Marble Kitchen Worktops London - Installation & Prices!

If you are looking to upgrade your marble kitchen worktops in London or install a new one, then you will need to contact us. We are known for supply and install high quality stone worktops, taps, sinks and other fittings for the best price in town.

Marble is a crystalline rock that is composed of dolomite, calcite of serpentine. Pure marble is white. However, due to the varying amounts of materials composition in limestone during the crystallization process we get the varying array of colours and patterns.

Marble is extracted from the earth’s crust through the process of mining. It is mined in large blocks that occupy an entire truck bed. They are then cut into slabs and polished. These slabs are then distributed to stone suppliers all over the world.

Installation and Price Details For Marble Kitchen Worktops in London

Marble kitchen worktops were found in expensive high-end kitchen owned by affluent businessmen, politicians or celebrities. Today, however, given the improved mining technologies and increase in supply, marble has become affordable and more widely available.

At Y&S Marble, our marble kitchen worktops prices are in averages £40 per square metre including installation. Depending on the complexity of installation, these prices may change at the discretion of the installer. The stone itself is only one aspect of the kitchen worktop prices. Finishing, transportation and the fitting are the additional factors that can make stone worktops pricey items.

The benefits of marble are:

  1. Better design capabilities – For counter tops with fancy edges or extra fabrication perks, marble will give a better workability than most stones.
  2. Aesthetically appealing – Marble is loved for its bright white colour that fits in barely any colour scheme. It will be next to impossible to find a stone that is as white and bright.
  3. A notch higher in cool – If baking is your thing, you will love have a marble countertop! It stays cool naturally and is not a big heat conductor.
  4. Handles the heat – Marble can take all the heat in your kitchen just in case you need to drop a hot pan quickly.

At Y&S Marble, we pride ourselves in serving the industry with high quality, handpicked material. We have full time product scouts who are dedicated to locating the best materials, which we then subject to a series of quality assurance checks before being procured.

If you want to have the best marble kitchen worktop in London at the best price, give us a call today.




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