Quartz Kitchen Worktops In Essex - Installation & Prices!

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen worktop? Does your bathroom needs some fixing? Well, we have some good news for you, we are the biggest suppliers of stone worktops in Essex. Besides worktops, we also stock and supply taps, sinks, faucets at the best prices in town.

A properly designed house is attractive to you and your guests. However, you should remember that designing and decorating your house is not a cheap venture. All the same, splashing money on your home is not solely the solution.

It all comes down to your sense of taste and preferences. More often than not, different rooms will call for different design patterns and colors. You cannot use the same worktop for your bathroom and on your kitchen. The kitchen is among the most important room in the house. It sees a lot of action than most other rooms. The most important thing to consider while building your kitchen is the worktop. It forms the centre of attraction for the entire room.

One of our best sellers is Quartz. It is one of the most preferred quartz kitchen worktops in Essex. Quartz is definitely the way to go.

Why Should You Install a Quartz Kitchen Worktop?

  • Quartz Kitchen worktops add glamour to your kitchen. Quartz is liked for its looks given that they are available in many different colours and patterns which give you the power to match the Quartz kitchen worktops with the overall theme of your house or kitchen fittings.
  • The best thing about quartz kitchen worktops is that they are equally impressive in huge and small kitchens. Quartz fits in any space!
  • Quartz is a hard material. This means that it can take the day to day hits, you expect in your kitchen.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Essex Details

A few decades ago, Quartz was considered only by the rich homeowners. However, given the improvement in modern mining technology and the engineering technology, quartz is now available within the reach of many home owners in Essex. There’s no fixed price for quartz kitchen worktops. The price ranges from dealer to dealer. However, there are common factors that influence the price and installation costs of a quart worktop. These are:

  • Colour and pattern – since quartz is an engineered stone (90-97% quartz and 10-3% resins) the colour and pattern is determined by the material composition.
  • Complexity and size of the kitchen – the bigger the kitchen, the bigger the countertop and the more slabs of quartz are needed. On the other hand, for kitchens with corners or curved surfaces, the more labour will go into installing a kitchen worktop.

We sell and install quartz worktops for an average of £45 per square foot. We have an online price calculator that will help you estimate the cash you need. For you to use the calculator, you need to have the measurements and design of the kitchen worktop you intend to build.

If you are looking to have a high quality kitchen worktop installed, you need to have a partner who understands the market inside out. And this doesn’t come easy.

Marble Granites Worktop is the leading supplier of stone worktops in Essex and the UK in general.

To get the best deals on quartz kitchen worktops in Essex, we are here for you. Call us Today.




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