Granite Kitchen Worktops Reading - Installation & Prices!

Are you looking for granite kitchen worktops in Reading? For most people the kitchen is the place in the home where most families meet to prepare meals, eat, visit with friends, do homework, talk and much more. Luckily for your, we are the biggest and most reliable supplier of kitchen worktops, sinks, taps and faucets in Berkshire. We have the best prices in town.

Among our best-selling stones is granite. Granite is a hard stone created from hot volcanic emissions. It is among the world’s most abundant mineral. Majority of the world’s mountains are covered with rock.

Why You Should Buy Granite

Granite is described as a very hard rock. Scientist believe that its hardness is second to diamond. This is attributed to the complex formation process that takes years. All the same, granite has found a home in our kitchens and other worktop areas. Granite is loved both for its beauty and the physical attributes that make it a sturdy worktop material that can take the hardships of a modern day kitchen.

The physical appearance of granite changes from quarry to quarry. The change in physical appearance is determined by the material composition and depth of the specific parent rock. Granite changes enormously with several hues and qualities to browse. Granite is mined using big machines that cut the stones into huge granite slabs that are the size of a dump truck and weighing hundreds of tones. These stones are then transported to ‘manufacturers’ who cut the large slabs into smaller slabs that are suitable for worktops. The smaller slabs are then polished ready for transportation and installation.

Installation & Prices for Granite Kitchen Worktops in Reading

The price of granite varies. Generally, the factors affecting the price of granite are:

  • The quality of granite – this depends on the quarry and the depth of the granite;
  • Installation charges – some dealers will do the installation for you and charge you extra for every slab;
  • Sealing – granite needs to be sealed. The choice of sealant may affect the final price;
  • Complexity of installation – some kitchen countertops contains curves and many different fixtures. This may increase the installation labour;
  • Dealer – every retailer has a target profit margin and this highly determines the pricing;

On average, granite will set you back £65 per square foot including installation. This is slightly above the price of quartz and way above the price of other countertop materials such as wood and laminate. We have included a simple price calculator to help you budget your project.

When it comes to the best granite prices in Reading, Marble Granites Worktop are the guys you should be calling. We are the leading suppliers of natural stone worktops in Reading and in the UK in general.

If you are looking to buy a worktop for your new kitchen or you need an advice for your next project, we are the experts who will help you make it possible.




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