Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Reading - Installation & Prices!

Are you looking to install a new quartz kitchen worktop in Reading and its environs? We supply and install all types of kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops and their associated fittings.

Quartz is one of the kitchen worktop materials we deal with. In terms of popularity, quartz is proving formidable with most customers asking to get a quartz kitchen worktop. Interesting to note, Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust.

Quartz kitchen worktops have become a darling to many because of the following reasons:

  • Comes in hundreds of colours and patterns. Quartz being an engineered stone can be produced to match almost any colour known to humans. Quartz is available in shining yellows and blazing oranges; browns and cream shakes; shades of greys and dazzling whites. It can even mimic natural materials such as granite, timber etc. The vast choice of colours available with quartz makes it a darling to many interior designers since it can blend and compliment many cabinets and wallpapers.
  • Quartz kitchen worktops are practical. Quartz is a hard and sturdy material that requires minimal care. Quartz is hard enough to take a hit from a kitchen utensil without cracking or chipping. This is a desirable characteristic that comes in handy in a busy kitchen.
  • Cleaning is quick and easy. Kitchen countertops get dirty regularly from spilled drinks, oil etc. quartz is a non-porous material meaning that any liquid spill doesn’t sip into the stone. Cleaning spills is as easy as wiping it off with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Quartz has a high heat tolerance. Despite not being heat proof, quartz can take quite an amount of heat. You can confidently place hot pans and spoons on the quartz kitchen worktop without the fear of ruining it.

Quartz Kitchen Worktops in Reading Installation

Quartz is among the most affordable stones you can have as your kitchen worktop. Not long ago, quartz was very expensive and out of the reach of many home owners in Reading. Today we can be grateful for the increased supply and improving technology for bringing the quartz prices down. On average, it will cost you £45 per square foot to have your quartz kitchen worktop installed.

This is not a fixed price. To help you plan better, we have included an online interactive cost calculator. You will find that, from our online calculator, the cost of your countertop will be influence greatly by the design and size of your kitchen countertop.

Quartz is one of our most popular kitchen worktop materials. We will supply and install your quartz kitchen worktop in Reading and all its surrounding areas in Berkshire.




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