Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is going to be the main focus point of your space, so you certainly want to make sure you get the choice right in terms of what it is made of, and the colour you go for in the end.

Natural stone countertops are the ideal option for a kitchen space, because they are hard-wearing, they last for a long time to come, they are cost effective, they don’t stain, and provided they are sealed and looked after, they are heat resistant too. This means they are going to stand up to any test your kitchen throws at them.

You can choose between marble, granite, and quartz generally speaking, and all are available in many different colours and shades, aside from marble, which has a more limited scope. If you are looking at going for quartz however, you have a large range of colours and patterns to choose from, and that means you can opt for a colour which fits in with any décor you might decide to change your kitchen to in the future, without having to change the entire appearance of your kitchen, countertop included!

Why Should You Go For Quartz?

We mentioned that quartz kitchen countertops are very hard-wearing, and quartz is perhaps even more so. Quartz is a naturally occurring stone which is excavated from the ground, and comes in slabs which are 93% natural quartz, with the other 7% being resin which is mixed in with the stone, to create a huge range of different colours and effects. Because quartz is a natural stone, it is also individual in every single piece, so the lines, veins, and speckles which adorn each slab are going to be different every single time too – you therefore won’t have the exact same countertop as your neighbour!

On a more functional note, quartz is very durable, hard-wearing, doesn’t stain easily, and is heat resistant. When you go for a quartz countertop, it is always best to go for professional installation, because that means you are getting the services of a highly trained person, who knows exactly how to measure, cut, and install the slab, whilst also ensuring it is sealed appropriately; if you don’t seal your work surfaces, they are going to stain much easier, chip much easier, burn much easier, and basically not last you half as long – you might as well be throwing money down the drain.

The Cost of Quartz Countertops and Installation

The total cost of your quartz countertop depends on several options:

  1. Where you buy it from
  2. The size you go for
  3. The colour or pattern you go for
  4. Any sales which are on at the time

For this reason, it is always a good idea to shop around and look at price comparison websites before you hand over your cash.

Generally speaking, you are looking at around £50-80 per square foot of quartz, obviously depending on the above factors, with installation included in with the price.

Quartz is a very positive choice and addition to your kitchen overall, and countertops made of this attractive and hard-wearing stone are going to last you for a considerable length of time. Stick to neutral tones, avoiding bright or over the top shades, and you will be able to decorate around your quartz kitchen countertop several times, before it needs replacing.


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