Marble Kitchen Worktops Reading - Installation & Prices!

Do you need to install a marble kitchen worktop in Reading or Berkshire? We fabricate, supply and install top quality stone worktops at the best prices in town.

A popular stone kitchen worktop is marble. Marble is a stone that can take thousands of years to form. The stone is a metamorphic rock that is made through a process of crystallization that takes places hundreds of feet below the earth’s crust; where there is extreme pressure and heat. Marble is composed mainly of limestone and dolomite. Their composition determines the purity (hence colour) of the marble. Pure white marble is the purest of them all.

Why You Should Get a Marble Kitchen Worktop?

  1. Marble kitchen worktops are loved mainly because of their beautiful natural appearance that will look good with almost any decor. The elegance look of marble is evergreen.
  2. When properly sealed by a professional, Marble will be as easy to clean as quartz. Marble Granites Worktop have a team of in-house trained professional installers who will perform high-end sealing on you marble kitchen worktop. After the installation, a little soap and warm water will be enough to remove most stains.
  3. Marble is naturally cool. This means that it is the best kitchen worktop material for preparing dough.

Marble Kitchen Worktops in Reading - Installation Details

Installation of a new kitchen worktop begins with the design and budgeting. Before the budgeting process, you should take measurements of the marble worktop area clearing taking the measurements for the installation and sinks. Our online price estimation tool will then help you to calculate a price estimate for your project.

We can guarantee you that we are 10% cheaper than any other store in Reading. DIY fans have a lot of decisions and cost calculations to make. You will need to determine whether to use custom-fabricated slabs of marble or marble tiles. Tiles can be 2-12 inches squared and will require mortaring to fix to the counter tops. Tiles will not give you the smooth surface because of the seams but they might be easier to work with in cases where the countertop design has lots of corners.

We sell our marble from as low as £40 per square metre. This cost includes installation and the cost of the slab. Our price depends on the specific type of marble, the complexity of the installation and also the transportation cost. To give value to our customers, we ensure that the marble is only installed by qualified persons.

Now we are offering big discounts to all kitchen worktops including: Site-survey, Delivery and Installation. We are the leading supplier of quality marble kitchen worktop in Reading and UK in general.




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