Quartz Kitchen Worktops In London - Price & Installation!

Do you wish to upgrade to a high quality quartz kitchen worktop in London or its environs? We handle all fixtures such as sinks, window sills, taps and much more.

Quartz Kitchen worktops might look natural (that is the idea) but the fact is, the worktops are manufactured. Quartz kitchen worktops are made from 90% crushed quartz mixed with resin and other binding agents. The resins and binding agents determine the colour and patterns in quartz countertop – they are 100% artificial. The advantage of this is that home owners can get exactly what they need. All the same, the base material is natural but everything is artificial.

What Would Make You Buy Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Quartz has very many desirable characteristics. In fact, it is becoming the preferred kitchen worktop material among most homeowners. This change in preference from natural stone is not accidental. Modern technology has made the engineering of quartz cheaper and more efficient. Customers can now get custom designs and colours. Some notable advantages are:

  • Quartz is naturally resistant. This means that spilled liquid does not sip into the stone. This means that the stone will last longer and will be stain resistant. This is desirable since it makes cleaning easy and hustle free.
  • Quartz is anti-bacterial – You can install a quartz kitchen worktop even in high humid areas.
  • Hard as steel – the worktops are hard enough to withstand a hit or two. The material doesn’t chip easily.
  • Maintenance free – once installed, you don’t need any maintenance or sealing;
  • Comes with a minimum of 15 - year limited manufacturer warranty.

Price & Installation Of Quartz Kitchen Worktops in London

The installation cost will vary from home to home. It is advisable that you have the seller install the slab for you since it reduces the overhead costs and gets you a longer warranty period. As much as you can install do the installation by yourself, it requires some set of skills, tools and hands. Quartz slabs are heavy and hard and this makes them a recipe for disaster in DIY situation.

Historically, quartz has been regarded as expensive and high-end. In fact, it was more expensive than granite. Quartz is now affordable and cheaper than most natural stones. In London, we sell quartz at an average of £45 per square foot when installed. Some factors that make the price of quartz vary are:

  • Labour tasks - Template, layout and fixtures;
  • Complex configurations -non-rectangular shape, corners, multiple levels, etc.) ;
  • Costs for backsplash;
  • Thickness of slab and more intricate edge fabrication;
  • Patterns and colours of slab.

The quality of you quartz kitchen worktop will depend on your choice of partners. You will want to work with people who have the experience and reputation in the quartz business.

London doesn’t have many of those, but Marble Granites Worktop is among the one partner that you can trust with for your quartz kitchen worktop in London.

For the best deal in town, contact us today and your worktop will never be the same again.




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