we’re talking about houses, cars, clothes, or anything else; is that really the case? Sometimes, yes, but sometimes, no!

If you’re shopping for a new kitchen worktop, then you might have been checking out a few prices online and wondering if the cost is going to be different in the capital. Basically, no, it’s the same. Great news!

Of course, the actual cost depends on the following factors:

  • The material you choose
  • The size you need
  • The colour you opt for
  • The pattern you opt for, if any
  • The finish you choose
  • Where you buy the worktop from

One particular material which more and more people are opting for is quartz, but you can go for granite or marble also too. The prices between them aren’t really that different, and on average (not taking into account rare colours and patterns), you can expect to pay around £50 per square metre, including installation.

Which Material Should You Opt For?

We’ll focus mainly on the natural stone option, because these are the most popular, and these include granite, quartz, and marble. Of course, you can go for wood, metal, and laminate, but these are less popular, and they are also higher in terms of maintenance and lower in durability.

Quartz is the only one of the natural stones which is non-porous, and that means that it doesn’t absorb water or other liquids. The plus point of this is obviously that it is not going to require maintenance as a result of this, and also that it is less likely to be damaged by absorption. Granite and marble on the other hand are porous, and as a result they will require sealing at least annually, preferably more often than that.

All stones are easy to clean, and you simply need to remember to avoid harsh cleaning products, such as anything containing bleach or ammonia, as well as avoiding harsh cleaning sponges, such as scouring pads. Simply stick to warm, soapy water and soft cloths for all your cleaning needs.

Marble is probably the least durable of all the stones, but it is still very highly durable – the myth that marble is fragile is a fallacy. Having said that, marble is a little more expensive than the others, especially if you go for a rarer colour shade. If you’re a keen baker however, perhaps loving making anything with pastry, marble is a great choice because it is always at a very low temperature.

Granite and quartz are both very highly scratch, stain, and heat resistant, and that means you can rest easy in terms of whether any damage occurs. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to try and minimise problems before they potentially happen, because nothing on earth is 100% resistant in any of these directions – in that case, stick to heat pads, cutting blocks, and mop up any spillages when they happen.

Your new kitchen countertop is going to be a huge centrepoint in your room, so it’s vitally important to get all facets of this choice totally right. Put plentiful time and effort into your decision, and you won’t go too far wrong – avoid it, and you’ll end up wasting money and time!




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