Granite Worktops in Reading, Berkshire - Price & Installation

When shopping for a granite worktop, you have many things to take into account. What colour are you going to go for? What size do you need? Are you going for a pattern? What type of finish are you looking for?

These are all decisions you need to make.

Of course, granite is a beautiful, natural stone, and one which is going to look fantastic in your kitchen, as the centrepoint to your room. Granite is the strongest of all the natural stones, which gives you durability and a long-lasting element to your kitchen centrepoint, but how do you narrow your choices down?

With difficulty, but it can be done!

Shopping around is always the best idea here, but you will find many granite worktops in the Reading area, without any concerns. Price-wise, this really depends on the type of worktop you go for, the size, the pattern, the finish, and whether you manage to grab a bargain in a sale or not, but overall, you can expect to pay around the £50 per square foot mark, give or take. The plus here is that installation is generally included in the price, and this cuts down on the chances of you making a mess of it by trying it for yourself! Incidentally, don’t try this at home – you’re just going to end up causing more harm than good, and probably paying more cash out in the process.

The Advantages of Granite

Of course, to cement your decision towards choosing a granite worktop, you need to know about the main advantages of choosing this natural stone, ahead of the others on the market.

  • Granite is very strong, in fact it is the strongest of them all
  • Because of the strength, granite is therefore extremely durable
  • Highly heat resistant, due to its strength
  • Highly stain resistant, but it’s always a good idea to mop up any spillages as soon as they happen
  • Highly scratch resistant, but chopping boards are advisible regardless
  • Low maintenance – You simply need to seal the surface regularly, at least annually
  • Easy to clean using just warm, soapy water and a soft cloth
  • Easily available
  • A large variety of natural colours, patterns, and finishes available

The strength and natural appearance of granite is really what sells it the most, and this is probably what puts it above the other two natural stone choices around. Whilst quartz offers a zero maintenance option, granite isn’t particularly high maintenance, with just a simple sealing treatment as all that is needed. This isn’t time consuming and it’s not expensive either.

When you are deciding which colour to go for, remember to head to the showroom and check out the colour in person, to see how it changes with natural and artificial lights. An online picture may not be as reliable as seeing it in person, and this means that you won’t be subject to any shocks or surprises when your new worktop arrives in your kitchen, on the day of delivery and installation.

Obviously, shopping around is your number one priority also, because any cash saved is a bonus here, especially when we are talking about something as potentially expensive as a total kitchen décor overhaul.

So, you’ve decide on granite, now you need to look forward to the beautiful new appearance of your kitchen!




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