Granite Worktops in South London - Price, Supply & Installation

Granite worktops are a wonderful thing to have in your kitchen, regardless of whether you go for an island type of vibe, or a traditional worktop. The size, colour, and finish of your worktop is obviously going to affect the availability and the price you end up with, but if you shop around, you can find bargains, especially during traditional sale times, such as during New Year and Black Friday sales.

Why Choose Granite?

Why not?! Granite is a wonderfully natural stone, and one which is super strong too; this is the strongest of all the natural stones, and that means that you are going to have a worktop which is going to be long-lasting and extremely durable. Granite is porous and that means that it is going to need sealing occasionally, however this is not a major job, and should only take a very short time, with very little cost involved.

On top of this, granite is hugely heat, scratch, and stain resistant, and although nothing is 100% resistant to any of the above, you’re not likely to experience much in the way of problems, provided you look after the stone by using chopping boards, heat pads, and cleaning up any spillages as soon as they happen.

A lot of the main attraction with granite, aside from its strength, is that it comes in a huge range of different colours, all of them natural and very beautiful. Choosing granite means that you are likely to be granted a work surface that is going to survive several different redecorations, and that saves you cash, because you’re not going to replace your work surface earlier than it should be, because it doesn’t ‘go’ with the décor you’re looking at reverting too.

The Cost of Granite in South London

The overall cost really depends on several factors, but overall you can expect to pay between £45 - £50 per square metre on average. If you go for a rare shade of granite, or you go for a particularly strange cut, then you can expect the cost to increase somewhat.

No matter what colour you go for, you need to head to a showroom and check out the colour in person, because this may change according to different lights, whether natural or artificial. If you go for it and you end up with something you weren’t expecting, are you going to be happy with your purchase? Probably not. This is going to mean you’re likely to attempt to replace it sooner than you would have done otherwise, and that is extra cash spent totally needlessly.

The good news is that installation costs are likely to be included in the price of your purchase, but this is something you should check carefully at the time you make your order. Never attempt to install a worktop yourself, because you could end up doing more harm than good, and your purchase will look so much better when it has been installed by the professionals, who know exactly what they are doing, and can cut the worktop seamlessly according to your requirements.

Of course, you should be checking out marble and quartz purchases at the time, so you can give yourself a really well informed decision before spending cash, but overall, granite is a great choice.




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