Marble Kitchen Worktops – Are They For You?

Well known for its beauty, marble has always been a popular choice for kitchen worktops. But is their high-maintenance suitable for your needs in the kitchen? This article will look at the pros and cons of marble kitchen worktops so you may decide if they are the right choice for you.

The Pros Of Marble Worktops


The reason marble remains in popular demand for kitchen worktops is because of its elegance and beauty. This popular stone comes in a wide array of colors and patterns ranging from solid white, black, rose, yellow, gray, and greens. No other stone has caught the imagination such as marble.


Being a “cool” stone, marble is naturally heat resistant and can withstand hot pots and pans. It can also tolerate any odd sparks which may occur.


Many common types of marble are inexpensive and easy to come by in a wide variety of colors, unlike some quartz stone.


Marble is a smooth stone which is easy to clean and maintain. Many companies use a sealant on the stone so stains and spills can be easily wiped off.

The Cons Of Marble Worktops

While marble can be beautiful and easy to maintain there are some drawbacks in owning a marble kitchen worktop which should be considered.


Marble is a softer stone than many of its other natural counterparts and as such is more susceptible to scratching and/or staining. The surface can easily be scratched by sharp knives or chipped by heavy pots or mugs placed on the counter.


Marble is a porous stone and as such will absorb more liquids. It is especially susceptible to staining from acidic liquids such as wine.


Because marble is prone to scratching and staining, it is recommended to have regular cleaning and maintenance – be cautious of any spills and use cutting boards when preparing food.


Single marble tiles can be replaced and repaired easily. However, many kitchen worktops are made from a single slab of marble and repairs are often difficult and costly.

Is Marble The Right Choice For You?

Beautiful kitchen marble worktops come at a price. Whether or not they are the right choice for you comes down to your needs and if you are willing to give them the time and effort towards the maintenance needed. Marble worktops require a very regular schedule of maintenance, or you can accept the odd scratch or stain which comes from normal wear and tear. If you would, however, prefer perfect worktops without the maintenance of marble, there are other stone options such as granite or engineered quartz.

If you love the look of marble but not the high maintenance aspect, there are other options with regards to placement in the home. Don’t overlook some low traffic areas such as bathrooms, offices and fireplaces. You can then have the marble look without quite the high maintenance aspect.


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