Quartz Kitchen Worktops Croydon - Installation & Prices!

Looking for high quality high quality quartz kitchen worktops in Croydon and surrounding areas? We supply and fit countertops within just 1 week. We stock and fix sinks, taps, faucet and many more at an affordable price.

The kitchen is at the centre of all the action at home. If you have ever hosted a cocktail dinner, you will appreciate the need to have your kitchen looking immaculate. The kitchen makes visitors feel at home. Maybe it is the smell of something delicious cooking or maybe it is the 40 year old wine. The reality on the ground is that the kitchen will always be the hub of all activity. To have your kitchen looking immaculate, you will need to have a kitchen worktop that is picture perfect for the visitors and practical for the family.

Quartz is an engineered rock that typically contains 94% quartz and 6% resins (this ratio may change from one quartz slab to another). Being an engineered stone, quartz can be created to meet individual requirements in terms of appearance and qualities. This is achieved by varying the composition of quartz and resins in the slabs.

Quartz kitchen worktops let you bring the best of both worlds. You can have the beauty that fuels Instagram and Snapchat and without compromising the performance and practicability of a modern kitchen. Quartz kitchen worktops are:

  • incredibly durable;
  • heat and scratch resistant;
  • look amazing ;
  • easy-to-manage;
  • elegant alternatives to other high-maintenance options.

Installation of Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Croydon

Quartz is normally sold in slabs (it ensures that the colour and grain of all your worktop surfaces match. However, your cost is calculated by the square foot area of your counter-top. This is the reason why it is often cheaper to have the seller install it for you. Assuming that your worktop measured 50 square feet and the particular slab that could fit your worktop measured 54 square feet.

If you decide to take the project as DIY, you will have to purchase the whole 54 square inch slab. However, if you have your dealer install it, you will be charged only for the 50 square inch used.

The price of quartz runs from approximately £45 - £70 per square foot when installed. So when we assume our sample worktop, of 50 square feet, the price will be £2250 – £3500. Our online price calculator will help you estimate the cost of installing your quartz kitchen worktop in Croydon.

Y&S Marble offers to its consumers an extended warranty on premium quartz kitchen worktops. We are confident with our products since they are subjected to demanding quality controls that offer a basic qualification to a product that has become in the skin of thousands of kitchens in Croydon and the UK in general.

To become part of the growing family of quartz owners, give us a call today.




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