Granite Kitchen Worktops Slough - Installation & Prices!

Do you want to have a classic looking for your kitchen worktop? We handle all the processes necessary to fit a new kitchen worktop. We supply and install stone worktops, sinks, taps etc. at an affordable price.

Granite is formed from an igneous process where molten rock compromising of quartz, mica and feldspar is cooled slowly under high pressure. The mineral composition and varying amount of the minerals is what gives granite its varying colors and unique look.

Granite is 100% natural. In fact, the word granite is derived from Latin meaning Grain. This is due to the grain that is seen within the stone itself. Unlike quartz which is manufactured, granite is mined, cut and polished.

Installation Details of Granite Kitchen Worktops in Slough

As we might already know, the price of granite kitchen worktop is an average £65 per square foot. Some of the factors that affect the pricing of granite kitchen worktop in Slough include:

  1. The complexity of installation – The number and shapes of cuts are some of the design aspects that affect the complexity of installation;
  2. Quality of granite – granite is a mined stone and thus the quality changes with the geographical location and the depth on the earth’s crust. However, we strive to bring you only the highest quality granite for your kitchen worktop;
  3. Size matters – if the granite worktop is big you will pay more for it.

Luckily, our online cost calculation tool will help you estimate the price of your granite kitchen worktop.

Granite is popularly used in kitchen worktops for various reasons.

Pros of Granite Kitchen Worktops

  1. Highly durable. Granite is a very durable stone. A granite kitchen worktop can handle almost everything a modern kitchen throws at it. When properly installed and sealed; you can fearlessly use it as a chopping board, set hot pans on it and even spill liquids on it without the fear of damaging it. It is chemical, scratch and heat resistant.
  2. Natural appealing. Granite kitchen worktops are available in hundreds of different patterns, swirls, veins and colors. The numerous colors allow you to find a granite kitchen worktop that matches with your décor and design complimenting your unique and personal kitchen style and taste.
  3. Value addition. The total cost of installing a granite kitchen worktop is totally worth it when you consider the durability, aesthetic transformation and the practicability of granite. Most home buyers in Slough are willing to pay extra for homes that have granite kitchen worktops.

At Y&S Marble you can shop with confidence knowing that we are committed to providing you the best value for your money. We stock only the highest quality granite kitchen worktops. Our highly skilled staff will be here to guide you through each process of selecting your ideal granite kitchen worktop.

For the best granite kitchen worktops in Slough please contact us.




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