Granite Worktops in Middlesex

Price & Installation

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen worktop, granite is certainly a choice you should be looking at. Hard-wearing, durable, and beautiful in appearance, granite gives you flexibility and choice when it comes to colour and price, making it the ideal choice for your new worktop.

Whether you’re going for a kitchen or bathroom space, you will need to pick a colour which is going to go alongside everything else, so don’t go with faddy colours, and instead look towards neutral shades which will last you for longer.

Pros and Cons of Granite


  1. Natural product;
  2. Available in many different shades and patterns, meaning you can re-decorate around it quite easily provided you make the right choice;
  3. It is a hard product, which doesn’t break or chip easily;
  4. Not likely to scratch easily and will stand up to normal wear and tear;
  5. Heat resistant both in the kitchen and bathroom;


  1. If the granite isn’t sealed properly it can become ruined quite easily over time;
  2. Granite is porous and if it isn’t sealed or maintained then it can stain;
  3. Can be expensive;
  4. Needs to be installed professionally;

Despite these points, granite remains a very popular choice, and one which certainly has more pros then cons. Granite is widely available, so shopping around is going to yield good results in terms of saving money and getting the most professional installation and high quality product on offer.

How Much Does Granite Cost in The Middlesex Area?

Granite has a pretty uniform price range, but that obviously depends on how big you need the slab to be, what shape, and how thick. The price also depends on the colour you go for, because some more fashionable, bespoke shades and patterns are going to cost more than basic shades and matte features.

Generally speaking, including installation, you can expect to pay around £40-80 per square foot for your granite worktops, and obviously a kitchen is probably going to cost you more because you will need more space than you do for a bathroom.

You might think this is a high cost but you are actually getting extremely good value for money, as your granite worktop is going to last you a considerably long time. Provided you go for professional installation and you make sure your worktop is sealed correctly, your product will last you for years, and if you go for a neutral colour which fits in with most decors, you’re not going to run into issues in terms of having to replace your worktop too often.

Granite is obviously a natural stone, which means it is excavated from the ground regularly. We aren’t likely to run out of granite any time soon, which means the wide availability gives you options on where to buy your worktop from. Shop around and make sure you get the best product for you, and don’t jump into the first option you find – make sure installation is included in the price and check out testimonials and warranty before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Granite is certainly a popular choice and it is one you should definitely have on your short list when it comes to deciding which worktop material to go for in your new kitchen or bathroom décor.




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