Pros and Cons of Granite vs Quartz for Bathroom Worktops

If you ever thought that choosing your bathroom worktop’s material would be a cinch, you have to think twice thanks to the diversity of the options which have developed since bathroom worktop’s apparition.  In the most of the cases the buyers pay attention to the price and the aspect of the worktop and not at its strength as it should be in the kitchen.

Luckily the sellers always please buyers and try to satisfy the majority of their clients by combining the style and the strength in equal measure.

In the granite vs quartz ‘war’ there are some things to clarify in your help. If you ever wanted to see some differences between these controversial materials you search in the right place.

Granite Bathroom Worktops Properties

Let’s start with the granite because despite to the increasing competition of the quartz it still remains the first choice of the majority of the buyers on the market. This premier choice is due to its peerless beauty which cannot be replaced with other natural stone. Beside the pros and cons which I will put in the next paragraph, you must know the medium price of the granite: $50 to $100 per square foot. The price differs thanks to the style and its depth.

Granite’s Pros:

  • It is more resistant than the others and provides minimal maintenances;
  • It can be never changed; it is said that the granite lasts forever;
  • Because it is in the most of the cases the first option it can increase the value of your house;

Granite’s Cons:

  • It is one of the most expensive choice that you can make;

Let’s see some things about quartz. It is met in almost every type of stone in a different percentage thanks to its abundance and it is known that the producers of the quartz add some pigments and keep the natural base of quartz in a percentage of 95. The price is from $60 to $100 per square foot.

Quartz Bathroom Worktops Properties

Quartz’s Pros:

  • It is heavier than the granite;
  • It doesn’t last forever but it has some edge treatments;
  • It is very resistant to bacteria;
  • It is definitely easier to clean than the granite.

Quartz’s Cons:

  • It is more expensive than the granite;
  • The fingerprints will be showed every time you touch the worktop so it may be necessary to clean it frequently.

Price and Durability

When showing the pros and cons of the granite and quartz, it all resume to the price and the durability of the material. I can say that all come to the money and the time you want to invest.

You can pay more and clean less without the need to change it over years or you can pay less but you have to clean at least one time per week thanks to the fingerprints and make some edge treatments to keep the value of the material. It remain to your latitude to see if it worth the money in the change of your valuable time.


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